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Is a Public Service Career Worth It?

The ABA Journal poses the question, "Are Public Interest, Public Sector Careers Worth Law School Cost?"

The article references a National Association for Law Placement ("NALP") salary study finding that public interest and public sector salaries have shown little growth since 2004. NALP calls the study's findings evidence of a "significant economic disincentive" for law students to pursue careers in the public sector. With such slow growth on the salary side weighing against the continuing escalation of law school tuition and resulting long term loan debt, students interested in public interest careers may be thinking a bit more carefully about going to law school.

What do you think about the cost/balance of law school - was it worth it for you? Whether you are a recent graduate or a long time public servant, all perspectives would be interesting. Email your opinion to us at caps@nysba.org and we may update this blog with some of the comments received at a later date. In the meantime, take a look at the comments being posted on the ABA Journal's blog for some very good food for thought.

UPDATE: The NYSBA isn't sitting on the sidelines here - it is taking steps to alleviate some of the burdens. It has just announced grants to help people who are working in public interest or government law for at least five years. For the details of this program, click here for the press release and more information.


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