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Upcoming EASL Section Media Law Handbook

Coming in late 2009: Another EASL Section Handbook

Pre-Broadcast and Pre-Publication and Pre-Broadcast Review
A handbook for the casual practitioner focusing on issues in media law

Kathleen Conkey kathleen@conkeylaw.com
Elissa D. Hecker eheckeresq@yahoo.com
Pamela Jones pamelajonesesq@aol.com

The legal issues in the rapidly increasing field of media law multiply as cable stations, cell phone and internet companies, broadcasters, book publishers and film producers fight over both the need and space for content. As the volume of content grows, the need to review it for possible legal complications grows apace, and lawyers representing content providers in their corporate transactions need timely information in order to best assist their clients.

The Handbook will offer such lawyers a reference guide to help with basic themes and issues that pertain to practitioners in this field. It will also be a current statement of the law, with valuable cites to the most recent cases and a comprehensive index.

The topics to be covered will include:

• Pre-broadcast review
• Defamation
• The Invasion of Privacy Torts
• Hidden Camera and Wiretap Statutes
• Intrusion on Seclusion, including paparazzi statutes
• Publication of Private Facts
• Insurance Issues
• Rights and Clearances
• Other Newsgathering Torts
• Right of Publicity
• Copyright Infringement
• Trademark Infringement
• A Special Note on Minors
• Pranks, Challenges and Other Sensitive Subjects
• The Numerous Other Issues You Need to Be Able to Spot
• Forms and Sample Documents

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