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Aereo Decision

Aereo has lost the argument in the Southern District that it should be considered as a cable company and allowed to operate under the compulsory license scheme following the Supreme Court's opinion that its transmissions were similar to that of a cable company. Judge Nathan found that: "The Supreme Court in Aereo III did not imply, much less hold, that simply because an entity performs publicly in much the same way as a CATV system, it is necessarily a cable system entitled to a ... compulsory license ... Stated simply, while all cable systems may perform publicly, not all entities that perform publicly are necessarily cable systems, and nothing in the Supreme Court's opinion indicates otherwise." The Judge also stated that: "The void left by Aereo III's silence on 111 is filled by on-point, binding Second Circuit precedent, which has already resolved the issue presented here." AereoSDNYDecisionreCompulsoryLicense.pdf

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