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Frank Sivero Sues Fox Television Studios for $250 Million

By Joseph Perry

On October 21st, Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero filed a $250 million lawsuit against Fox Television Studios, claiming that The Simpsons character, "Louie," is based on him. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/goodfellas-actor-suing-fox-250-742709

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sivero alleges that in 1989 he lived next door to The Simpsons writers in Sherman Oaks, California. Id. The complaint alleges that The Simpsons writers knew that Sivero created and developed his "Frankie Carbone" character for Goodfellas, which was based on Sivero's own personality, and soon after, "Louie" debuted on The Simpsons. Id. According to the complaint, "Louie" has appeared more than 15 times on The Simpsons. Id.

Sivero alleges that his "Frankie Carbone" character was misappropriated and his likeness infringed, which violates his publicity rights under California law. Id. Moreover, he argues that he had a meeting with James Brooks' Gracie Films about making a potential Simpsons-based movie with Sivero. Id. However, nothing materialized from this meeting. Finally, Sivero further alleges that Brooks conducted the meeting to study him further for the "Louie" character. Id.

Sivero demands $50 million in actual damages of his likeness, $100 million for improper interference, $50 million in actual damages over the appropriation of his "confidential" idea, $50 million in exemplary damages over the same "confidential" idea, injunctive relief, and attorney fees. Id.

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