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Reviewed by Keenan Popwell

The music industry, more than ever, is a maze of murky legal concepts, evolving business models and industry practices that continue to confound many outsiders. Steve Gordon's newly released fourth edition of his tome The Future of the Music Business provides the closest thing to a map.

Broadly speaking, The Future of the Music Business is structured similarly to a survey textbook. After an entertaining foreword by Amanda Palmer, in which she cheekily encourages those with insufficient commitment to try insurance sales instead, Mr. Gordon begins with a 10,000 foot view of the current state of the business.

In the chapters that follow, he employs clear, engaging prose to work through the structure of today's business. This includes concise explanations of practically important legal issues, such as copyright termination rights and fair use. The book covers anything from lyric licensing to 360 record deals, from pan-European music publishing licenses to net neutrality.

The exhaustive nature of Mr. Gordon's survey alone will prove useful for those readers seeking a broad understanding of the music industry. As a 12-year veteran of the music industry, that was certainly not my goal, but I enjoyed this book for its focused explanations of areas of the industry outside my expertise.

The survey textbook format runs the risk of relegating The Future of the Music Business to reference book status. However, every time I felt overrun with facts, Mr. Gordon shifted one of his many engaging interviews with industry luminaries and rising stars from all sectors of the business, thus ensuring that the book doubles as an engaging straight-through read.

Keennan Popwell is Sr. Corporate Counsel for Rhapsody International in New York City and a member of the New York Bar. Popwell represents Rhapsody on a broad range of matters, with a particular focus on label and publisher licensing.

Updates to the book are available at www.FutureoftheMusicBusiness.com
To purchase: www.amazon.com/Future-Music-Business-Succeed-Technologies/dp/1480360651/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1448398346&sr=1-1&keywords=future+of+the+music+business

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