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Week in Review

By Ben Natter

Tom Brady's Suspension Reinstated

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell properly exercised his power when imposing a four game suspension upon Tom Brady for his actions surrounding "Deflategate". This decision overturned a prior decision that had previously nullified the suspension and questioned Goodell's actions.


Gary Burton Cancels Mississippi Show in Response To Discriminatory Law

Gary Burton, a multiple-Grammy-winning jazz vibraphonist, is the latest artist to cancel a performance in Mississippi in response to legislation that allows those with religious objections to deny service to gay couples. Mr. Burton's cancellation is notable, as he is an openly gay artist.

Tracy Morgan and Bryan Adams also called off shows in response to the law.


Egyptian Police Official Files Complaint Against Reuters

A criminal complaint was filed in Egypt by an Egyptian police official against the Reuters news agency in connection with a January 25th article about the death of an Italian student, Giulio Regeni.

Mr. Regeni disappeared during a time when Cairo was blanketed with police to prevent protests. His body was discovered outside of Cairo with signs of torture. The Reuters story alleged the Mr. Regeni was held in police custody and then transferred to Egyptian homeland security before he was murdered. The story also cited unnamed Egyptian intelligence sources. The article was consistent with other accounts of the incident previously reported on by other news outlets.



Copyright Case Over Grey Market Textbooks Returns to Supreme Court for Legal Fees

Supap Kirtsaeng, the Thai student who three years ago won a Supreme Court victory against John Wiley & Sons in connection with the First Sale Doctrine, and whether or not it was lawful for Mr. Kirtsaeng to resell grey market textbooks, returned to the Supreme Court in search of attorney's fees in connection with the case after a federal court refused to award any. Case law with respect to copyright damages varies, and the federal appeals judge applied the "objectively reasonable" standard to the losing party's case.


Los Angeles Art Dealer Is Arrested on Embezzlement Charges

Perry Rubenstein, a Los Angeles art dealer, was arrested last week for his behavior in connection with the sale of three artworks. Portions of the proceeds from the sales were supposed to be turned over to his clients, who included Michael Ovitz; however the Los Angeles District Attorney alleges that Mr. Rubenstein kept the funds for himself.

Two civil lawsuits were settled in connection with Mr. Rubenstein's actions. Mr. Rubenstein's attorney seemed puzzled that the District Attorney would pursue a criminal charge at this point, as the civil cases had been resolved.


Tennis's Integrity Unit Says Flagged Matches Rise

The Tennis Integrity Unit, the anti-corruption body for the sport, published a report last week that showed that it had received notices from various betting companies concerning 48 matches and suspicious gambling activity. In the past, the burden of proof to discipline players involved in suspicious matches was rarely met. The report included summaries on three previously announced cases against players. However, it was met with skepticism. The Tennis Integrity Unit received much criticism for its lack of effectiveness, and an independent panel was recently created to review the program.


Blue Jays' Chris Colabello Suspended for 80 Games for Positive PED Test

Blue Jays first baseman/outfielder Chris Colabello was suspended for 80 games for a positive drug test. Colabello had a breakout season last year, and a long and trying road to the Major League. Colabello denies taking performance enhancing drugs.


Criminal Case Against Bill Cosby Is Allowed to Proceed

A Pennsylvania appellate court on Monday blocked Bill Cosby's effort to have criminal sexual assault charges against him thrown out. Mr. Cosby's attorneys lost the appeal of a decision that a verbal promise by a previous Pennsylvania prosecutor not to pursue criminal charges against Cosby was not binding. The appellate court felt that Mr. Cosby did not have a right to appeal the decision at this stage.


Newtown Conspiracy Theorist Sues University That Fired Him

James Tracy filed a lawsuit against Florida Atlantic University and United Faculty of Florida, the latter being the union that had previously represented him. Mr. Tracy accuses the University of violating his right to free speech and retaliating against him for exercising that right. He also alleges that the union worked with the university to deny him due process.

Mr. Tracy was dismissed from his tenured position for failure to submit required forms detailing work done outside of his job as a professor.

Mr. Tracy gained notoriety for questioning government involvement and the facts of several recent tragedies, including the Sandy Hook shooting. His writings were featured on his own blog and on an "alternative news" publication.

Blog: https://memoryholeblog.com/2012/12/24/the-sandy-hook-massacre-unanswered-questions-and-missing-information/


Use of Motor Results in Suspension and Fine for a Belgian Cyclist

Femke Van den Driessche became the first cyclist to be punished for use of a hidden motor earlier this week. The International Cycling Union fined Van den Driessche $20,500, ordered her to pay its legal costs, and to return prize money going back to October. Van den Driessche was also stripped of her title as the under-23 European champion and Belgian national champion, and suspended for six years.

There have been rumors regarding hidden motors in bicycles for years and, in January, officials using a magnetic resonance scanner found an electric motor controlled by a Bluetooth switch hidden under the handlebar of a spare bike for Ms. Van den Driessche at the World Cyclocross Championships in Belgium. Van den Driessche offered no defense and quit the sport.


Cyclocross: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclo-cross

Deadspin on hidden motors: http://fittish.deadspin.com/secret-thermal-camera-footage-allegedly-shows-seven-pro-1771492666

NCAA Amends Complaint Against the University of North Carolina

The removal of a sentence in an amended complaint against the University of North Carolina hints that the men's basketball and football teams could receive comparatively lenient sentencing for partaking in a scandal where students were advised to take non-existent classes to maintain NCAA eligibility. The complaint was amended to acknowledge that the classes were available to all students.

A university-commissioned investigation in 2014 found that more than 3,000 undergraduates took more than 100 fraudulent classes in the African and Afro-American Studies Department. Almost a quarter of the students were football or basketball players.


Prince had no Will, According to Sister

Tyka Nelson, Prince's sister, filed court documents to begin the probate process for Prince's will in Minnesota. In the filing, she stated: "I do not know of the existence of a Will and have no reason to believe that the Decedent executed testamentary documents in any form."

The petition also listed five half-siblings as heirs, and asked the court to appoint a special administrator. Minnesota law treats surviving half-siblings the same as full siblings. The estate is estimated as being worth over $300 million, as Prince had recently taken over control of his catalog. Since his passing, Prince has sold 650,000 albums and 2.8 million tracks.


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