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California Travel Ban Could Affect College Football

By Michael Kusi

California created a travel ban on January 1, 2017 against eight states: Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and South Dakota, for what it claims are discriminatory laws that violate LGBT rights. For example, a Texas law grants an exemption for adoption agencies to deny services or refuse to allow LGBT couples to adopt. Any football contracts signed before January 1, 2017 for college football games are not affected by the California ban.

The travel ban prevents state-funded travel for employees from traveling these eight states. It does not, however, impact travel to these states by private citizens.

This travel ban could affect much college football, because California coaches and staff would not be able to recruit prospective high school football players from the eight banned states using state-funded travel. However, coaches and staff would be able to travel using funds from non-government sources. Public colleges in California, such as UCLA, would not be able to play football in any of the eight states, either for the regular season or the post-season, whereas football games between the USC and Texas football teams would still be played, because private colleges are not affected by this ban.

UCLA officials state that they will not schedule games in Texas in the upcoming football season, because of the California travel ban. Whether UCLA, or other California public colleges would be able to go to bowl games in the postseason, remains to be seen.

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