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New National Basketball Association Collective Bargaining Agreement in Effect

By Michael Kusi

The National Basketball Association (NBA) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) terms went into effect on July 1st. This was after intense negotiations between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA). The CBA is a seven year deal, but the players or the NBA can opt out a year before the end of the deal. Among the points of agreement in the new CBA, is one that concerns when a team and player agree on a contract buyout, to limit the compensation in conjunction with the basketball team submitting a request that this player be waived. In such a case, the team will not be able to consequently sign the player to a new contract with new teams, or get the player off waiver, before the end of one year after the contract is terminated or the July 1st after the final season of the player's contract, whichever is later.

Another provision of the CBA is that the NBA provides worker's compensation to both NBA and Two-Way Players, the latter of whom are players who have played both in the NBA and in the NBA G-League.

The CBA also retained the one and done provision that allows college basketball players to go to the NBA after a year of playing college basketball. This was a compromise between the NBA's position, which wanted a zero or two position, where a high school basketball player could come into the NBA after high school or would have to play two years in college, and the NBPA's position, which wanted the one and done rule entirely eradicated.

Additionally, in the CBA a contract might be voided if, among other reasons: A player cannot pass his physical examination, the contract is not approved by the NBA, the player is disqualified from playing because he failed a drug test, or makes an assault on NBA officials, players or people in attendance at the game. The NBA has said that it had the power to void all player contracts during negotiations with the previous CBA, but had never exercised that power.

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