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Welcome to the June 2016 Issue of Electronically In Touch

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We are pleased to submit the June 2016 edition of Electronically In Touch. This issue consists of a variety of updates regarding recent and upcoming events, a synopsis of the Young Lawyers Section's publication Now That You've Turned 18, and information for practicing attorneys in Queens County.

Electronically In Touch is a member driven publication. We welcome submissions from members on any relevant topic, including practice tips, substantive legal articles, case updates, work/life balance, and information regarding upcoming meetings and events. Please submit articles to Sasha R. Grandison, Esq. at srgrandison@gmail.com by the 1st of each month.

The Officers of YLS and the Editor of Electronically In Touch wish to make clear that the thoughts and opinions expressed in the articles that follow are those of the respective authors and do not represent the thoughts and opinions of the New York State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section, or its Officers or Executive Committee.

A Message from the Chair of the Young Lawyers Section

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I'm privileged to be the Chair of the Young Lawyers Section for 2016-2017 and look forward to carrying on the traditions and quality leadership that has been demonstrated by the our past chairs. I would like to give special thanks to our immediate past chair Erica Hines and past chair Sarah Gold for all their encouragement and support as I start my term.

Many of the past chairs of the section have established the great programs that we still continue today. For example Sherry Levin Wallach and Tucker Stanclift provided us with our Trial Academy. I hope to continue to that tradition with a series co-sponsored by the Committee on Lawyers in Transition dedicated to emerging careers trends in various legal fields. Many of us are still finding our way in the legal field and the advice of established attorneys can be instrumental in finding our career path.

Our 2016-2017 year is already off to a great start with a successful Supreme Court Admissions program where we had the honor of meeting Justice Ginsberg. I look forward to seeing everyone at the YLS Fall Meeting in Albany, which John Christopher is diligently preparing.

Erin K. Flynn

By: Lauren E. Sharkey and Emily C. Walsh

This is the fourth consecutive year of the Civic Prize Poster and Essay Contest for high school students, sponsored by the Young Lawyers Section and the Law, Youth and Citizenship Committee. This year, the contest was opened to two new counties, Suffolk and Nassau, for a total of 31 counties across New York State.

In November 2015, more than 500 schools within the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and now 10th Judicial Districts were asked to distribute contest requirements and enrollment forms to eligible 11th and 12th graders from schools within the 31 counties.

Contest Rules:

The contest was established to serve as a platform to enhance students' understanding of U.S. government. Cash prizes for first, second, and third place, funded by the State Bar's Law, Youth and Citizenship Committee, are awarded.

For poster submissions, students must feature the American flag, all three branches of government and address at least one issue concerning the U.S. Constitution. For essay submissions, students must discuss what the American flag stands for, include all three branches of government and address at least one issue concerning the U.S. Constitution.

Prior to submitting the posters and essays to the Civics Prize Committee, school officials use the Contest Judging Rubric to grade the submissions. Each school is asked to choose one poster and one essay for consideration.

2015-2016 Winners:
The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) Civics Prize Committee reviewed the submissions and determined this year's winners. They are:

For well written, outstanding essay submissions, First Place: Giuliana M. Mertz, Schalmont High School, Schenectady (Schenectady County, 4th District); Second Place: Alesha Louise Heacock, Fonda-Fultonville High School, Fonda (Montgomery County, 4th District); and Third Place: Ronnie Holmes, Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School, Syracuse (Onondaga County, 5th District).

For creative, exceptional poster submissions, First Place: John Sullivan, Somers High School, Lincolndale (Westchester County, 9th District); Second Place: Robert Weinfich II, Simon Kellrs, and Esther Jewett, Cohoes High School, Cohoes (Albany County, 3rd District); and Third Place: Khadijan Blackshear, Thomas R. Proctor High School, Utica (Oneida County, 5th District).

The YLS Civics Prize Committee hopes to continue to host this contest and expand it to other counties and judicial districts. The contest is heavily dependent on each school's participation.

Sharkey, of Niskayuna, is an associate at Cioffi Slezak Wildgrube PC, where she focuses her practice on estate planning and administration, business and corporate law, real estate and elder law. Walsh, of Westchester, is an associate at Miller Zeiderman Wiederkehr & Schwarz LLP, where she focuses her practice exclusively in the fields of matrimonial and family law.

Now That You've Turned 18

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The Young Lawyers Section's Committee on Community Service and Pro Bono published Now That You've Turned 18, which is an informative booklet that summarizes the basic legal rights and responsibilities of young adults. The publication touches upon topics such as the right to privacy, contracts, free speech, jury duty, criminal charges, and alcohol and other substances. Please note the publication is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal advice.

Some questions answered in the publication include:
•Can school officials conduct a "strip search" to look for illegal items?
•When can I get married in NY?
•What information does a company need in determining whether to give me credit?
•How do credit cards work?
•For what reasons can I be fired?
•What should I be concerned about when signing a lease?
•Can I enter into any type of contract once I reach the age of 18?
•How do I register to vote?
•Are all 18-year-old males still required to register with the Selective Service System?
•What are the penalties for unlawful underage possession of alcohol?
•What happens if I am charged with a crime after I turn 18?

You can read Now That You've Turned 18 at www.nysba.org/Sections/Young_Lawyers/Young_Lawyers_PDFs/Now_That_You_ve_Turned_18.html

Business Law Section Liaison Update

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By: Sarah Gold, Esq.

The Business Law Section, one of the largest in NYSBA, is also one of the most diverse based on our fields of practice. With a number of committees ranging from banking to bankruptcy, corporations to non-profits, we have a place for any attorney looking to interact with practitioners in the business law sphere.

While it can seem overwhelming to be among so many experienced lawyers, the programming we provide is educational to all attendees. Those just starting out get as much information as those who are looking for an update after years of practice. For those with a more legislative bent, our committees have been active on legislative initiatives and often comment on statutory and regulatory proposals. The recent changes to the Non-for-Profit law in New York were shepherded by members of the section, and we are currently working toward conforming New York franchise laws to federal disclosure rules.

The Young Lawyers Section has provided me with the opportunity to get involved in this Section as a liaison, and ultimately I have been able to become ingrained enough in the Section to become part of the officer corps, and ultimately the current Chair of the Business Law Section. I can speak first-hand to the opportunities available to those people wishing to be involved in our Section. We welcome all of you to join us, and if you so choose, get involved in the leadership of the committees or with our Section.

Information to the Bar

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The Honorable Lawrence K. Marks, the Chief Administrative Judge for Queens County Supreme Court, issued a notice dated May 2, 2016 regarding a proposed expansion of mandatory e-filing in all new commercial cases, including contract, insurance, UCC, and corporate matters in Queens County Supreme Court.

E-filing is currently mandatory for all medical, dental, and podiatric malpractice actions and foreclosure actions, including commercial foreclosures, pertaining to real property and mechanics liens.

Public comments are being accepted up to June 27, 2016.

The notice can be found at files.ctctcdn.com/efe049b7201/a00db34e-2444-45cf-8928-031a2090b92e.pdf

Supreme Court Admissions Program

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The Young Lawyers Section sponsors the Supreme Court Admissions Program for the New York State Bar Association's members. The section accepts 50 applications per year for attorneys to participate in the program.

On June 13, 2016 over 40 members were admitted to the United States Supreme Court. Congratulations to the newest admittees!

Pictures can be viewed on the Young Lawyers Section's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NYSBAYLS/

Recommended Upcoming Events

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June 21, 2016

An Evening With the Commercial Division Justices-Live Event
Meet and Greet with Commercial Division Judges, followed by a panel discussion regarding the new Commercial Division Rules and current litigation topics.
Cost: $60.00 for NYSBA Members.
Time: 5:30 p.m. Cocktail Reception; 6:30 p.m. CLE Presentation


June 23, 2016
FORWARD: The Forum on Reinvigorating the Women's Affinity Resources Discussion- Live Event

Panel discussion between various law firm women's initiatives for the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women attorneys. Topics such as mentoring, sponsoring, networking, and best practices for making the business case will be discussed. There will also be breakout sessions for attorneys of all career levels.

Cost: Free for NYSBA Members.
Time: 6:00 p.m.


July 12, 2016

Microsoft Word in the Law Office and Document Automation Systems- Webcast and Live Event

A presentation on how to dramatically improve speed and accuracy while drafting complex legal documents. The following topics will be discussed: problems associated with creating new documents by saving old ones as a new file name and making changes; subscription drafting systems; the important differences between templates and documents; how to build your best content into intelligent, annotated templates; and how to incorporate the high-end functionality of Microsoft Word into your templates so they are effortless to edit.

Cost: $135.00 for NYSBA Members.
Time: 9:00 a.m.


July 14, 2016

What Every Lawyer Should Know About a Fiduciary
- Webcast and Live Event

A panel discussion discussing the following topics pertaining to Fiduciary Law: fiduciaries and attorney fees; meeting your fiduciary obligations; the art of disinheritance; and SCPA 701 and 711.

Cost: $135.00 for NYSBA Members; $114.75 for Trusts and Estates Section Members
Time: 9:00 a.m.


A full list of all New York State Bar Association Events can be found at www.nysba.org.

Join the Young Lawyers Section

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Become the voice of newly-admitted and young attorneys in NYSBA. Designed to help make the transition from law school to practice an easier one for newly-admitted attorneys, the Young Lawyers Section connects you with experienced attorneys lending general advice, legal guidance, or expert opinions. Take advantage of educational programs, networking events, and the exclusive Young Lawyers Section Mentor Directory, which is just one of the Section's mentoring initiatives. The Section publishes Electronically In Touch and Perspective. Law students may also join the Section and get a jump start on their careers.

Are you interested in volunteering for a Section Committee? Please email Megan O'Toole at motoole@nysba.org and Tina Rothaupt at trothaupt@nysba.org and indicate the committees you wish to join.


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Electronically In Touch is the electronic news-publication of the NYSBA Young Lawyers Section (YLS). It is a member-driven publication that encourages YLS members to write articles. We welcome submissions from members on any relevant topic, including practice tips, substantive legal articles, case updates, work/life advice, and information regarding upcoming meetings and events. Please submit articles to Sasha R. Grandison at srgrandison@gmail.com by the 1st of each month.

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