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Welcome to the October 2016 Issue of Electronically In Touch

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We are pleased to submit the October 2016 edition of Electronically In Touch. This issue includes an article on liability for injuries sustained in contact sports, the basics of estate planning, as well as a report from the International Law Section and recommended upcoming events.

Electronically In Touch is a member driven publication. We welcome submissions from members on any relevant topic, including practice tips, substantive legal articles, case updates, work/life balance, and information regarding upcoming meetings and events. Please submit articles to Sasha R. Grandison, Esq. at srgrandison@gmail.com by the 1st of each month.

The Officers of YLS and the Editor of Electronically In Touch wish to make clear that the thoughts and opinions expressed in the articles that follow are those of the respective authors and do not represent the thoughts and opinions of the New York State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section, its Officers, or Executive Committee.

A Message from the Chair of the Young Lawyers Section

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I want to thank John Christopher for putting together an excellent Fall Meeting. What I loved about all of our speakers at the fall meeting was that they found their way to the job that they loved. Yes, they did other work when they were starting out, but turned the work they enjoy into their career. I know this is easier said then done, but the first step is taking stock of where you are and where you want to be. Some find doing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) to be a good starting point. However you choose to do it, don't forget to put yourself in the driver's seat and take steps toward the career you want to have.

Bar association work can be a great resume builder and a way to drive your career in a certain direction. At the annual meeting in January, we will be electing the slate of officers, committee chairs, district representatives, and section liaisons that make up the Young Lawyers Section Executive Committee. Nominations are currently being accepted for all positions. Feel free to reach out to any of the officers if you have questions regarding the positions.

Erin K. Flynn

Legal Standard of Liability in Contact Sports

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By: Lo Monaco Saverio, L.L.M.

I'm currently studying at St. John's University located in New York City and I recently came across the Wisconsin Legal Standard of Liability, for injuries sustained in a "contact-sport". Although the present work focuses on the Wisconsin Statute, what follows aims to clarify the general definition of "contact-sport", because I believe it is a key element that is sometimes misinterpreted.

The case at hand regards a high school volleyball match in which the plaintiff (P) was injured by an opposing player. P was jumping to hit the ball, in the attempt of scoring a point, when the opposing player jumped to try to block her hit. As the opposing player jumped, she reached across the top of the net and hit violently P's face, causing severe and permanent injuries to an eye.

What is the legal standard of liability, in such cases? Recklessness or Negligence?

According to the Wisconsin Statute § 895.525(4m)(a), "A participant in a recreational activity that includes physical contact between persons in a sport involving amateur teams, including teams in recreational, municipal, high school and college leagues, may be liable for an injury inflicted on another participant during and as part of that sport in a tort action only if the participant who caused the injury acted recklessly or with intent to cause injury."

Setting aside the voluntary "intent to cause injury" (the intentionality of the conduct is not at issue), according to the Wisconsin Statute, in a tort action, the recklessness may be proved only for: 1) recreational activities which entail 2) physical contact, 3) in a sport, 4) involving amateur teams.

In my view, the elements number 1, 3, and 4, in the case at hand, do not entail particular dispute. (For a detailed definition of these elements, see Noffke v. Bakke, 315 Wis.2d 350).

Volleyball, in a high school context, is a recreational activity because it implies exercise of performances for leisure. Differently from other types of activities (e.g. job activities) it is performed for fun, and the players are not paid for their performances.

Volleyball is a sport because it is performed with a significant physical activity (mostly jumps and running) in accordance with certain rules universally recognized by the players.

In a high-school context, a volleyball match is played by two opposing groups, each of which is organized to perform in synergy and to achieve a common goal. In such context the players are not professionals but students and so they form opposing amateur teams.

Regarding the element number 2, Volleyball, in its normal course, does not require physical contact between opponent players. In fact, according to the Official Volleyball Rules, interfering with an opponent's play is always cause of fault/violation. (Official Volleyball Rules 2015-2016 FIVB. Among others: 11.1.1 In blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that he/she does not interfere with the opponent's play before or during the latter's attack hit. 11.1.2 After an attack hit, a player is permitted to pass his/her hand beyond the net, provided that the contact has been made within his/her own playing space. 11.2.1 It is permitted to penetrate into the opponent's space under the net, provided that this does not interfere with the opponent's play. 11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. 14.3 Blocking within the opponent's space. In blocking, the player may place his/her hands and arms beyond the net, provided that this action does not interfere with the opponent's play. Thus, it is not permitted to touch the ball beyond the net until an opponent has executed an attack hit).

It is true that involuntary contacts sometimes are tolerated and they do not entail a violation, but they are not part of the sport itself. In my opinion, a contact sport is a sport in which the contact is part of the ordinary playing, not part of an incidental touch. Could we say that soccer, mutatis mutandis, is played with hands just because an involuntary touch of the ball with the hands does not imply a violation? If we consider a contact sport, all kinds of sports in which a contact is merely physically possible (not impossible under the laws of physics), the contact, as element required by the statute, would be deprived from any appreciable meaning. As a consequence all sports would be contact sport and this element would be useless.

For these reasons, I believe that § 895.525(4m)(a) of the Wisconsin Statute, does not apply to volleyball. Instead, the case at issue has to be regulated by the § 895.525(4)(a). "A violation of this subsection constitutes negligence..." (§ 895.525(4)(b)).

Lo Monaco Saverio is an international student from Italy currently obtaining a L.L.M. at St. John's University, School of Law.

Recommended Upcoming Events

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October 20, 2016

Location: Hofstra Law School, Hempstead, New York

"Dinner with a Lawyer": This is an evening of networking and socializing, as law school students and new attorneys can speak with attorneys in practice areas they are interested in, including civil/human rights, criminal law, corporate law, intellectual property, and family/matrimonial law.

Event information can be found at www.nysba.org/store/events/registration.aspx?event=PATHHOF16

October 24, 2016

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Location: Madison County Courthouse, Wampsville, New York

"What Makes Lawyers Happy": Panel discussion regarding mental health, substance abuse, and other issues lawyers may face, including recognizing the signs and symptoms of each.

Event information can be found at www.nysba.org/store/events/registration.aspx?event=LAPFA16M

October 26, 2016

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: State Bar Center, Albany, New York

"Women on the Move 2016": CLE seminar discussing topics of interest to female attorneys pertaining to social media in the 21st Century, including ethical rules in using social media, maximizing exposure, and social media for evidentiary purposes.

Event information can be found at www.nysba.org/store/events/registration.aspx?event=0EL21

The time has come to nominate a yourself for a position on the Young Lawyers Section's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for the general supervision and control of the affairs and activities of the Young Lawyers Section. The Executive Committee consists of four officers; one representative and one alternate representative from each judicial district; four delegates and one alternate delegate to the New York State Bar Association's House of Delegates; one delegate from the New York State Bar Association to the American Bar Association's House of Delegates (position is not vacant); chairpersons of all standing committees; section liaisons from the remaining sections of the New York State Bar Association; divisions or committees of the New York State Bar Association, and the editors of Perspective and Electronically In Touch.

The nomination form can be found herein. All nominations must be e-mailed to Lauren Sharkey by Friday, December 2, 2016 at lsharkey@cswlawfirm.com.

Basics of Estate Planning

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By: Nicole Hart, J.D.

Lifetime and Testamentary Planning

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning typically involves more than just signing a Will. It generally involves two sets of considerations: lifetime planning and testamentary planning. Lifetime planning may involve choosing decision-makers to make health or financial decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. For higher net worth individuals, lifetime planning may also involve establishing tax-efficient gifting strategies during life.

A testamentary plan, on the other hand, will designate the individuals or charities who are to inherit your assets at death, and in what capacity (e.g., outright vs. in trust). In addition, a testamentary plan may appoint a guardian to care for your minor children, as well as an executor to administer your estate, and a trustee to oversee any trusts that may be created after your death.

What concepts and documents affect an estate plan?

Your personal situation will dictate what paperwork needs to be drafted and signed in order to implement the decisions discussed above. If you are a business owner, for example, business succession planning may necessitate the need for more complicated agreements. In general, the basic concepts and documents that can have an impact on your estate plan are:

  • Title and Ownership (e.g., real estate, bank accounts)

  • Beneficiary Designations (e.g., IRA, life insurance, 401(k))

  • Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Living Will

  • Will/Revocable Trust

What is the difference between "probate" property and "non-probate" property?

In order to understand how your estate plan works, it is important to understand the difference between "probate" and "non-probate" assets. In general, non-probate property is property that passes at your death, by operation of law, either to the joint owner of the property,[1] or to the individual named on the beneficiary designation form. For example, if you own real estate and bank accounts jointly with your spouse, those assets pass automatically to the surviving owner. Similarly, any retirement benefits or life insurance that you have will pass to the beneficiaries named on the beneficiary designation forms. The provisions of your Will do not impact the passage of non-probate assets at your death.

Any other assets not passing by law or beneficiary designation will generally pass pursuant to the provisions in your Will or Revocable Trust. Let's use a simple example and assume that you own your home jointly with your mother, but that you are the sole owner of all of your bank accounts. Let's further assume that your sister is the sole beneficiary under your Will. At your death, your home would automatically pass to your mother because she is the joint owner. But your bank accounts would pass to your sister pursuant to the terms of your Will.

It is important for you to be in the driver's seat with respect to decisions affecting your estate plan. If you do not have an estate plan, the default provisions of state law will govern how your assets pass at death, which can result in unwanted consequences. In addition, even after you have created an estate plan, it is important to revisit it every 3-5 years or when a major life event occurs (such as the birth of a child, divorce, death of a family member). If you have any questions about your estate plan, please contact your advisor or attorney.

Nicole R. Hart, J.D. is the Director of Trusts and Estates at Sontag Advisory. She previously worked as an attorney at White & Case LLP and Davis & Gilbert LLP, where she specialized in the trusts and estates and non-profit law.
This article was previously published on the Sontag Advisory Blog on August 5, 2016 at www.sontagadvisory.com/blog-entry/basics-estate-planning/

International Law Section Liaison Report

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By: Max Shterngel, Esq.

By the time that you read this, members of the International Section will be kicking off an incredible Fall Seasonal Meeting in France! Paris is the focus during October 19-21, but pre-meeting events are occurring in Strasbourg (home of the European Court of Human Rights) beginning on October 15-17.

The focus of the Strasbourg discussions is, not surprisingly, Brexit. Providing a timely perspective on the implications of Brexit to U.S. diplomatic and business interests will be keynote speaker Amy P. Westling, who is U.S. Consul-General in Strasbourg as well as the Deputy Permanent Observer to the Council of Europe. The activities in Strasbourg include tours of the European Court of Human Rights, the Strasbourg Cathedral, a famous winery, and a visit to the picturesque Alsation town of Colmar.

The events and meetings in Paris are spread over three days and feature a stunning 27 different panels. Topics range from Transatlantic Trade (speakers include the U.S. Ambassador to the WTO), a panel on the Ethical Practice of Law (panelists include a Justice from the Court of the European Union, a Brazilian federal judge, and a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge), and a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the NYSBA and the Union Internationale des Avocats, an international bar association active throughout Europe. Other notable panels include one on "Uber, AirBnB and the Rise of the Collaborative Economy," Cross Border Data Security, and a special conversation with Max Schrems, the plaintiff who prevailed last year before the European Court of Justice in invalidating the Safe Harbor arrangement, which had governed data transfers between the EU and the US. The social events are too intriguing to describe in detail, but as a flavor of what is on the agenda, there is a fancy cruise on the Seine River. Pricing for the Paris meetings for attorneys admitted in 2013 or later is about $1000, which includes virtually a whole year's worth of CLE credits and unparalleled international networking opportunities. The full program of the Strasbourg and Paris meetings is available at the following link: www.nysba.org/ilpparis2016/

After everyone gets back from Paris, there will be a number of local events in NYC events sponsored by the International Section, including:

October 25, 2016 at New York Law School: Twenty Years After the AEDPA - Challenges in Immigration Representation in NY and Beyond.
October 26, 2016 at St. Johns Law School: The New U.S. President and Crises in the Global Order (featuring a panel of distinguished scholars and bloggers from Opinio Juris)

Also of interest to Young Lawyers interested in international law (whether or not you are a member of the NYSBA International Section) is International Law Weekend (ILW) at Fordham Law School, to be held on October 27-29, with an excellent roster of panels and an Opening Panel and Wine & Cheese Reception at the City Bar on October 27 from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The full brochure for ILW is here: a href="http://www.ilsa.org/conferencesILW/ProgramILW2016.pdf">www.ilsa.org/conferencesILW/ProgramILW2016.pdf

Looking ahead to 2017, there will be the Annual Meeting during January 23-28, and Global Law Week in May 2017 (a week full of illuminating panels hosted by international firms in NYC).

In addition, the International Section is forming a Law Students and Young Lawyers Committee, and all who are interested in getting more involved in the International Section can e-mail me at iammaxim@gmail.com.

Case Law Developments Snapshot:

The past few months have seen a number of important decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate courts relating to international litigation. Here are some highlights:

RJR Nabisco v. European Community (U.S. Supreme Court, Decided June 21, 2016): The Court, in a 4-3 vote, reversed the Second Circuit, holding that civil RICO's extraterritorial application is linked to the extraterritorial reach of RICO's predicate statutes, but that a RICO plaintiff must nonetheless allege and prove a domestic injury. Tobacco giant RJR Nabisco defeated a 16-year case brought by European countries alleging a far-reaching money-laundering scheme.

Microsoft Corp. v. United States of America (Second Circuit, Decided July 14, 2016): The Second Circuit held that the Stored Communications Act of 1986 lacks the extraterritorial reach to enable the United States to force Microsoft to comply with a warrant by producing e-mails stored on a server in Ireland. The United States has recently filed a petition for a panel rehearing or rehearing en banc, and it would not surprising if the U.S. Supreme Court took the appeal.

Chevron Corporation v. Donzinger (Second Circuit, Decided August 8, 2016): The Second Circuit held that a $9.5 billion pollution judgment against Chevron issued by an Ecuadorean court was the product of fraud orchestrated by a New York lawyer, and could not be enforced anywhere in the U.S. Ecuadorean judgment creditors have petitioned for the Second Circuit to rehear the appeal, while an arbitral panel has said it will consider the Second Circuit's decision.

Licci v. Lebanese Canadian Bank (Second Circuit, Decided August 24, 2016): The Second Circuit held that claims under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) by families of Hezbollah terror victims against a Lebanese bank that processed payments to Hezbollah through New York correspondent bank accounts must be dismissed because the Circuit precedent, Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., 621 F.3d 111, 145 (2d Cir. 2010), holds that the ATS does not provide for corporate liability. This case may also make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In re Vitamin C Antitrust Litigation (Second Circuit, Decided September 20, 2016): The Second Circuit vacated a $147 million antitrust judgment against Chinese vitamin manufacturers on the grounds of international comity, finding that the Chinese law required the companies to set prices and reduce quantities of vitamin C sold abroad. Supreme Court review is in the cards.

New Members of the Young Lawyers Section

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Let's welcome the newest members of the Young Lawyers Section for the month of September 2016!
Shruti Archita
David Aznauryan
Charlotte Bocage
Kaitlin Bond
Micah Brown
Matthew Collorafi
Admir Deljanin
Melanie Ellner
Ahmed Enani
Katie Flynn
Antonio Fuertes
Chelsea I. Gonzalez
Arrianna Hart
Ushin Hong
Meghan Hook
Shitij Khurana
Christopher M. Kirkland
Mary Ann Krisa
Qian Liang
Sompatsorn Liewpolvanit
Isaiah Marcano
Natasha Matias
Katherine McLaughlin
Alexander Middlemiss
Nancy Millette
Petrina Mironis
Jordan Mroczek
Isabella Nolan
Dylan Penza
Lauren Quan
Jamie Richards
Joseph J. Robinson
Samuel Rubinstein
Rasha I. Sajid
Emily G. Sauers
Cynthia Suarez
Xinlai Sui
Kristin Tesi
Tammy Tran
James C. White
Ryan Wittlinger
Shengqi Zhang

Judicial District: 01

Randall Elliot Allen, Esq.
Ali Ibrahim Alsarraf, Esq.
Taylor Anderson
Elana Bengualid
Samantha Blake
Sari Bronner
Alexandra Bueno
Carlton P. Cabot, Jr.
Kayla S. Callahan
Kellen Carter , Esq.
Costanza Cascone
Angel Castro, III, Esq.
Howard Chang
Saksham Chaturvedi
Sophie Cohen
CeCe Cole
Joshua Correia
Rose Dakroub
Samuel Y. Davidson, Esq.
Victoria DeMarco
Robert G. Ellis-Liang
Leanne Farsi
Claire Feigenbaum
Alyssa Fein
Christopher Pio Fox, Esq.
Matla Garcia
Maria Geraghty
Rebecca Goldman
Victor D. Gonzalez
Jeremy Green
Ava Haghighi
Mirna Haidar
Nicole Hellman
Alice Hong
Jenny Hui
Eric L. Ives
Maverick James
James Kalcheim
Joshua Kaufman
Sean Kelly
James King
Katherine Klein
Jason Koffler
Katharine Kuhl
Elizabeth Lee
Vincent Licata
Kelsey Link
Natalia Marte
Michael Martinez
Carolyn Nicole Matos Montes, Esq.
Kaetan Mazza
Jacquelynne Modeste
Taylor Montanari
Marissa Ann Montanez, Esq.
Sydney Myones
Danusha Nacht
Brian Nettle
Devin Newman
Nauka Patel
Tatiana Pitasny
Morgan Romagna
Kathryn Saba
Alex Sable
Mary Charmel M. Samonte
Maria Santiago
Lola Scheinfeld
Tymel Searcy
Deborah Soh
Alexandru Stanescu
Andrew Steele
Maurice Stern
Janet Tasigianis
Edwin Truong
Michelle S. Truong
Allison TRupp
Izabelle Tully
Rosa Valierte
Kaixi Wang
Nicholas Weisman
Mason Todd Whitcomb, Esq.
Alice Zhang
Yitang Zheng

Judicial District: 02

Andrea Alajbegovic
Samantha Albanese
Mikael Andres
Joshua R. Asch
Sherry Ashkins
Brittan Ashton
Katherine Azcona
Hannah Bacon
Shani Bell
Alexander Berfond
Haloan Blecher
Moshe Ovadya Boroosan, Esq.
Shlomit Buchinsky
Shayna Burne
Ayed Camille
Chevon Chance
Chen Chen
Hong Chen
Stella Chen
David Cherman
Rana Constant
Valery Cury Sepulveda
Lana Delgadillo
Inessa Dorfman
Brant Douglas
Konstantin Dukhovnyy
Erin Dyles
Laura Emmons
Stephanie Feliciano
Menachem Fox
Terry Frederic
Rachel Goodman
David J. Greenberger
Jared Grubow
Mitro Guna
Surbhi Gupta
Alana M. Hans
Myriah Heddens
Aaron Hyatt
Wendy Jennings
Ptahra M. Jeppe
Justine Joly
Martyna Kaznowski
Jennifer Kemp
Mehmet Kepir
Alexander Kraff, Esq.
Ilana Ladyzhensky
Rachel Levine
Sherri Litvak
Jessi Maduro
Maria Marroquin
Susan Mellender
Kimberly Mims
Viktoryia Moisa
Juan Morales
Alec Nelson
Jeffrey Ng
Andrea Luz Nieves, Esq.
Tomi Oguntunde
Megha Patel
Kelly Perkovich
Polina Pristupa
Nicole Pyatetskya
Matthew Rayburn
Dorian E. Rojas, Esq.
Michelle Rozenblyum
Dayana Saint Vil
Yaakov Seff
Mordechai Silberstein
Gabrielle Simmons
Fabien Smallwood
Ariana Smith
Raphael Spies
Jared Steiner
Artesia Tso
Mokut Udofia
Erik Vande Stouwe
Kathleen Wahl
Sophie Webb
Haley Weinreich
Benjamin Winters
Fabiana Zangara
Christopher Zatratz

Judicial District: 03

Arianna Clark
Justin Daley
Antonia Edwards
Melody Harkness
Caitlin J. Monjeau
Nicholas K. Reinsdorf
Jason Semeiks

Judicial District: 04

Katherine Carpenter
Patrick A. Dunlavey
Christina J. Graziadei
Kerry Mierzwa, Esq.
Danielle M. Noyes
Zachary W. Perdek

Judicial District: 05

Sara Adams
Jason C. Adelstone
Mohammed Adbulrahman Al-Muhanna
Agal Abdullah A. Alagal
Faisal A. Aldayel
Omar Z. Alharthi
Ali Obaid A. Alyami
Ama Owsua Amoako-Atta
Esther Aparicio
Dominique Arcuri
Christopher Baiamonte
Gerald P. Bannon
Joseph J. Battisto
Jordan E. Beal
Katie M. Becker
Abdullah Khalid A. Ben Aqeel
Aylan C. Briedis
Yamillet J. Brizuela
Caitlyn R. Buckman
Matthew P. Bulriss
Megan D. Cadwell
Wenjie Cai
Thomas F. Capone
Kelsea A. Carbajal
Adam P. Carey
Joshua D. Caron
Xi Chen
Jacqueline A. Collins
Heather R. Cooper
Amar K. Deol
Ernesto L. Dominguez
Maria Jose Dosal Robledo
Luke Edmondson
Steven L. Eychner
Shealina A. Fanelli
Sara M. Fitzpartick
Michael D. Flessa
Steven L. Foss
Amanda Freire De Almeida
Troy Green
Courtney E. Griffin
Alexandra U. Grzebyk
Kseniia A. Guliaeva
Mirza Hadzic
Jeyhun Ehtibar Hagverdiyev
Christopher S. Helinski
Morgan M. Hinckley
Justin R. Huber
Molly Hutto
Katie E. Hyma
William H. Hython
Nathan M. Jerauld
John P. Joslin
Chang Won Kang
Anthony Paul Keach
Derek J. Kehoe
Christina M. Kershaw-White
Ahmed Khattab
Saeed T. Khunaizi
Seunghwan Kim
Shinsung Kim
Tae Hoon Kim
Tanner Kingston
Jolanta Kotula
Taylor Lincoln Lambert
JeongMin Lee
Youngmin Lee
Elizabeth L. Lehmann
Alicia L. Loomis
Nathan P. Lord
Xin Lu
Sara D. Lupi
Carol K. Lutz
Margaret E. Mabie
Wesley A. Masters
Jennifer L. McGauley
Rhodrick Stephen Michongwe
Cynthia R. Moore
Kathleen K. Morton
Charlotte M. Munday
Sarah Murphy
Arielle J. Nainstein
Charly J. O'Brien
Juhyung Oh
Gardar G. Olafsson
Kyle R. Palmore
Athena Pantelopoulos
Sabastian Sabbath Piedmont
Raissa Pinheiro
Sarah L. Purtill
Hannah K. Redmond
Taylor A. Reed
Dominique A. Reid
Richard Y.
Robert Rivera
J Samuel Rodgers
Jenna Romine
Sovanna Ry
Mahmoud Farouk F. Sakr
Rachel Ann Saltarelli
Dennis T. Scanlon
Jacob R. Schorlemmer
Saja Hassan Shabaan
Sarah E. Shepp
Matthew W. Sneed
Tenaha L. Sparacino
Maryann Spencer
Cassidy R. Stewart
Jiali Tao
Jeniffer Taylor
Gabriela A. Tremont
Corey Tull
Brenden C. Twomey
John Underhill
Michael Joseph Varrige
Carla Jeanette Villarreal Lopez
Matthew W. Wallace
Westin H. Wallace
Amanda Zihan Wang
Xiaotong Wang
Diane M. Williamson
Jinnshi J. Wu
Yilkal H. Wudneh
Yizhen Zhang
Elizabeth B. Zimmer
Steven M. Zuber
Maria C. Zumpano

Judicial District: 06

Soo Chan Ahn
Mohamad Kassem Al Rifai
Armando Amin
Kasey Ashford
Harika Bakaraju
Nicolas Bianchi
Pable Chapa Blanco
Julie Bloch
Larry Blocho
Alex Bransford
Nicholas Constantino
Seth Crockett
Avery Cummings
Leah Daniels
Cecile Dessault
Pranav Diesh
Eric Finkelberg
Matt Flores
Olivia A. Fontana
Corina Gallardo
Shelby Garland
Robin Grieff
Lacey C. Grummons
Andrew Guiang
Tits Gulbis
Devyani Gupta
Yaqi Han
Stephanie L. Hanrahan
Alyssa Hasbrouck
Jonathan Hernandez
Ping Ho
Erika Hooker
Sabrina Hsieh
Xinhui Huang
Jed Hudson
Stefani Joslin
Hyun Soo Jung
David Katz
Dillon Kellerman
Cha Hyung Kim
Jenna Kyle
Ian S. Lamont
Brad Lenox
Matthew Madsen
Leonardo Mangat
Stacy D. McCabe
Morgan Miller
Olivia Molineux
Yashashree Munde
Lea Murphy
Carol Njiru
Maria Oluyeju
Xavier Vila Ortega
LeeAnne Pedrick
Jared Porter
Ryan Powers
Kara Ramsey
Caroline Secola
Geneva Sekula
Akihiro Shiba
Charles Sim
Tyler M. Simonetta
Baris Simsek
Samantha Singh
Carina Sohn
Kirstin Swanepoel
Mercedez Taitt-Harmon
Irving Talavera
Zining Tao
Teri Tillman
Henry Topper
Katherine Van Bramer
Christopher Vantrease
Vincent Ville
Yihui Wen
Michael Whittaker
Xiaofei Xie
Tong Xu
Nadav Yafit
Yixin Yan
Jingjing Yuan
Hong Zhang
Wenxiong Zhang
Yun Zhang
Jiaxin Zhu
Ziyue Zhu

Judicial District: 07

Patrick K. Barry
Jacqueline Carosa
Anthony J. DiPerna
Dylan J. Garlock
Anna V. Gromova
Samuel Hauser
Trevor Y. Hinman
Jordan W. Humphreys
Amy L. Johnson
Cheryl Kennedy
Lisa M. Knab
Christopher Leone
Cindy M. Manuele
Olenka N. Masny
Kelly McFarland
Bridget M. Morgan
Collette A. Noel
Anna Poyurovsky
Russel Shanahan
Gabrielle N. Sherwood
Molly F. Spakowski
Rachel M. Theodorou

Judicial District: 08

Adewoye A. Adegoke
Michael E. Altman
Alexandra Starr Balmer
Kerri M. Bejger
Vicki M. Bell
Matthew W. Benedict
Alexander A. Bitar
Katherine S. Blum
Richard P. Brooks
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Angela M. Carson
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Connor P. Entenmann
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Carolynn E. Grennell
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Pia Perfetto
Samantha R. Podlas
Leighann Ramirez
Breanna C. Reilly
Aaqil Remtulla
Jonathan J. Reyes
Brendon Riley
Dominick F. Roa
Kevin M. Roman
Emilie E. Ronald
Nichole M. Sands
Alexander R. Scherer
Jaclyn F. Silver
Imandeep Singh
Kevin L. Southern
Spencer R. Stresing
Kyle Tanzer
Bethany A. Taylor
Nicholas P. Tuttle
Jacob C. Umoke
Carmen A. Vacco
Ankita Vaid
Kristian Walker
Joshua S. Wallace
Bridget A. Williams
Samantha A. Winter
Samuel L. Yellen
Pierce V. Young

Judicial District: 09

Ashley Arcuri
Mark R. Argentino
Caitlin M. Baranowski
Kristen Barone
Rachel M. Bauer
Sydney Bertsch
Christina Borges
Michael W. Canavan
Quinn N. Cartelli
Nicolas Chavez-oramas
Mary Curry
Brandon E. Dejesus
Winter Desmarais
Megan DiBello
Brian Dolan
Michael Enea
Donya Feizbakhsh
Caitlin O'Meara Foran, Esq.
Samantha Lynn Garrison, Esq.
Daniel Ishoo
Tessa J. Kajdi
Rachel R. Kessler
Emma Lagle
Susan Lee
Marietta Leone
Kevin Lynch
Veronica Mishkind
Sehrish Nawaz
Melissa Olivo
Abigail Pearlman
Daniel Randazzo
Justin Reid
Erin Marie Ross, Esq.
Samantha Sayegh
Nastassia Shcherbatsevich
Kaleigh Shea
Danielle Siegel
Benjamin Sonnenfeldt
Katerina Sperl
Brian Winfield

Judicial District: 10

Shandy Abraham
Matthew Alessandri
Mark Alfisi
Serena Altes
Max Bartell
Catherine Benny
Sammi Bershad
Jasmine Brown
Alexandra Buckshaw
Simcha Buff
Anastasia Cassisi
Anique Cato
Sheryar Asif Choudhry, Esq.
Erika L. Colangelo
John Colby
Alexandra Columbo
Antonio Corcella
Natale Corsi
Amanda M. Cramer
Richard DeMarco
Shannon Dempsey
Denise Dessel
Brandon Dorman
Shanon Farinha
Lisa Feldman
Joseph F. Francia
Kelly Frevele
John Gahan
Jacqueline Gallagher
Maria Gomez
Jared Gordon
Wallis Granat
Kevin James Hale
Valerie Hammel
Luke Harkins
Katherine Hickman
Matthew R. Hin
Rachel Houle
Casey Hughes
Heather L. Hulkower
Danah Jones
Heskel Kahen-Kashi
Tina Kassangana
Valerie Katsorhis
Matthew Klang
Katherine Kokotos
John Komondorea
Olivier Labossiere
Angeliki Laloudakis
Krystlen Lata
Danielle Leavy
Megan Maureen Mackenzie, Esq.
Shane Mason
Savio Monteiro
Naveen Naqvi
Michael Neville
Siobhan O'Brien
Daniel O'Connell
Joseph Oconnor
Ricki Parks
Dylan Porcello
Daniel Karl Reichelscheimer, Esq.
Jaclyn Ruggirello
Ozden Samur-LaBruna
Amanda Schaefer
Carlo John Sciara, Esq.
Jonathan Sclar
Kaitlin Silletti
Elizabeth Simpson
Christina H. Singh-Bedell, Esq.
Sean Skolkin
Kevin Smith
Brian J. Smulcheski
Kenneth St. John
Kayley Sullivan
Nicholas Telano
Kendall Walsh
Samuel Wiles
Alecia Woodard
Francesca Worthington
Christie Yeh
Nicolle Zavadoff
Ryan Zim

Judicial District: 11

Stacy Allen
Adeline Antoniov
Philip Arnon
Mahenoor Baig
Stephanie Barbaro
Crystal Barnes
Keren Baruch
Nicolette Beuther
Lauren Block
Michael Bloom
Kelly Bronner
Katherine Byrnes
Christal Cammock
Claudia Carbone
Giovanni Care
Nate Carpenter
Irene Castro
Kenneth Cruz Chan
Julia Chen
Katherine Chen
Nina Cheng
Matthew Mark Coffey, Esq.
Taylor Conroy
Roman Damaso
Katherine Dennis
James Drew
Pedro Duran
Andrew J. Edvin
Aaron Elkin
Taryn Estrada
Charles Farrell
Maria Filindarakis
Giuseppe Fioretto
Megan Foggia
Mollie Galchus
Francis Galvez
Lin Lu Gao
Joshua Gonzalez
Mary Hazelip
Victoria Hill
Thamanna Hussain
Alicia Jiang
Meng Jin
Eric Johnson
Samantha Kantor
Michelle Kariyeva
Adam Keenan
Shaw Ryan Khan
Christine a. Kowlessar
Nancy Lam
Jessica Laredo
Alexander Laznovsky
Charlotte Lehman
Chelsea Lopez
Ting Ting Lu
James Maguire
Emily McNiff
Erica L. Molina
Fatima Mustafa
Andrea Natalie
Simone Noonan
Marc Ochs
John Henry Olthoff, Esq.
Jessica Orellana
Areesa Osboune
Gulay Ozdemir
Diana Palacios
Nirupa Persaud
Anna Piszczatowski
Sholom Prager
Nikki Ramroop
Timotei Raveica
Kris Renock
Juan S. Restrepo
Matthew Roberts
Yisraela Rodriguez
John Rohan
Adam Rubin
Josh Rutstein
Emily Santoro
Camelia Serghie
Samantha Shahzaman
Shivani Sharma
Muhammed Sheikh
Joo Shin
Colleen Signorelli
Philip Simonelli
Melissa Smyth
Camila Sosa
Rakhil Tilayeva
Prodromos Tsenesidis
Andrea Velasquez
Cheryl Walker
Wentoo Wei
Jordan Weiner
Calla Wilson-Traisman
Ethan Wolfe
Joye Xu
Michelle Yepes
Christopher Young
Xuan Zhou

Judicial District: 12

Chloe Caban
Arber Cobaj
Sharlene Disla
Victoria Harris
Amina Hoque
Florida Hoxha
Joseph Lizardi
Selvana Nilaj
Florence Otaigbe
Flor Ramirez
Michael Sedia

Judicial District: 13

Deanna Benigno
Lindita Capric
Rohit Chandan
Meaghan Dunigan
Lawrence Flynn
Kyle Glesse
Emmanuel Kamara
Michael K. Kilcommons
Donite Krasnigi
Cesar Mejia Duenas
Zoya Mian
Christopher Morella
Zoya Shpigelman
Andielynn Walters

Judicial District: 99

Sara A. Allawi, Esq.
Andrew G.
Gregory Arutiunov
Alexander Avakian
Andrew S. Ayers
Christopher Velle Bacon, Esq.
Tahiru Bah
Aram Basmajian
Hayley Bava
George Beck, IV
Vadim Belinskiy
Christina Irene Bello, Esq.
Jesse Andrew Bender, Esq.
Derek Matthew Berry
Elizabeth Betances
Sophie W. Bober
Kelsey Bourquin
Franesca Buarne
Samuel W. Buchbauer
Deniz Buyuksahin
Jamie Caponera, 3rd
Geroline Castillo
Michael Celler
Kristina A. Cervi
Ashley Chacon
Shan Chen
Garam Choe
Christian James
Esther Y. Chung
Connor S.
Julie Lynn Cross, Esq.
Laura Daniels
Christina Davidesko
Selin Demir
Brittany V. Dierken
George El-Khoury
Tala Esmaili
Vincent M. Esteves
Joshua Filzer
Sarah Renee Fink, Esq.
Shelley Fredericks
Paul J. Fritzler
Gabrielle L.
Lauren E. Galloway
Xavia Gamboa
Felipe Garcia
Michael Gargiulo
Vikrant S. Gaur
Christopher Geslin
Kari E. Gibson
Jessica Gillick
Melissa A. Goldstein
Brandon C. Golfman
William E. Gould
Kendria Green
Nicholas R. Gross
Ryan D. Harrison
Erin Heltke
David Henig
Paige E. Ingram
Jeffrey Jacobson
Ashley Jenkins
Orlhac Jerome
Christina Q. Kalebic
Michaela K. Kamemoto
Robert J. Kawecki
Richard F. Kelly
Jessica Anne Kordas, Esq.
Briannie Kraft
Joshua Lahijani
Rosa E. Larios
Angeline Larrivee
Jamie Ledgister
Benjamin Levine
Michelle J. Lopez
Luis Lozada
Carol J. Lunger
Danielle Mabe
Benjamin Wilson Nichols Macdonald, Esq.
Kayse J. Machan
Alex Malandra
Shelby E. Mann
Joseph Andres Martin, Esq.
Natalia Mata
Rory Mazur
Trevor L. McDaniel
Christopher S. McIlveen
Kevin J Meiners, Esq.
Alexander R. Mena
Chad Bryan Milbrandt
Benjamin N. Millard
James P. Mincy
Eugene M. Mok
Victoria Mosca
David Muhlrad
Brian Patrick Mulcahy, Esq.
Ricardo Mullings
Tyler J. Mulvaney
Evan P. Naylor
Dominic Joseph Thomas Nelson, Esq.
Laura E. O'Brien
Jordan J. O'Connor
Marissa O'Loughlin
Lynna C. Paradiso
Tracey Parker
Kristen R. Peck
Marissa D. Perry Sharpe
Kayla Pesserillo, Esq.
Debora Pinto
Thomas H. Prosise
Alessandra Pulit
Reza Raeesi
Manu Rajvanshi
Aaron C. Records
James Redman
Josh (Sun Ho) Rhee
Alexander E. Robinson
Maria I. Ronauli
Ami J. Sanghvi
Lauren Schreck
Faraz Shaffi
Vimal Shah
Sooim Shin
Ursula Nicole Simmons
Erika L. Simonson
Sarah Sloane
Alexander Smith
Diamante Smith
Ethan Sukonik
Madhuri Swarna
Neetu S. Syan
Elise Wei Tan, Esq.
Macy M. Teifke
Kristen Tierney
Olivia Tourgee
Kyle Tuckman
William R. Van Saun
Meghan D. Vumback
Amit U. Vyas
Khawla Wakkaf
Alison Wallace
Moshe Warga
Holly L. Webster
Lauren A. Wolfe
Huichuan Xu
Abigail Yeo
Marcos Zayas
Vadim Zilberman

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