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Welcome to the January 2017 Issue of EIT

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We are pleased to submit the January 2017 issue of Electronically In Touch. This issue includes articles regarding the value of performing pro bono legal services, paths to leadership, as well as the EIT New Member Spotlight and Commercial and Federal Litigation Section liaison update.

Electronically In Touch is a member driven publication. We welcome submissions from members on any relevant topic, including practice tips, substantive legal articles, case updates, work/life balance, and information regarding upcoming meetings and events. Please submit articles to Sasha R. Grandison, Esq. at srgrandison@gmail.com by the 1st of each month.

The Officers of YLS and the Editor of Electronically In Touch wish to make clear that the thoughts and opinions expressed in the articles that follow are those of the respective authors and do not represent the thoughts and opinions of the New York State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section, its Officers, or Executive Committee.

A Message from the Chair of the Young Lawyers Section

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NYSBA's Annual Meeting is a yearly celebration of the profession. It provides education and networking opportunities and can be a springboard for getting involved further in promoting our profession. For me, the annual meeting is a chance to catch up in person with colleagues around the state.

NYSBA and the Young Lawyers Section has put together a full slate of great programs and events directed at towards law students and lawyers in the beginning of their time at practice. Here is a list of the programs I would recommend:

YLS Half Day Program
Wednesday, January 25, 8:45 am - 12:20 pm
CPLR- Strategic Gems, Ethical Conundrums, and Building Career Skills Through Leadership

Outstanding Young Lawyer Award

Wednesday, January 25, 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Buffet Luncheon Included

Young Lawyers Section Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, January 25, 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Bridging the Gap
Thursday, January 26 and Friday, January 27
Two Day CLE Program

Craft Beer and Conversations
Thursday, January 26, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Newly Admitted Attorneys, Young Lawyers and Law Students
Clio Cloud Café

Career Development Conference
Monday, January 23, 2:00 - 5:00pm
With networking reception 5:00 - 6:00pm

Celebrate Diversity in the Bar
Monday, January 23
5:00 - 6:00 pm Constance Baker Motley Symposium
6:00 - 6:30 pm 2017 Diversity Trailblazer Award
6:30 - 8:00 pm Celebrating Diversity Reception

Erin K. Flynn

Paths in Leadership

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By: Sarah Gold, Esq.

Why am I here? What brought me to this point? These are not questions asked in desperation, but those questions are some I ask myself quite often. Not because I work alone, not because I'm unhappy in my path in life, but rather questioning my path keeps me moving in a direction that keeps me happy and fulfilled. Leadership is something that has come along with this path. It's not necessarily something I originally sought out, in fact, my path has been knitted along by watching others in the career. Like many, I do not come from a family of lawyers, or even a family of professionals. My choice of life path was one sought unknowingly, and as such, I found myself seeking like-minded people to mirror to figure out what I was supposed to do. Such mirroring found me seeking out the New York State Bar Association.

Involvement is always a great way to find these sort of people, and involvement is what I sought. As the old adage reminds us, "you have to be in it to win it." In this case, being in it, meant after a time you get a chance to lead it too. First with the Young Lawyers Section, and now more recently as the Chair of Business Law Section, my involvement and ability to take on challenges affords itself the chances to step up and get more involved. It's a way to learn about the craft, learn the skills needed to be successful in the career, and at the higher echelons to have a say in the career itself. Being a part of process shows you the patterns of the profession, the changes on the horizon, and gives you the opportunity to put your own stamp on those rules. My intent going in was not looking to lead, but rather to seek how to navigate the field. Through leadership I have gotten all of that and more, and I am ever grateful for those opportunities.

EIT New Member Spotlight

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This month's new member-of-the-month is Courtney Baker, Esq. of Albany, New York. Courtney currently works in the Albany office of the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York. She runs a program at Schenectady City Court where qualifying tenants facing eviction can sign up for on the spot legal advice. She advises them on their rights and at times represents and takes their cases to trial. Courtney also represents tenants with disabilities and assists them in making reasonable accommodation requests so they can equally enjoy their housing.

Courtney was educated at Oklahoma State University and earned her J.D. from the University of Minnesota. While in law school she worked in the Immigration and Human Rights Clinic. While there, she represented a teenager who was applying for political asylum. In Honduras he supported the minority political party and was threatened and targeted for his activism. He escaped the country and arrived in the United States with absolutely nothing. He was so brave and courageous. Courtney says, representing him was the hardest work she did in law school but also the most meaningful. On the last day of her 3L year, she received the judge's decision and was able to call her client and let him know he was granted asylum! She reported that was an awesome way to end her law school career.

After graduating, Courtney was granted a fellowship to work in Washington, D.C., representing domestic violence victims. The fellowship was very competitive and it was an honor that her work was funded. Working in D.C. was a great experience; her only regret is not getting a chance to meet Frank Underwood.

Outside of the law, Courtney loves to read, hike and annoy her family. She particular enjoys reading comic books and fiction. But, one non-fiction book she highly recommends is Evicted by Matthew Desmond. In the book, Desmond describes living with several families facing housing instability in Milwaukee and follows their lives for a year or two. The book really portrays the importance of stable housing and the barriers to finding it. This book is a must read and reminds her why she does this work.

The New York State Bar Association and Young Lawyers Section welcome Courtney and look forward to her involvement in the years to come.

Long Island Black Bar Association Pro Bono Day

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The Amistad Long Island Black Bar Association is holding a Pro Bono Legal F.A.I.R. (Free Assistance, Information, & Referral) on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16, 2017. Attorneys will be provided free individual consultations in the following areas: bankruptcy; divorce and family law; immigration law, mortgage foreclosure and housing; wills & estates; employment law; and landlord and tenant issues.

The Pro Bono Legal F.A.I.R. is taking place at Prayer Tabernacle Church of God in Christ located at 3350 Great Neck Road, Amityville, New York 11701 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. No Appointments are Necessary.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact amistadblackbar@gmail.com.

The Importance of Providing Pro Bono Legal Services

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By: Ruchama L. Cohen, Esq.

Pro bono legal work is designed to serve the public good, but there are benefits that accrue to its practitioners as well. As a young lawyer, pro bono work offers many outlets to develop your career and raise your professional profile.

Pro bono work will pad your resume and demonstrate your work ethic. Pro bono work on your resume represents not only the work that you did, but also the fact that you made the time and effort to look beyond your comfort zone (i.e., your everyday job and familiar practice area) and reach out to your community in a way that produces tangible benefits for real people.

Additionally, pro bono work offers a multitude of networking opportunities; be it with other lawyers who are taking the time to work pro bono, or with full-time public service practitioners who may be employed by organizations with which you volunteer. Working pro bono is a laidback way to network that doesn't produce high anxiety or awkward, unrealistic expectations. After all, what could be more natural than to network while working?

Finally, pro bono work offers an exploration into a variety of practice areas. Should you wish to shift your career away from the practice area you started in or feel stuck in, pro bono provides you with the skills and knowledge of almost every possible practice area to pivot your day job in the direction you choose. Working pro bono is an effective way to test the waters of another practice area you are considering at a far lower risk than blindly diving in. Many organizations that partner with volunteer attorneys for pro bono work provide training, supervision and/or mentorship to volunteer lawyers exploring an unfamiliar practice area.

Attorneys in New York should be aware that the entire state has an immense number of public interest and volunteer organizations and opportunities that will enable you to check off your pro bono goals. A comprehensive list can be found at https://www.probono.net/ny/nysba_oppsguide.

However, the volume of pro bono organizations in New York may not necessarily turn into opportunities for young lawyers. For young lawyers, the main obstacle to pro bono practice is that we usually do not control our own schedules. That's why the Young Lawyers Section is happy to point you in the direction of NY.FreeLegalAnswers.com, a website that serves pro-bono eligible clients by allowing them to post questions relating to civil legal issues online. Any lawyer admitted and in good standing in New York can create an account and answer these questions. For more information, please check out NY.FreeLegalAnswers.com, or contact Kristen Wagner, NYSBA's Director of Pro Bono Services (kwagner@nysba.org).

Ruchama L. Cohen is an Associate Attorney at Samuel & Stein.

Commercial and Federal Litigation Section Update

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Co-Liaisons: Timothy Rode and Benjamin Blum

The section held its January 10, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting at the Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse downtown. Notable attendees included the Honorable Marcy Friedman, of the New York County Commercial Division, and the guest speaker, Karen Greve Milton, an executive from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Mark Berman, the section's chair, delivered the opening remarks.

Foremost on the agenda was the section's January 24, 2017 "Evening at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse with the Second Circuit". The event, which begins at 5 PM, presents a rare opportunity for young attorneys to meet and have cocktails with the judges of the Second Circuit. Mr. Berman emphasized that the judges have specifically encouraged younger attorney to attend the event. The section will reach out to NYC law firms to promote the event in the hopes drawing interest from younger associates.

Three hundred people are currently scheduled to attend the section's January 25, 2017 annual meeting and gala luncheon, which will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown. Chief Judge Janet DiFiore of the New York Court of Appeals will present the NYSBA's Fuld Award at the meeting, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of commercial law and jurisprudence in New York. This year, Chief Judge Robert Katzmann of the Second Circuit will receive the award. Guests will also receive CLE credit for attending the meeting, which will feature a panel discussion with Circuit Judge Rosemary Pooler on appellate attacks on arbitration awards. A full listing of the section's upcoming programs and events is available at https://www.nysba.org/Sections/Commercial_Federal_Litigation/Commercial_and_Federal_Litigation_Section.html.

Ms. Milton then briefed the attendees on a full slate of upcoming programs honoring the Second Circuit, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. The court's 125th Anniversary Committee has arranged for the reenactment of historic Second Circuit appeals (February 9, 2017), which focus on the Circuit's traditional areas of strength in antitrust, patent law, and commercial litigation. Additionally, on March 10, 2017, the court will host a panel discussion on former Second Circuit judge Henry Friendly. The panel will include current D.C. Circuit Judge (and Supreme Court nominee) Merrick Garland, and is expected to sell out. The full calendar of the Circuit's 125th anniversary events is available on the court's website at http://www.ca2.uscourts.gov/125th_Anniversary/125th_home.html. Ms. Milton also discussed the court's "Justice For All" initiative, which hosts events for local communities and supports programs in civic education.

The meeting closed with a discussion of the section's proposed report on the Report and Recommendations of the NYSBA Committee on the New York State Constitution. The NYSBA is 70 pages long and addresses numerous proposals to streamline the court system including the creation of a "Fifth Department", and consolidating all 11 state trial courts into two courts. The section's report limits its comments on to practices in the Appellate Division, Second Department, and the Commercial Division. The section approved the report, which notes increasingly heavy caseloads in these courts, and cites the potential need for additional Commercial Division justices or an increased monetary threshold to gain access to the Commercial Division.

New Members of the Young Lawyers Section

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We are pleased to welcome the following new members of the Young Lawyers Section for January 2017:

Darian Bryan

Elizabeth Heifetz

Judicial District: 01

James R. Alicea

Morgan Andrews

Anna Avruchevsky, Esq.

Eitan Bender

Julie Elizabeth Bernstein, Esq.

Nirav Bhatt

Jennifer Paige Bloom, Esq.

Lena Brinjikji, Esq.

Neal F. Burstyn

Peter G. Capacchione, Esq.

Hui Chang

Robert McClellan Cross, Esq.

Cristina Rose Delise, Esq.

Manuel P English, Esq.

Maximillian Louis Feldman, Esq.

Akiyah Francis

Alexandra Chloe Franco, Esq.

Jessica Rachel Friedrich, Esq.

Trent Fucci

Brendan Marc Gibbons, Esq.

Gene S. Goldmintz

Michelle Alison Goldring, Esq.

Sara A. Goldschmidt, Esq.

Colleen J. Herzog, Esq.

Alexandria Lee Hock, Esq.

Zachary Ian Holzberg, Esq.

Brian Alexander Hooven

Veronica Mary Jackson, Esq.

Lea Kaase

Addie Tal Katz, Esq.

Zachary Wagner Klinger, Esq.

John Andrew Miller, Esq.

Alexander J. Mise

Alexander Neustein, Esq.

Alaina Foster Pirraglia, Esq.

Katrina Alisha Robinson, Esq.

Carly Anne Siegel, Esq.

Monica Smith

Cory Philip Strauss, Esq.

Susan S. Taylorson, Esq.

Daniel Teplin

Shelby Tuszynski, Esq.

Hillary Wallace

Cindy Elizabeth Zuniga, Esq.

Judicial District: 02

Nicole Roisin Benincasa, Esq.

Michael Binder, Esq.

Steven Deolus

Liana Goff

Raine Henry

Jason Erik Kosek, Esq.

Grzegorz Matryba, Esq.

Ndidi Nnenia Menkiti, Esq.

Rachel M. Morris

Chimdi Obiaku Nwosu, Esq.

Ramona Miranda Ortega, Esq.

Thomas Power

Phillip Andrew Raymond, Esq.

Madalene Aida Sabino, Esq.

Sali Salfiti

Eli Shmulik

Adam Bradford Shorr

David Steiner

Lisa Beth Sweat, Esq.

Thomas Wilfrid Watson, Esq.

Eleanor Anderson Winn, Esq.

Matthew T. Wright, Esq.

Noelle Yasso

Andrew Timothy Ziemianski, Esq.

Judicial District: 03

Courtney E. Baker, Esq.

Michael Aaron Bates, Esq.

Alexandra Blaire Burstein

Christine Marie Carletta

Joseph M. De Perio

Justin Jonathan Fung, Esq.

Emily Rose Grandolfo, Esq.

Katherine Hart, Esq.

Alexander W. Li, Esq.

Julie Nociolo, Esq.

Thomas J. Richards, Jr., Esq.

Kimberly Susanne Webster, Esq.

Brett T. Williams, Esq.

Judicial District: 04

John Winslow Becker, Esq.

Emily Dubuc, Esq.

Aliza Keen, Esq.

Claire Parham

Judicial District: 05

Salvador Joseph Capecelatro, IV, Esq.

Kaitlyn M. Guptill

Brian Jayakumar, Esq.

Anthony Vasko Mangovski, Esq.

Nicole Scialabba, Esq.

Judicial District: 06

Tyler Cash

Cyril Heron

Jingxuan Huang

Yuchen Li

Jared Mack

Arthur John Meldrim, Esq.

Xuyang Miao

Jaeeun Shin

Shuyuan Tian, Esq.

Clea Weiss

Judicial District: 07

Peter Redfield Chandler, Esq.

Ebony Crystal Griffith

Jeremiah S. King, Esq.

Casimir Joseph Klepacz, III, Esq.

Sarah Marie Lobe, Esq.

Kelly Jennifer McIntosh, Esq.

Alexia K. Mickles, Esq.

Alexander Somphone Phengsiaroun, Esq.

David James Rudroff, Esq.

Emily M. Rudroff, Esq.

Judicial District: 08

Andrea R. Clattenburg, Esq.

Jason T. Daniels, Esq.

Ashley Melissa Emery, Esq.

Nathan John Geary, Esq.

Brittany Ann Jones, Esq.

Webster Szany

Michael John Menchini, Esq.

Sarah Ellie Tanbakuchi, Esq.

Amy Marie Taylor, Esq.

Courtney R. Williams, Esq.

Jennifer Lynn Yates, Esq.

Judicial District: 09

Phionah N. Brown, Esq.

Jillian Ashley Castrellon, Esq.

Nicholas Thomas Daniello, Esq.

Jared W. DeRosso, Esq.

Marc K. Epstein

Jennifer Anne Gemmell, Esq.

Rebecca Catherine Johnson, Esq.

Sarah Julian

Brian Yoon Kim, Esq.

Janine M. Lewis, Esq.

Colleen A. McCormack, Esq.

Courtney E. McGowan, Esq.

Andrew G. Meier, Jr., Esq.

Srdjan Milenkovic, Esq.

Amelia Rose Nicoletti, Esq.

Anthony J. Reda

Lindsay N. Thomas

Ashley N. Torre

Aaron Zoellick

Judicial District: 10

Dana Marie Arrick, Esq.

Francesca Marie Brancato, Esq.

Gregory DeSantis

Brittany Lynn Froning, Esq.

William Francis Garbarino, Esq.

Kristina Marie Georgiou, Esq.

Barry Maxwell Golden, Esq.

Jennifer Maria Johnson, Esq.

Nina Marie Marinaro, Esq.

Sharon B. Montazeri, Esq.

Marc Neuman, Esq.

Garrett Vincent Parnell, Esq.

Mona Rajen Patel, Esq.

Danielle L. Rizzo, Esq.

Olivia Sanchez

Evan Scott Schleifer, Esq.

Jacob Tesch

Sebastian Zar, Esq.

Judicial District: 11

Alex Thanh Chung, Esq.

Emily T. Clarke

Noelle Diaz, Esq.

Jonathan Craig Frankel, Esq.

Katie Giusti, Esq.

David Gorelick, Esq.

Bianca Granados

Wei Liu

Diane Mantaring

Mark Sherif Meleka, Esq.

Mary Prentis

Makedah Khadijah Salmond, Esq.

Vanessa Sisto

Judicial District: 12

Karleene Diaz

Devin Scott Newman, Esq.

Christina Dawn Sansone-Mulligan, Esq.

Judicial District: 13

Andrew John Colascione

Judicial District: 99

Danielle Angotta, Esq.

Christian Kwabena Ansah, Esq.

Christine Lynn Baker-Rodriguez, Esq.

Kritika Bharadwaj, Esq.

Ethan F. Blinder, Esq.

Gloria Djelevic, Esq.

Matthew T. Dyson, Esq.

Dalia Eid

Tianqi Fang, Esq.

Silvia Pereira Fernandes, Esq.

Samuel Friedfeld

Juliana L. Gerrick

Jessica F. Gonzalez

Harrison G. Hess, Esq.

Michael Patrick Hogan, Esq.

William Hogan

James Holladay

Michal Hadara Kaufer, Esq.

J Nicole Knox, Esq.

Vandyke Kotoroka-Yiadom

John Richard Laffin Esq.

Nathaniel Lavi

Na Lin, Esq.

Megan Louise Mah, Esq.

Steven Ort, Esq.

Evan Otero

Funmi Atinuke Ofure Oyeneyin, Esq.

Ryan Andrew Raichilson, Esq.

Prema L. Roddam, Esq.

Benjamin Lee Rouder, Esq.

Zachary L Rubin, Esq.

Elham Sadri, Esq.

Anahita Shahrokhi, Esq.

Jean Shin

Anni Singh, Esq.

Adam Israel Steene, Esq.

Elizabeth N. Tatung, Esq.

Mark Daniel Taylor, Esq.

Ebenezer Tchoukeu

Michelle Tuma

Benjamin Daniel Van Horn, Esq.

Liana Marie Vinti, Esq.

Christine Elizabeth Walters, Esq.

Leigh Wellington

Richard Wolf

Marilyn Yuan

Join The Young Lawyers Section

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Become the voice of newly-admitted and young attorneys in NYSBA. Designed to help make the transition from law school to practice an easier one for newly-admitted attorneys, the Young Lawyers Section connects you with experienced attorneys lending general advice, legal guidance, or expert opinions. Take advantage of educational programs, networking events, and the exclusive Young Lawyers Section Mentor Directory, which is just one of the Section's mentoring initiatives. The Section publishes Electronically In Touch and Perspective. Law students may also join the Section and get a jump start on their careers.

Are you interested in volunteering for a Section Committee? Please email Megan O'Toole at motoole@nysba.org and indicate the committees you wish to join.


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Electronically In Touch
is the electronic news-publication of the NYSBA Young Lawyers Section (YLS). It is a member-driven publication that encourages YLS members to write articles. We welcome submissions from members on any relevant topic, including practice tips, substantive legal articles, case updates, work/life advice, and information regarding upcoming meetings and events. Please submit articles to Sasha Grandison at srgrandison@gmail.com by the 1st of each month.

The Officers of YLS and the Editor of Electronically In Touch wish to make clear that the thoughts and opinions expressed in the articles that follow are those of the respective authors and do not represent the thoughts and opinions of the New York State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section, or its Officers or Executive Committee.

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