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Putnam County Recordings - Electronic Endorsement Page

The Putnam County Clerk has issued a notice that effective January 1, 2012 all real property documents being submitted to that office for recording will be required to be accompanied by an Electronic Endorsement Page. Although not required to be used prior to January 1, 2012, the Clerk's office "encourage[s] all of our clients to begin using the system now." The Endorsement Page can be accessed at www.landaccess.com.
According to the notice, "[a]n account must be established to use this service. An identification number is assigned to each document, recording fee's [sic] and applicable taxes will be calculated automatically and a summary of any required supporting documents provided along with a list of dollar amounts and [the] name of the agency/agencies that the checks must be made out to." A user manual can be obtained by calling 845-808-1142 X 49305. Further, as stated in the notice, "[t]he system allows for the creation of packages of groups of related documents. Each document will still get a unique identification number but by relating the documents, you ensure that related documents are put on record together and remove the need to provide individual checks for each document - checks can be made out for the combined totals."

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