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August 11, 2009

Networking or Nuisance

A common complaint or obstacle among unemployed people is the unwillingness or reluctance to more “aggressively” seek out or follow up with contacts for fear of being perceived as annoying, harassing or “too desperate.” I think a large part of the problem, besides pride— which is a an emotional chimera I battle with often, is failure to communicate. Basically, whether you are employed, unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed, to network is to ask for assistance in expanding, improving or otherwise modifying that status. But whether you are engaging in effective networking or being a nuisance will depend more on how you ask than how often you ask.

When networking, I have found that it is better to be open, honest and straightforward. It also helps if you can cultivate some sort of personality or at least have a really great dog. Now, given that I am still unemployed, I am obviously no expert on the art of finding a job. But my experiences while searching have made me a little less obtuse about certain principles of effective networking. First, even the most gifted legal orator, including myself of course, must learn to recognize the value and appropriateness of brevity. For example, at a recent event, I overheard someone ask another person in the beginning of their conversation if they were employed and where they were working. It wasn’t a trick question really but despite the rhetorical gymnastics and the curriculum vitae recital, neither the person asking nor I could figure out whether the person being asked had a job.

Networking can be as simple as exchanging business cards at a party or it can be a very complex psychodrama. Personally, I prefer to keep it simple. Now, I know we lawyers are endowed with the art of elocution and are naturally ostentatious, but really, if you are unemployed and need a job and someone asks you if you are working, just say no. On the other hand, If you work for AIG and someone asks where you are working, then you might consider babbling.

In addition, whether you are at a party, a designated networking event or walking your dog, remember first impressions are often not as they seem. Therefore, it is not particularly productive to attend events in the hope of making contacts if you only spend time with the people you know criticizing the wardrobe of everyone else in the room. I learned this lesson the hard way— suffice to say the owners of tutu wearing Chihuahuas are not all created equal.

August 14, 2009

Invitation to A Reception for Leslie Crocker Snyder for Residents of Manhattan.

You are cordially invited to attend a private reception for Leslie Crocker Snyder who is running for Manhattan District Attorney.

I am supporting Leslie and I am hosting this event for her because I believe in her. I believe in her because during her career she has not only demonstrated a commitment to fighting crime but to also fighting injustice. I met Leslie for the first time when she was still a judge sitting on the bench in New York Supreme Court and I was still a federal officer with only plans of attending law school in the future. She inspired me then. I am an attorney now and I am still inspired. She inspires me on many levels but especially as a woman by braking gender barriers for other women like me. And as a lawyer, by doing her best to do the right thing and by using the power of the law for good.

I am also supporting Leslie NOW and asking you to come and meet her and support her NOW because NOW is when we have an opportunity to elect ONLY the 2nd Woman in New York history to the position of District Attorney. It is never too late to make a difference but we must act NOW.

Please come and meet /greet Leslie Crocker Snyder on:
Wednesday, August 26th @7:00 at the South Street Seaport.

Please RSVP to me directly ASAP. This is a private event & there will be a guest list limited to a maximum of 50 people. Upon RSVP you will be sent the exact address of the event. I look forward to meeting you & I know you will be inspired too. Thank you.

RSVP to: cjadusinghesq@gmail.com

August 20, 2009


I am hosting a reception for Leslie Crocker Snyder— the next district attorney for New York County— at the South Street Seaport please come on downtown and meet her, ask questions and have some refreshments on me.

I am supporting Leslie because as a prosecutor and a judge in New York she has contributed significantly to the protection of my rights as a citizen, a woman and a gay New Yorker.

• First woman to try both felony and homicide cases
• Founded & led the Sex Crimes Prosecution Bureau
• Co/authored NY’s Rape Shield Law
• Successfully advocated for a felony domestic violence court in Manhattan
• Has always supported marriage equality and gay rights
• And so much more...

In addition to all of the above, I am supporting Leslie because she will be the FIRST female district attorney in New York County! That’s right, in the history of New York State, there has only been one female DA— Liz Holtzman in Brooklyn. We can do better.

Please come downtown on Wednesday, August 26th @7:00 PM and let me introduce you to Leslie. I am sure you will also be impressed with her.

Please RSVP to: cjadusinghesq@gmail.com

Thanks & I hope to see you on Wednesday!

August 28, 2009

Networking In The Void

I am not sure how exactly it happened. And, I am really not sure why it happened. But it happened. I let go. I released my attachment to the comfortable feel of an often unhappy but sure thing. And since then I have been feeling waves of freedom, excitement and a sort of pensive optimism marked by further waves of nausea. I am taking a empty handed leap into the void — I am starting my own practice.

Perhaps it was the slow state of the economic recovery, or the gradual decline of my willingness to conform my life experience into the parameters of a one page cover letter. Or, maybe it was just my rapid descent into insanity. Whatever the reason, at some point within the last month I decided that since the ever shrinking world of employers has yet to discover and appreciate me and my diverse talents, I needed to explore a new world.

If my journey through law school and especially the bar exam was a passage into the seventh ring of hell, and it was, could this path be any worse? Well hell, of course it could! But again, in the face of reasonable doubt I choose to be Ben Bernanke — relatively sure things will be stable if not vastly improved soon despite evidence to the contrary. However, unlike the fed chief, I have a less volatile, better and more reliable indicator of my success — my increasing network of friends and associates.

Building my practice will require that first client, and I am confident she/he will come. But maintaining it and keeping me real demands that I continue to seek and be open to receiving help. That being said, one of the most important things I’ve learned since I made the decision to go out on my own is that I won’t be alone. I have received nothing but encouragement, advise and assistance from my friends and the incredible group of attorneys that now form my Potluck Legal Network. I am very grateful. But for all the support and guidance I may not have taken this leap. Thank you.

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