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February 25, 2010

A Solo’s Morning “To Do” List.

Rise and shine. Pet the dog.
Make the coffee, according to my partner, before I am a barrister, I am a barista.
Get dressed — office casual— great.
Walk the dog.
Take a few minutes to look at and smell those things in the neighborhood that were never really fully appreciated.

Go to office.
Check PDA calender, no appointments or court appearances today— great.
Check wall calender, confirm no appointments— great.
Make list of things to do today.

1. Research employee/independent contractor
2. Research elements for withholding & CAT filing
3. Make misc. calls
4. Phone conference with client
5. Draft complaint
6. Check out electronic filing (find instructions, passwords, access codes)

Organize case files on desk to correspond to “to do” list.
Find post-it on bulletin board — reminder! Forgot, good grief!
Add to list.

Pet Dog.
Decide dogs teeth should be brushed.
Add to list.

Answer phone call from mom, spend 30 minutes discussing Rachel Maddow, the Olympics, the state of health care, the state of her health, the dog’s health, the health of everyone we know.

Answer door for mail delivery.
Give postman legal advice for 10 minutes.

Answer phone call confirming appointment for root canal— great.
Add to list.

Answer phone call from client, spend 20 minutes explaining why “we can’t just not mention that to the judge.”

Answer second phone call from mom, discuss why I am "always in a rush to get off the phone" and everything else under the sun for 15 minutes.

Redo list, this time on index card with Sharpie marker.

Answer phone call from FED-EX, listen to 10 minute explanation as to why my overnight package didn’t get delivered overnight or over two days.

Pet the dog.
Brush dog’s teeth.

Tear up list.

We Are The Lamp For Haiti

Friends, my partner and I will be hosting a fund-raiser on Saturday March 27, 2010 @ 7:00 PM in Manhattan for a truly righteous organization— “The Lamp for Haiti.” The Lamp is a free medical clinic and community resource center in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti co/founded by a very dear friend of mine— Tom Griffin. Tom is also a partner in an immigration practice in Philadelphia. See below link to a recently published front-page article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about him and the Lamp.


Believe me when I say, that for several years Tom and The Lamp have been doing amazing work on a daily basis in one of the most forsaken and devastated parts of the world— Cite Soleil in Port-Au-Prince.

We hosted a similar fund-raiser in 2008 in response to the floods that almost wiped out that city. The recent earthquake compels us to respond again. Now, I am also asking my legal community for support.

The donation is $100 per person and is tax deductible.

Tom and members of the board will also be there to answer questions and give us a first hand account of the current conditions. There will also be a silent auction with original art directly from Haiti and a raffle.

The event will be catered (for the 2nd time) by “Table Tales” (http://www.tabletales.com/cafe.html), which is an absolutely fabulous restaurant downtown owned and operated by my good friend Grace Clerihew. Not only is the food simply marvelous, the prices are as well. You will also feel like you are in your living room with good friends sharing a wonderful evening. Grace will most likely come over to your table to make sure your lamb and shrimp bisque are just right. Please make a reservation soon.

My other good friend, Chris Cooper will be donating an amazing chocolate and wine experience.

Please let me know if you can attend and send me your email address. I will then send you an evite with the event details. When you receive the evite please RSVP and send me a check to the address on the invitation made payable to “The Lamp for Haiti.”

Thank you very much.

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