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A few weeks ago, I saw an attorney in housing court make a motion that was nothing short of heroic. The case involved the attempted eviction a woman from the rent controlled apartment that had been her home for decades because her son was smoking marijuana outside her building. In that case, our hero leapt to the rescue with an order to show cause, a lightening bolt motion to dismiss and a sonic rage that just shattered the teeth of the Hydra known as “zero tolerance.”

My friend Tom Griffin, is one of my favorite unmasked avengers. As many of you know, he co/founded a free medical clinic— “The Lamp for Haiti” several years ago in Port-Au-Prince. Tom continues to work tirelessly for the people of Haiti while maintaining his own immigration law partnership in Philadelphia. And, as many of you know, my partner and I are hosting our second fund-raiser for that clinic this Saturday. (Please feel free to contact me if you would like to attend. The $100 donation is tax deductible). Before The Lamp, Tom utilized his power and risked his life to investigate, uncover and make public the atrocities in Haiti following the overthrow of the Aristide government.

Now I can’t be, nor do I need to be, Tom Griffin. But I can use my power for good.
I won asylum for a man who was being persecuted because he was gay— if he had been deported he may have been killed. I stopped another man from being evicted from the apartment he shared with his partner after that partner, the lease-holder died.

I have also negotiated settlements between cats and dogs, won amnesty for an aged wild turkey and successfully argued for the release of one unlawfully detained sea bass from the east river.

And, on a recent Sunday afternoon I was called into action again. In this case, I received a phone call from one of my small business owner clients who needed some immediate emergency legal counsel. I could have tried to resolve the issues remotely, but no, I grabbed my cape, jumped in the elevator and was on the scene within minutes. A short time thereafter, order, peace and limited liability were restored.

So be forewarned all ye tortfeasors, transgressors and those intent on malice,
where there is violation, breach, trespass or other injustice,
General Solo will not be far
with my yellow pad, fountain pen and the CPLR!

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Props to you for making it work...contributing to the greater good locally and helping others to do the same globally.


Thanks Grace, & thanks again for all your support. Looking foward to getting together again very soon.

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