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What, if anything can an arbitrator do if he or she sees information in the press regarding an ongoing hearing? Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

Arbitration of Cross Border Insolvencies

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Arbitration of Cross Border Insolvencies published in the American Bankruptcy Law Journal By Allan Gropper.

Arbitration of Cross-Border Insolvencies (Published Version).pdf

Party-Appointed Neutral Arbitrators: What are your thoughts?


What should an arbitrator do when he or she has a reason to believe that a party-appointed neutral arbitrator is not being neutral? Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

New Resource for AAA/ICDR Arbitrators: Writing the Award

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Please see the following link:


Arbitrator Authority - What are your thoughts?


If in the course of an arbitration hearing the evidence shows that there is an open and shut statutory defense to the claim which would warrant dismissal, but the Respondent has completely ignored it, should the arbitrator raise the issue? Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

Arbitrators/Mediators Using Social Media


What are your thoughts about arbitrators/mediators using social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Faecbook, etc.) for marketing purposes? Are there any potential pitfalls, and if so, how can they be avoided? Please provide your comments below.

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