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What are the responsibilities of the arbitrator in the event of a default? How far should an arbitrator go to ensure due process and to protect the award? Please post your comments/thoughts below.

When the contract is silent about costs, should the arbitrator treat attorneys' fees differently than other arbitration costs (e.g. arbitrator compensation, institutional fees)?

Please provide your comments/thoughts below.

By AAA Arbitrator George Friedman


George H. Friedman, an ADR consultant and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc., retired in 2013 as FINRA's Executive Vice President and Director of Arbitration, a position he held from 1998. In his extensive career, he previously held a variety of positions of responsibility at the American Arbitration Association, most recently as Senior Vice President from 1994 to 1998. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School. Mr. Friedman serves on the Board of Editors of the Securities Arbitration Commentator. He is also a member of the AAA's national roster of arbitrators. He holds a B.A. from Queens College, a J.D. from Rutgers Law School, and is a Certified Regulatory and Compliance Professional.

Do depositions have a place in arbitration? If the contract is silent with respect to depositions, should the arbitrator allow depositions over one party's objection? Please provide your comments/thoughts below?

International Arbitration: Not Just for the Rich & Famous

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Article by Alexander Bachuwa,Esq.

International Arbitration - Not Just for the Rich And Famous.pdf

Alexander Bachuwa, Esq. of Nomad Resolutions International Law Firm has extensive international experience working abroad in China and Mongolia, focusing on alternative dispute resolution in the arena of corporate and commercial law. He has an MBA in Global Finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a JD from Arizona State University, and a BA in economics from University of Michigan. Alexander is licensed to practice in New York, Arizona, and is a Foreign Registered Attorney in Mongolia. He has also been admitted to all New York and Arizona federal courts. Alexander is conversational in Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Arbitrator Interfering with the Subpoena Power of Counsel


Does an arbitrator have the authority to interfere with the subpoena power of counsel granted by state law? Should all subpoenas be issued by the arbitrator? Please post your thoughts/comments below.

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