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Inactive Status - What are your thoughts?

For those who are full-time arbitrators and/or mediators and also licensed attorneys, but do not ever anticipate practicing law again, what value or advantage, if any, is there in taking "inactive" status in the bar or even relinquishing the license to practice law?

Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

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Laurence Schor:

Avoiding CLE requirements and costs.

Barry Evenchick:

Although I am not a full-time arbitrator or mediator, even if I were and did not expect to practice law again, I would not become "inactive" at the bar nor would I relinquish my license. First, it would be an emotional letdown to do so, and, perhaps more significantly, I think potential "clients" would prefer an arbitrator on mediator who could also "practice" as opposed to someone who could not or had no apparent interest in doing so.

William Pastor:

I'll continue to watch the responses, since I cannot think of reasons to choose inactive status under the situation described.

Even if the license is not "needed" for any current activities, who can foresee that that might not change? Also, it is an additional and respected credential in the eyes of those using ADR services.

As for the time and cost of CLE courses, (1) a person still professionally active in some way (e.g., as an arbitrator or mediator) will probably wish to take an occasional course anyway (and should!), and (2) there are so many available courses and providers that low-cost options can be found.

Micalyn S. Harris:

In some states, it's possible to "retire" or take inactive status and if one decides to return to active status, the state permits it by paying the appropriate annual fee for that year, but does not require payment of fees for the years on inactive status so "retirement" or "inactive" is not necessarily irreversible.

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