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How should a mediator manage "negative reactivity" by counsel and parties when conveying settlement proposals?

Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

Thank you to Harold Coleman of AAA Mediation.org for this week's question.

Negotiating in the caucus phase - What are your thoughts?


What unique challenges are triggered during a mediation when negotiating in the caucus phase?

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Information Gathered During a Mediation - What are your thoughts?


How important is it for mediators to summarize, review, and synthesize information
gathered at various stages of the mediation process?

Please provide your thoughts/comments below?

Neutral Notes - Fall 2019

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See below, Neutral Notes - Fall 2019 by the Jacobs Center for Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Neutral Notes.pdf

Arbitration of Cannabis Matters - What are your thoughts?


When handling an arbitration in the cannabis sector (or another underlying matter that might be illegal on a federal level or state level) where the issue of confirmation of an award or other court intervention could present difficulties where a court might fail to exercise jurisdiction as a matter of public policy, what do you do?

Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

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