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Party Switching Counsel - What are your thoughts?



How should an arbitrator handle a situation where a party, during the course of an arbitration, keeps switching counsel when it appears likely, to the arbitrator at least, that this is being done to delay the schedule?

Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

Arbitrators Declining Service - What are your thoughts?



Is there an ethical issue when an arbitrator is being listed by an institution and declines to serve because he/she is too busy to accept new cases? Would the more appropriate action be for the arbitrator to request to be placed on inactive status for a few months? How should the institutions handle arbitrators that repeatedly decline service?

Please provide your thoughts/comments below.

NYIAC's Weekly Around Town Message (Sunday Edition)

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Rekha Rangachari, Executive Director of NYIAC, runs a weekly Around Town: Upcoming Events in International Arbitrations Message. We at the Section of Dispute Resolution of NYSBA greatly appreciate her thoughtful messages to our ADR community worldwide and run them weekly in this blog. The Section is a proud Founding Organization of NYIAC.

Dear Friends,

Some time has passed since we last spoke. In the intervening weeks, the U.S. festivities of Thanksgiving came and went. It got me to thinking about these holidays under the same naming convention -- here in the U.S., to Canada and Liberia, including Grenada. The anchor is to welcome the harvest and whatever it brings with loved ones, reflected in many cultures. Perhaps these are the global editions of thanks-giving, from the Tamil Pongal, to the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the Jewish Sukkot. Each of these and many more are odes to family and home, one depiction embodied in Magical Dinners, with a look into an immigrant Thanksgiving and unearthing how we belong. Let's celebrate in this time of known and unknown variants, vaccinations and boosters, the homecomings and the restorative family moments. Let's build closeness of both proximity and emotion, even here over email.

In other news, I have been curiously considering trends as 2021 comes to a close. Have you heard of exercise snacks? It's really that easy, a snack of exercise (walking up and down stairs in between Zoom meetings, for instance) towards efficiency of heart, stamina and mental sanity. Emerging technologies are another point of fascination, e.g., 3D-printed bones and houses, each important to our well being and thankfully, now manufactured with ease. If this doesn't peak your interest, how about luxury vacations turned on their heads, where thrill-seeking, affluent vacationers are dropped in extreme locations (under great supervision at a cost, of course) to manage the elements and get back to safety. I'll leave the final point, of hybrid work environments, open for your comments. Where 2020 was about resilience, 2021 applauded hybridization. What will 2022 bring?

Take a peek below as events calendars renew. I applaud the many arbitration weeks that have, like harvests, come and gone with great pomp and circumstance. Stay safe and well, dear friends -- and don't hesitate to call upon NYIAC or me if we can be of help.

Ever yours,


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