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New York City Enacts Laws Limiting Engine Idling

On February 10, 2009, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed laws that limit engine idling by non-emergency vehicles to one minute and that broaden enforcement of City anti-idling measures. The first bill (Intro. No. 631-A, 2007), in addition to imposing the one-minute limit near schools, also requires the New York City Environmental Control Board and the City Finance Department to issue annual reports on the number of violations issued and the total value of assessed penalties. The bill further makes knowledge of anti-idling laws a requirement for passing license tests for drivers of taxis and for-hire vehicle. The second bill (Intro. No. 40-A, 2006) provides two New York City agencies--the Parks and Recreation Department and the Sanitation Department--with authority to issue tickets for idling violations. The agencies had previously been assigned that responsibility administratively. Copies of both bills are available at http://www.nyccouncil.info/html/legislation.

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Chris K:

If this is to be enforced, then they should outlaw the leaf blowers that landscape people use. They don't clean, they just push the leaves and dirt around. The emissions from those engines are much worst than car engines! And that doesn't even address the noise pollution.

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