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4 Good Alternatives to TweetDeck & Seesmic Desktop (Twitter Desktop Clients)

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4 Good Alternatives to TweetDeck & Seesmic Desktop (Twitter Desktop Clients)

4 Good Alternatives to TweetDeck & Seesmic Desktop (Twitter Desktop Clients) in Hootsuite; Brizzly Tweethive; and Seesmic Web.

Evernote for Windows-3.5 Beta Available

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Evernote for Windows | Evernote Corporation

Capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Access everything whenever you need it from your PC, even when offline.

Create notes containing text, webclips, snapshots, to-dos, PDFs, and more. Take photos of everything from whiteboards to wine labels and Evernote will make them searchable
Premium users can attach any type of file to their notes

Get Evernote for Windows 3.5 Beta

If you have Evernote 3.1:

Export any local notebooks
Quit Evernote
Install the 3.5 Beta
Sync your notes from the server
Import the local notebooks
Learn more about the beta

Download Evernote 3.1

NY OCA: Volunteer Attorney Program

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Volunteer Attorney Program

The sharp downturn in the economy has had a profound impact on the justice system and the legal community. The number of unrepresented litigants in court has increased dramatically. At the same time, substantial numbers of attorneys find themselves unexpectedly unemployed.

In response to these concerns, the court system has established the Volunteer Attorney Program, offering attorneys opportunities to volunteer to serve the courts and the public.

Under the Program, attorneys can volunteer to provide advice and assistance to unrepresented litigants (Pro Bono Volunteer Attorney); or, they can serve in a judge’s chambers, performing legal research, writing and related functions (Chambers’ Volunteer Attorney).

Attorneys can volunteer full-time or part-time, on a schedule that is convenient to them. Participating attorneys select the court in which they want to serve and the type of cases they prefer to handle (subject to availability).


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Each week all amicus and merit briefs for upcoming Supreme Court cases are posted online at Be sure to stay on top of these postings and sign up for the weekly e-blast to receive notice of these updates. The weekly briefs e-blast is sent out every Friday afternoon.


Hat Tip to: LawMatters, the news source for the Law-Related Education (LRE) community. Subscribe for Free here.

ABA Law Practice TODAY: September 2009 — Paperless Office

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Law Practice Today Webzine - September 2009 Edition - Paperless Practice

The Document Naming System in Our Paperless Office
By Donna Neff and Natalie Sanna
The success of running a paperless office relies heavily on organizing and naming files – learn how from two experts.

The Paperless Office as a Risk Management Enterprise
By Jim Calloway
Sure, going paperless is good for the environment, but it also probably the only fool-proof disaster recovery plan.

Less Paper Does Not Equal Less Training (at first!)
By Adriana Linares
You're ready to turn your practice into a paperless success, but make sure all employees are properly trained on any new technology so that your transition is a smooth one.

Going Paperless for the Law Office: A Practical Guide
By Michael J. Morse
Not just a guide, but also a thorough how-to for turning your practice paperless.

Some Thoughts on Becoming Paperless
By Ernest Svenson
The road to a paperless office may contain challenges, so it's important to have a strategy in place before you begin your journey.

High Court Rules Paterson's Appointment of Ravitch Constitutional

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With the deadline quickly approaching, the Internal Revenue Service reminded potential homebuyers they must complete their first-time home purchases before Dec. 1 to qualify for the special first-time homebuyer credit. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act extended the tax credit, which has provided a tax benefit to more than 1.4 million taxpayers so far. The credit of up to $8,000 is generally available to homebuyers with qualifying income levels who have never owned a home or have not owned one in the past three years.

The IRS has a new YouTube video:

and other resources that explain the credit in detail.

Top 10 Underhyped Webapps

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Google Fast Flip

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Google Fast Flip

(in Google labs)

Google Fast Flip is a web application that lets users discover and share news articles. It combines qualities of print and the Web, with the ability to “flip” through pages online as quickly as flipping through a magazine.

Find Chief Judge Bulletins on SSA Website

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Empire Justice Center: Web News - September 2009

The Social Security Administration (SSA) website includes a variety of great information for disability advocates. A recent discovery are the Chief ALJ Bulletins, known as the Chief Judge bulletins. These bulletins provide information to SSA personnel involved in the hearings process. They may include such things as workload changes, system enhancements, or serve as notification of imminent or recently-approved revisions in the HALLEX (Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law Manual). They may also provide reminder items on a variety of topics. Recent topics have included guidance on fleeing felon cases and use of vocational expert interrogatories.

Bankruptcy Conference Videos Online

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Videos of the annual spring 2009 bankruptcy conference, sponsored by The American College of Bankruptcy First Circuit Fellows and BC Law, are now available online. The conference was entitled, “Chapter 11 in the Current Meltdown: Does it work?” and videos of the morning and afternoon sessions are available for viewing.

The conference featured 5 experts on bankruptcy law: Professor Douglas Baird from the University of Chicago, Stephen Cooper of Zolfo Cooper, David G. Heiman of Jones Day, Harold Novikoff of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and Honorable William C. Hillman, US Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Massachusetts.

Click on the links below to watch the videos (you must have Realplayer Media Player downloaded to view file).

Morning Panels

Afternoon Panel

Government 2.0 Bookmarks

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There are nearly 6000 Delicious bookmarks in the gov2.0 category - these are links to sites focused on U.S. as well as foreign government documents and related materials - posted by agencies, individuals, public interest groups, etc.

*** Hat Tip to bespacific


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10th Sept 2009 - Zurich, Switzerland - Andrew Tomazos and Tomazos
Software Labs ( announced today the release of
Folderscope 1.0.

Folderscope is now available for download from:

(800kb Windows installer for Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000)

Folderscope is a free software utility for analyzing and
reorganizing folders of any size. It is designed to work
efficiently even with extremely large folders, and has been
tested on a folder containing 800,000 files and 400 gigabytes of
data. Users can browse and mark the entire hierarchy of files
contained within a folder in a variety of ways, and then
move/copy/delete marked files en masse.

The design of Folderscope was the result of a Software Concept
Competition held in late 2008.

In order to encourage adoption Tomazos Software Labs has made
version 1.0 available for use completely free-of-charge.

For screenshots, feature details, and anything else to do with
Folderscope - please visit the product website at:


Telephone CLE Seminar
October 7, 2009 | 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
2.0 MCLE credits in Ethics

Co-sponsored by the Committee on Law Practice Management and the General Practice Section

Register Online at:

Lawyers are frequently responsible for managing client funds, but when they fail to segregate and account for these funds, they can face disciplinary sanction. This program teaches you the rules for handling client trust accounts, including your responsibilities under the new New York Rules of Professional Conduct. It just is not worth it to defend yourself in a Grievance Committee investigation. Even unintentional irregularities may result in disciplinary action, so it makes sense to learn how to how to protect your firm before a problem arises. What you do not know can hurt you!  

Prof. Gary A. Munneke (moderator) - Prof. Munneke is a professor of law at Pace University School of Law, in White Plains, New York, where he teaches courses in Professional Responsibility, Law Practice Management and Torts. He is an active leader of the American Bar Association, having been elected to the ABA Board of Governors in 2006. He is the Chair of NYSBA's Law Practice Management Committee. He has authored numerous books and articles about current issues on the legal profession, the practice of law and legal career issues.     

Peter V. Coffey, Esq. - Mr. Coffey is a member of Englert, Coffey, McHugh & Fantauzzi, LLP. He is the immediate past chair of NYSBA's Real Property section and past president of the Schenectady County Bar Association. He is the editor of NYSBA's Attorney Escrow Book and represents attorneys in grievance actions. 

Robert J. Saltzman, Esq. - Robert J. Saltzman currently serves as Deputy Chief Counsel to the New York State Grievance Committee for the Second and Eleventh Judicial Districts, having jurisdiction over lawyers practicing in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.  

Managing Your Attorney Escrow Accounts Under the New Rules
of Professional Conduct

Register Online at:
“Newly admitted attorneys may not obtain CLE credits through this live program”

General Practice Section Members: $50.00
NYSBA Members: $85.00
Non-members: $125.00

For more information call toll free 1.800.582.2452
View the complete CLE seminar schedule online at

Federal judge rules New York violating ADA by segregating mentally ill adults

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JURIST - Paper Chase: Federal judge rules New York violating ADA by segregating mentally ill adults

Jaclyn Belczyk at 3:29 PM ET

[JURIST] A judge in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York [official website] ruled [opinion, PDF] Tuesday that the state of New York has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) [text; materials] by segregating mentally ill New York City residents in private homes under poor conditions.


Hat tip to Jurist Paper Chase-Newsburst.


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Current News cloud - Google US News Tags by NEWZingo

NEWZingo is constantly watching Google News for new stories, extracts related "tags" and displays them in a cloud.
The cloud shows the current popular news tags. The bigger the tag, the more stories are about its topic.
In one glimpse you can see what the news is about, watch the cloud change as real world events unfold and then are forgotten.

The little arrows (^,v) indicate whether the tag is becoming more important, or less important

Mac's Snow Leopard-No Joy in Printing

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FULL DISCLOSURE: I have used nothing but Macs in my law office since 1986. I am a full-fledged Mac Fanatic.

However, I am not pleased with the "Snow Leopard" ("SL") update to system OS X 10.6. SL is mostly "under the hood" and, to be fair, it speeds operations, produces a clearer screen image, saves on GB as a completely new system. All of that works fairly well, even with the low, low price of only $29.95 for the upgrade.

So far, so good. The problem arises with SL's treatment of 3rd party printers, especially "All-in-Ones", which are very popular with low volume operations such as a solo practice or small firm. I have/had three (3) HP 5610xi's, which served my scanning and printing needs quite well until I installed SL.

Despite the listing of the HP 5600 series of machines as being supported on the SL install DVD, the DVD only includes open source drivers for fax-not scanning and printing. As far as SL is concerned, my HP 5610xi is now a brick. Apple decided to remove my prior printer drivers (not unheard of in an upgrade); but they failed to replace them.

HP has no updated printer drivers and has the temerity to tell some who have older model printers to buy new ones to solve their "problem". Wow! That attitude will really want to make me run out and buy a new HP printer.

To make matters worse, every time I fire up my iMac, Software Update asks if I want to install the printer driver to run my HP 5610xi, then, after having me agree to a software license, tells me that software is "currently unavailable".

SL also removed my HP ScanPro OCR software. If I want to buy a Fujitsu ScanSnap to solve my scanning problems, SL also broke major aspects of ScanSnap. See their status update.

My advice is to avoid the SL upgrade until someone else you know with the same printer you have can confirm that the printer is in actual operation.

For some excellent answers about SL, try the FAQ's from the folks at Macintouch. and their Compatibility List.


UPDATE 9-08-09: I’ve had the opposite experience. I use my 15” MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard both here in the office and at home. It works perfectly with a Brother MFC-8460N multifunction (printer, scanner, copier), an HP LaserJet 4000 TN, a Xerox WorkCenter 4150, and a Dymo LableWriter Twin Turbo, all here in the office. At home it works seamlessly with a wireless HP-6180 multifunction machine, a separate high resolution MicroTek scanner, and an Epson (840, I think) printer. Not a second’s problem with any of them.
Jay L. Samoff
Samoff & Benton, PLLC
24 John St., PO Box 3870, Kingston, NY 12402
Tel: (845) 331-4977 Fax: (845) 331-4726

NY : "Age 29" law = Young Adult Option

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Coverage Expansion Through Age 29 - “Young Adult Option"

Chapter 240 of the Laws of 2009, sometimes called the “Age 29” law, permits eligible young adults through the age of 29 to continue or obtain coverage through a parent’s group policy. Insurers will notify employees of this benefit. Employees or their eligible dependents may then elect the benefit and pay the premium, which cannot be more than 100% of the single premium rate. This benefit, referred to here as the “young adult option,” is separate and distinct from the “make-available” requirement. It is called the young adult option benefit because it permits eligible young adults to continue their coverage through a parent’s health insurance coverage once they reach the maximum age of dependency under the policy. Young adults may also elect this coverage when they newly meet the eligibility criteria, such as if they lose eligibility for group health insurance coverage.

For Frequently Asked Questions on this option, please select this link

Hat Tip to Christopher N. Luhn of the GP Section listserv

Fellowships for Aspiring Law Professors (2009-10 Edition)

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TaxProf Blog: Fellowships for Aspiring Law Professors (2009-10 Edition)

For practitioners and others contemplating joining the law professor ranks, many law schools offer wonderful opportunities to transition into the legal academy with one- or two-year fellowships which allow you to enter the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference (the "meat market") with published scholarship (and in many cases teaching experience) under your belt

The list of fellowship opportunities is extensive. Thanks to Prof. Caron.

Hat tip to Bob Ambrogi,who should be teaching.

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