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Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers Review By Sam Glover

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Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers is one of the latest in the ABA's "trendy topics in one hour for lawyers" series of overpriced books. This is unfortunate, because Ernie Svenson's practical, quick-start guide to blogging, written with lawyers in mind, is actually quite good, despite its silly name (it takes more like 2 or 3 hours to read) and hefty price tag ($40, unless you get the iBook version I linked to above, which is more reasonably-priced at $20).

Sam Glover is an "A-List" legal blogger.  He has a lot of blogging experience and opinions about blogging for lawyers which he is not afraid to express.  Read his entire review of this new book here.

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The Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers who turned 70½ during 2012 that in most cases, they must start receiving required minimum distributions (RMD) from individual retirement accounts (IRA) and workplace retirement plans by April 1.

The April 1 deadline applies to owners of traditional IRAs but not Roth IRAs. Normally, it also applies to participants in various workplace retirement plans including 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans.

The special April 1 deadline only applies to the required distribution for the first year. For all subsequent years, the RMD must be made by Dec. 31. So, for example, a taxpayer who turned 70½ in 2012 who receives the first required payment on April 1, 2013 must still receive the second RMD by Dec. 31, 2013. 

For more information, click on link below:

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Thuraya SatSleeve | Thuraya

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Gay Marriage Transcript: Oral Arguments of Prop. 8 at US Supreme Court

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The basics of the Lawyer's iPad-By Jim Calloway

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The iPad has proven very popular with the legal profession. Some lawyers are quite proficient at using their iPads with numerous apps installed and a proclivity to show off their latest app to anyone who will stand still and watch. Others mainly use the iPad for entertainment, browsing the Internet or responding to email. Here is a "beginner's" article on how lawyers can use their iPad. 

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Q: Can I Make a Part-Time Law Practice Work? -

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Part-time law practice comes with its own set of challenges, but you can absolutely make it work -- and it is a heckuva lot smarter thantrying to have a law practice in your spare time. In fact, if you can balance the competing demands of a law practice and whatever you need to do with the rest of your time, a part-time law practice can be pretty great.

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Why Android Updates Are So Slow-Gizmodo

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If there is one complaint we hear from Android users more than any other, it's the speed at which software updates arrive. Or don't arrive. It's especially tough on tech enthusiasts who read about all the advantages of the new update, but can't get it on their own devices for six months, if at all. Even brand new devices typically fail to launch with the latest version of Android. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus--a marquee Android flagship if there ever was one--only got its new Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) update today.

This has been going on for years. So what the hell? Why hasn't the problem been fixed? And who's to blame here? We asked Android manufacturers, carriers, and Google what the hold-up was. And, what a tangled web we found.

Read entire Gizmodo article here.  

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Read full Ars Technica report here.

On Saturday, Defense Distributed--America's best-known group of 3D gunsmiths--announced on Facebook that its founder, Cody Wilson, now has a federal license to be a gun manufacturer and dealer. The group published a picture of the Type 7 federal firearms license (FFL) to prove it.

"The big thing it allows me to do is that it makes me manufacture under the law--everything that manufacturers are allowed to do," he told Ars. "I can sell some of the pieces that we've been making. I can do firearms transactions and transport."

Wilson and his colleagues have been making prototypes of guns for months now. Most recently, the group demonstrated an AR-15 semi-automatic, which is allowed under American law without a license. The legal difference now is Wilson can distribute the guns that he makes and sell them, too.

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Read article here.

ACTPrinter is the free companion application to the PAIDiOS / Android application ACTPrinter. 

ACTPrinter allows you to "print" any document from your Mac to your iOS / Android device. Finally your documents travel with you! 


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Sulia is a subject-based social network that connects users to the top social sources on pertinent subjects that are of great interest. The network uses a combination of network managers and algorithms to identify the best sources on everything from anteaters to zoology. Visitors can use the drop-down menus to set up their preferences and Favorites with the simple and effective user interface. This version is compatible with all operating systems

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2013.

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How to Make a Conference Call with Your iPhone - For Dummies

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On an iPhone, you can make conference calls in which you and the people you're speaking to can all hear and be heard. Setting up a conference call might seem like a daunting task, but the iPhone makes it easy.

Even "Dummies" can do it if you follow these instructions.

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Annual State Application Under Part B of IDEA as Amended in 2004 for Federal Fiscal Year 2013

New York State's Annual State Application Under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) PDF document (116 KB) for Federal Fiscal Year 2013 has been posted for public review for 60 days (through April 23, 2013).  The application includes the identification of State requirements that are not otherwise required by federal law and regulations pursuant to IDEA section 608(a)(2).  
Written public comment on the IDEA Part B ApplicationPDF document (116 KB) will be accepted by the P-12: Office of Special Education for 30 calendar days as required by federal law, starting February 27, 2013 until March 29, 2013.  Written comments will be accepted by email with the subject line NYS Part B Application Public Comment to or may be submitted by mail to:

New York State Education Department 
Office of P12 Education: Office of Special Education 
89 Washington Avenue, Room 309 EB
Albany, NY 12234
Attention: NYS Part B Application Public Comment

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NYC BIG Soda Ban Blocked-FindLaw via Scribd

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Scan Master - Android Apps on Google Play

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Scan master, master your life Wanna have a pocket-sized scanner? Wanna convert your photos into PDF format? Here, Scan master can turn your device into multifunctional scanner, helping you scan and record any paper document, any photo at anytime and anywhere. You don't have to be afraid of the quality of photos captured by your own mobile, because Scan master offers the editing function, like the size and light modification; you don't have to worry about the inconvenience of lacking camera and scanner, because Scan master makes your mobile phone a portable scanner; In a word, with Scan master, you are not only able to record important paper document like invoice, bills or receipts but also to scan any note, picture, and certificate, and share with others in seconds. 

1. Continuous Capture mode Support Continuous Capture mode, and merge photos in one PDF 
2. Multi--paths of images Get images not only from shooting, but also from Gallery. 
3. Smart effects processing Provide auto effects processing, and make files perfect for printing.
4. Image editing Adjust the Contrast, Brightness and sharpness of images. 
5. Crop image Enable auto cropping and customized cropping 
6. Create PDF quickly One click to create PDF. 
7. Categorized PDF Support PDF in category and customized category.
8. Multi ways for searching and browsing Searching and browsing by Name/Modification time/Creation time 
9. Process PDF in batch Process variety of PDF files in batch, like merging, modifying tags, deleting or sharing Process the contents, like sharing, deleting, or moving in single one PDF file. 
10. Sharing rapidly The whole PDF sharing: share the whole PDF file to others via email, or save to Evernote, or upload to drop box. Page sharing: each page can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

1. Scan Pick images from camera and Gallery. 
2. Image editing Support R-Rotate, L-Rotate, crop, and reset 
3. Save files Create PDF and save to SD card 
4. Manager/edit files Support File-Adding, deleting and renaming tag. Able to share file, delete file, rename file, and reselect file's tag category. 
5. Process PDF in batch Process variety of PDF files in batch, like merging, modifying tags, deleting or sharing Process the contents, like sharing, deleting, or moving in single one PDF file. 
6 Multi ways for searching and browsing Searching and browsing by Name/Modification time/Creation time Keywords: scan, master, scan master, camera, images, scan images, editing, editing photos, photo, invoice, PDF, pdf

Compatible with Android 2.2 and newer.
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Compare Online Fax Services like eFax, Myfax, & RingCentral | FaxCompare

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An "apples to apples" comparison of the top providers of online fax services.

A review of over two dozen of the top online fax brands on the market consolidated on this site. Use their comparison chart to make your decision on the best online fax service for your needs.

Read more: 
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial
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Use of eJuror Rises, and New Online Directory Aids Access-US Courts

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With three-quarters of all U.S. District Courts now allowing prospective jurors to fill out forms online, the U.S. Courts website has eased user access by creating a national directory of courts participating in the eJuror program.

Seventy-two of the nation's 94 district courts have adopted eJuror, up from 46 in February 2011. The system was introduced in late 2008 to simplify the process for prospective jurors, and to save federal courts money by reducing postage costs and paperwork associated with the jury process.

Under eJuror, potential jurors can avoid the mail system, responding to questionnaire forms and summons online. They also can update personal information, check when they need to report for jury service, submit a request to be excused, or to receive a deferral, and select an alternative time to serve. The system can be used from any location, 24 hours a day.

Participating courts usually have an eJuror link prominently placed on their web sites. To increase convenience, a national directory has been added to the U.S. Courts website. Site visitors who click on the Jury Service page can quickly access a national directory of jury information pages for all 94 federal district courts. The directory provides additional links to eJuror pages for the 72 participating courts, which enables prospective jurors to log directly into the system.

Jury candidates may also use the traditional paper process if they choose.

More information about eJuror is available in this video.

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How Do I Navigate This Website? - N.Y. State Courts

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Info and instructions for OCA's new website look.

NYS Office of Court Administration Executive Director Ronald Younkins said the remodeled site OCA contains the same information as in the past, such as news and insight for general consumers, jurors and lawyers, but is designed to make it easier to quickly find information.

1) Global Navigation Bar: Use this to reach the different main sections of the site.

2) Global Search: Search the entire contents of the NYCOURTS.GOV web site.

3) logo: Takes you back to NYCOURTS.GOV homepage.

4) Subject Bar: Identifies the subject area for that part of the site. 
Takes you back to the homepage for that subject.

5) Subject's Left Navigation: Find content within that subject area

6) Page Content Area: The information you are looking for.

Check out the new OCA site:

Health Insurance on W-2 - YouTube--IRS

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YouTube: Health Insurance on W-2

Find out why the cost of health insurance is now reported on Form W-2 by watching this new YouTube video.

Watch this and other videos on the IRS YouTube Channel.

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