Can a Car Service Predict the Future of Legal Services? - Divorce Discourse

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Lee Rosen is thinking and writing about disrupters; i.e., a car service named Uber and LegalZoom:

Rosen: When I was in San Francisco, I got around using UberLyft, andSidecar. Uber is a car service that charges by the ride. You use an app on your phone, and a car arrives in about five minutes and off you go. The fee is automatically billed to the credit card you have on file.


 Uber has a great deal in common with LegalZoom and other intruders into the legal space. LegalZoom, like Uber, is delivering a product desired by the public. LegalZoom, like Uber, is well funded. LegalZoom, like Uber, is competing against an incumbent that isn't well liked and doesn't get the benefit of the doubt.

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