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Instructions for voluntary dissolution of a New York corporation (TR-125)

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A New York State business corporation may voluntarily dissolve. By doing so, the corporation ends its obligation to pay future taxes and fees to New York State. The dissolution process involves both the Tax Department and the New York Department of State.


New York business corporations must pay franchise and other taxes to New York State. The corporation pays the taxes in exchange for the privilege of exercising its corporate franchise, doing business, employing capital, owning or leasing property, or maintaining an office in the state.

When a New York business corporation decides it will no longer conduct business in New York, it will want to be sure that it ends its obligation to pay state taxes and fees. The process of voluntary dissolution:

  • brings the existence of the corporation to an end; and
  • ends the corporation's obligation to pay future state taxes and fees to New York State.

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A group called European Cyber Army claimed responsibility in a tweet while media reports gave differing reasons for the shutdown, report the Washington Post blog the Switch and ZDNet.

"Government of #USA!" the Twitter message read. "We have taken the liberty of #Nuking your website http://USCourts.gov ! We are the #ECA #EuropeanCyberArmy."

Read complete ABA Journal report here.

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TreasuryDirect is the first and only financial services website that lets you buy and redeem securities directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form. You enjoy the flexibility of managing your savings portfolio online as your needs and financial circumstances change - all the time knowing your money is backed by the full faith of the U.S. government.

They offer product information and research across the entire line of Treasury securities, from Series EE Savings Bonds to Treasury Notes.  TreasuryDirect accounts offer Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), and Series I and EE Savings Bonds in electronic form in one convenient account.

Services for Finance Professionals and Institutional Investors

If you're managing large investments for your clients, company, institution, or even government agency, TreasuryDirect extends its services to you as well. Recognizing that your needs are diverse and unique, they've created dedicated sections for institutions and government agencies.

Brought to you by...

TreasuryDirect is brought to you by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service. The mission of  the Fiscal Service is to borrow the money needed to operate the federal government and to account for the resulting debt. They do this by offering  a variety of savings and investment products. 

Learn more:

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Five free Chrome tools for faster, easier searches | PCWorld

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Your search for the perfect search is over. Five free tools from the Chrome Web Store work with the Chrome browser to make searching easier, or help you tweak your search queries to minimize unwanted results.

Read the article-just click below:

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Sample Document-Destruction Policy-Lawyerist

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"...Having a formal document destruction policy is a smart move for many reasons. It greatly streamlines the process of analyzing whether each file should stay in storage or be destroyed, because you have already gone through the issues and identified the rules to apply. It can actually reduce your malpractice premiums to have such a policy in place, and it allows you to point to that policy if anyone ever questions why a file has been destroyed. It also provides a basis for setting client expectations on file retention from the opening of a new engagement through the destruction of the file..."

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My Three Favorite iOS Text Editors-Lawyerist

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Sam Glover likes to work in Plain Text, especially when syncing documents to DropBox with his iPhone. His three favorite text editors are  BywordNebulous Notes, and Drafts.
Read Sam's short takes on these three here.

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Why are lawyers killing themselves? - CNN.com

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Editor's Note:  I valued reading Finis Price's materials and was startled by his sudden death.  I was even more surprised upon reading this article to learn that he died via suicide.

(CNN) -- Finis Price III was a successful Kentucky lawyer, a popular professor, and a sought after technology consultant. He also enjoyed a marriage so close that his wife was also his business partner. The good days ended abruptly when he jumped to his death in 2012.
"Finis was my best friend since we were kids," Heather Price said of her husband, who taught at Chase Law School at Northern Kentucky University and managed a thriving practice until his death at age 37.

"I intentionally presented it as an accident. The taboo and stigma of suicide was too much for me to handle," she said.

One by one, state by state, bar associations say the tally is rising: Lawyers are killing themselves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided CNN with the latest available data on suicide deaths by profession. Lawyers ranked fourth when the proportion of suicides in that profession is compared to suicides in all other occupations in the study population (adjusted for age).They come right behind dentists, pharmacists and physicians.

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Writing a Brief for the iPad Judge ◊ Columbia Business Law Review

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 Daniel Sockwell:

"...A brief written to be read on an iPad should differ from one written for text in three main ways: it should use fewer footnotes, should use a different font, and should avoid confusing hierarchical organization...".

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Web 2.0: Customizing Chrome | Erik Mazzone

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Erik Mazzone is the director of Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association.

If you are using your browser without any customizations at all--or using the browser that came packaged with your computer when you bought it--you will be blown away by how much utility you can add to your browsing experience with just a few well-chosen extensions.

Here are my 11 favorite customizations for Google Chrome. You can get these extensions through the Chrome store, and most, if not all, are available for Mozilla Firefox, if that is the browser you prefer.

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    WordPerfect Viewer returns to LawBox - iPhone J.D.

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    Jeff Richardson  "...For three years, Corel sold an iPhone version of the app for $4.99 and an iPad version for $5.99.  Unfortunately, Corel did not introduce very many new features during that time -- just some minor things like adding folders in late 2012.

    As of January of 2014, the app is now back in the hands of LawBox, the original developer.  California attorney Nicholas Zeltzer, the founder of LawBox, tells me that he has already updated the app for iOS 7, and I see that the app does now have a new look on both the iPad and iPhone..."

    Read all of Jeff's piece here.

    Click here to get WordPerfect Viewer for iPhone ($4.99):   Badge_appstore-sm

    Click here to get WordPerfect Viewer for iPad ($5.99):   Badge_appstore-sm

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    The federal judiciary has learned of an email scam, in which emails purporting to come from federal and state courts are infecting recipients with computer viruses.

    According to the Security Operations Center of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the emails are instructing recipients to report to a hearing on a specified day and time. The emails also instruct recipients to review an attached document for detailed case information. When the attachments or links in the email are opened,  a malicious program is launched that infects the recipient's computer. Several state courts have reported similar schemes, and also are warning the public about potential viruses.

    Unless you are actively involved in a case in federal court and have consented to receive court notifications electronically, you generally will not be served with court documents electronically.

    If you receive an email regarding a federal court case or matter of which you are unaware, you should contact the federal court in your jurisdiction before opening any attachments or links. Use the court locator to find your court's contact information.

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    Fastcase for the iPhone is the largest free law library on the iPhone and it uses smart search technology from Fastcase's fully-featured Web-based legal research application, which allows you to sort the most relevant results to the top of the list, customize and re-sort search results, and integrate citation analysis tools right into the results list.

    This application is free, but you will need to register an account so that you can save favorites and your own customized search history. There are tons of customizable features, so the more you use the Fastcase App, the better it fits you!

    Download Fastcase for iPhone. Questions? Visit the iPhone FAQ

    Do You Access Fastcase Through Your Bar Association?

    If you access Fastcase through your bar association, you will need to register an account for our Fastcase for the iPhone App. You will be able to do this once you download the application from the App Store. Please note that in the registration process, you will create a new username and password to use with the Fastcase App. When you are accessing Fastcase on the web through your bar association, continue to use your bar login credentials.

    Have You Already Registered with Fastcase?

    If you are a current Fastcase subscriber or if you have signed up for a free trial of Fastcase in the past, you do not need to re-register to access the Fastcase iPhone application. Just download the application and login using the same username and password that you used to access your subscription or trial at http://www.fastcase.com.

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    Undocumented Immigrant Granted Law License by California Supreme Court--FindLaw

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    Stop and Frisk Watch App | New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)

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    "Stop and Frisk Watch" is a free and innovative smart phone application that empowers New Yorkers to monitor police activity and hold the NYPD accountable for unlawful stop-and-frisk encounters and other police misconduct.

    The app is available in English on both Android andiPhone devices and Spanish in the Android version, thanks to a translation by Make the Road New York. Stop and Frisk Watch allows bystanders to fully document stop-and-frisk encounters and alert community members when a street stop is in progress.

    Review: Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0

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    When Google first told Gizmag about Glass back in 2012, it was very much an unattainable product of the future. Hell, it even had a futuristic-sounding name: Project Glass. Yet here we are, less than two years later, and countless folks have plunked down a cool US$1,500 for the Explorer version of Google's smart glasses. That future may still be in beta, but it's here nonetheless. Join Gizmag, as they review the Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0.

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    Sounding the Alarm - short version from Firstborn Studios on Vimeo.

    Crown and magistrates courts across England and Wales were emptied of lawyers on Monday morning as criminal barristers and solicitors walked out in protest over government plans to cut legal aid.

    The unprecedented action led to all but one of the 18 courts at the Old Bailey in central London being deserted or locked as hearings were postponed or cancelled.

    Barristers, in their wigs and gowns, and solicitors waved placards opposing the cuts as they gathered outside the entrances to courts in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Birmingham, Newcastle, Winchester, Bristol and Cardiff.

    Read latest coverage here.

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    U.S. court allows more phone snooping - Yahoo News

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    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The secretive U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Friday renewed the authority of U.S. intelligence agencies to collect data on millions of Americans' telephone calls in a program that has set off a legal battle over privacy rights.

    The court allowed the intelligence community to collect metadata from phone companies, the Office of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in a news release.

    The release offered almost no details about the ruling, but a U.S. official said the authority was renewed for three months, and that it applied to the entire metadata collection program.

    Read entire Yahoo! report here.  There is no publicly available decision from the secret FISA Court.

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    Revenue Procedure 2014-11

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    Revenue Procedure 2014-11 by Leonard E Sienko Jr

    Revenue Procedure 2014-11 provides procedures for reinstating the tax-exempt status of organizations that have had their tax-exempt status automatically revoked under section 6033(j)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code for failure to file required annual returns or notices for three consecutive years.

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    No Bible available? NY swears in politician with iPad Bible app | 9to5Mac

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    NewsDay reports Republican Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was sworn in for his second term today using an iPad and Bible app when officials were unable to locate a physical copy of the Bible,

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    Dying Lawyer Lynne Stewart Wins Compassionate Release | Democracy Now!

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     Lynne Stewart was found guilty in 2005 of distributing press releases on behalf of her jailed client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman.  Her sentence was increased after an appeals court ruled that two years and four months of prison time was too light. 
    On New Year's Eve, a federal judge ordered her compassionate release. Stewart is 74 years old and dying from late-stage breast cancer. Viewed by supporters as a political prisoner, she had served almost four years of a 10-year sentence.

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