Predictive policing strategies for children face pushback--NBC NEWS

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By Olivia Solon and Cyrus Farivar


Pasco County's approach to "intelligence-led" policing, developed over a decade, has drawn particular concern from civil liberties experts because of a data-sharing arrangement with the local school district, which was first reported by Tampa Bay Times. That partnership gave the police access to data relating to students' grades, attendance and behavior as well as any history of abuse or other "adverse childhood experiences."

School records were used to allocate students one of four labels: on track, at risk, off track or critical. Getting a D grade or having a parent or sibling go to prison could be enough to put a child in the "at risk" category, according to Pasco's own 83-page "Intelligence-Led Policing Manual," first obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

The manual, last updated in January 2018, states that the data-sharing was designed to identify "at-risk youth who are destined to a life of crime" and intervene to "set them on the right path."



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