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April 18, 2011

WordPerfect Viewer for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Word Processor

Image by rahady via Flickr

Nobody uses Wordperfect more than lawyers.  We just can't seem to or want to get rid of this old code WordProcessor.  Here's a neat solution to the problem of reading WP documents on your iPhone.  ($4.99)

Take WordPerfect® with you on your iPhone®! When you're on the move, WordPerfect® Viewer gives you the freedom to keep business moving--wherever you go. Read WordPerfect email attachments and downloaded files with a simple tap. Need to scan a document quickly? Use the search feature to find relevant sections by keyword.

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April 26, 2011

Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog: Lawyers and Their iPads

iPad wordmark.

Image via Wikipedia

If you want a list of blogs focusing on the many ways a lawyer can use an iPad, here's a list for you from Legal Tech Guru, Jim Calloway:

• Tablet Legal (
• TechnoESQ ( ) 
• MacsinLaw ( )
• The Mac Lawyer (
• Hytechlawyer (
• iPad 4 Lawyers (   
• WalkingOffice (
• iPadmania ( ) is also a worthwhile site to visit, not legal specific.

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April 28, 2011

Apple - Press Info - Apple Q&A on Location Data

The iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it's maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested. Calculating a phone's location using just GPS satellite data can take up to several minutes. iPhone can reduce this time to just a few seconds by using Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data to quickly find GPS satellites, and even triangulate its location using just Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data when GPS is not available (such as indoors or in basements). These calculations are performed live on the iPhone using a crowd-sourced database of Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data that is generated by tens of millions of iPhones sending the geo-tagged locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple.

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May 4, 2011

Uber--New Cellphone App for Car Service in NYC

Request a car by telling Uber where you are. Text them your address, or use their iPhone or Android apps to set your pickup location on a map. Uber will send the nearest driver to pick you up, and text message you an estimated arrival time. Cars usually arrive within 5-10 minutes.

Your licensed professional driver will park curbside. Uber will text you again when the car arrives.

Hop in the car, tell the driver your destination and you'll be on your way.

Fares are about 1.75 times higher than NYC Taxi


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May 8, 2011


SFpark helps you park smarter in San Francisco. See real-time availability and prices for parking spaces on streets and in City garages across eight SFpark pilot arcades.

The $20 million parking project here, called SFpark, is backed by the Transportation Department and the Federal Highway Administration, which are looking into how to ease congestion and driver angst by making the most of limited parking.

San Francisco has put sensors into 7,000 metered parking spots and 12,250 spots in city garages. If spaces in an area open up, the sensors communicate wirelessly with computers that in turn make the information available to app users within a minute, said Mr. Ford, of the transportation agency. On the app, a map shows which blocks have lots of places (blue) and which are full (red).

San Francisco's is by far the most widespread approach that several cities, universities and private parking garages are experimenting with.

Last December, Los Angeles worked with a company called Streetline to introduce a system covering spaces in West Hollywood, and it is expanding the program elsewhere. Streetline has since set up smaller projects on Roosevelt Island in New York City's East River, as well as at the University of Maryland and in Forth Worth, Tex. (Emphasis added)

Read entire NYTIMES article here. (requires free subscription)

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May 26, 2011

iPhone J.D.: Review: Fly Delta -- flight information when traveling on Delta

FlyDeltaFly Delta is the iPhone app created by Delta Air Lines to get you the basic information that you need during your flight.  This is a great app that has come in handy every time that I fly on Delta.

The first option on the main menu of the app is the most useful option, the option to get information about your trips including your current trip.  There is a direct link to get your boarding pass.  A few months ago, I described how you can use your iPhone as a boarding pass by having an airline send you an e-mail with a link to a webpage containing an electronic boarding pass.  It is every more handy to use the Fly Delta app because you don't have to find that old e-mail containing your boarding pass.  Note that electronic boarding passes cannot be used at every airport yet.  For a list of the 60+ airports that currently support Delta mobile boarding passes, look on this page.  It includes all of the Delta hubs and lots of other airports.  It is nice to not have to worry about a paper boarding pass, especially when you are away from home and don't have easy access to a printer.  You can just launch the app when you are standing in the TSA security line and access your boarding pass in a few seconds, and then do the same thing when it is time to board the plane.

IMG_1186   IMG_1179

Read entire article and subscribe to iPhone J.D. here.

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June 7, 2011

All the New Apple Stuff - Gizmodo

The very bright folks at Gizmodo review Apple's latest and greatest.  Read all reviews here:

This Is iCloud

Apple's iCloud has emerged from the shadows, not only providing cloud backup for your apps and songs, but also photos, videos and contacts. Here's why we're stoked about iCloud. More »

All the New Apple StuffWhat's Brand New in OS X Lion

Apple's new big cat is here, and it's going to change a hell of a lot about the way you use your Mac. Like we said last time, the best parts of the iPad are now on your desktop. More »

All the New Apple StuffiOS 5: The Top 10 New Features

The new iOS 5 is here. It brings revamped notifications and many more new goodies for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Read on to learn more about the new features that matter.More »

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June 12, 2011


Real Humans, Not Computers

Every business card you submit is transcribed, edited and reviewed by multiple workers to guarantee accuracy. Our workers even crop the company logos from business cards!

CardFlow Mobile Rolodex

With a simple flip of your phone, experience a stunning view of all your business cards. Flip through them and access your contacts' info easier than ever before.

1-Tap LinkedIn Invites

Just scanned an important business lead? Connect via LinkedIn with just one tap. Expanding your professional network has never been easier!

Full-Text Search

All your contacts are fully searchable, whether by name, address, or even notes. Unlike the standard iPhone search limited to names and companies, CardMunch indexes all your contacts' information.

Auto Image Capture

Just hover your phone over a business card! We'll automatically detect when the card is in range and take the picture. Use Multishot mode to submit a stack of cards at once.

Dual Address Books

Never worry about cluttering your phone's address book. Store contacts in the CardMunch or iPhone addressbook, you have the flexibility to choose.

Synced Contacts

Never lose a contact again! CardMunch backs up and syncs all your contacts to your web account and phone. You can log in to any phone and recover all your contacts.

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July 7, 2011

How to control a PC remotely with your iPad | How To - CNET

iPad is a Wi-Fi 64 GB version (another one beh...

Image via Wikipedia

TeamViewer, a free iOS app, lets you remotely access your computer with your iPad. With the steps below, you can use it to send yourself a file or control a friend's computer for hands-on tech support. Your friend will see you moving the mouse and controlling the screen from your iPad, no matter where you are.

But if you're looking to actually stream media from your desktop to your iPad remotely, check out AirVideo. It's another free iOS app that lets you stream movies, saving you a lot of local storage space on your tablet.

Read entire "How To--CNET" article, with video, here.

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July 14, 2011

Dragon Go!

With Nuance Dragon Go! all you have to do is say what you want and Dragon Go! will deliver your results within seconds. 

You just say what you want and Dragon Go! not only hears what you say - it also understands what you want and gives you direct access to the best sites on the Mobile Web delivering what you want.

For iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad on the iTunes App Store

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July 19, 2011

60 Apps in 60 Minutes 2011 - iPhone J.D.

One of the great traditions of ABA TECHSHOW is to have sessions with a title of 60 ____ in 60 Minutes.  The final session of the conference is the very popular 60 Sites in 60 Minutes, and equally popular is the annual session 60 Tips in 60 Minutes.  In that spirit, last week at TECHSHOW 2011, Reid TrautzJosh Barrett and Jeff Richardson presented 60 Apps in 60 Minutes, a collection of notable apps for attorneys using an iPhone or an iPad.

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ModulR iPad Slim Case: Brilliant, Radical, with a Billion Accessories [Review] | Cult of Mac

July 26, 2011

The 106 Best iPhone Apps

Image representing MakeUseOf as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

On this page, you will find the best 106 iPhone applications for all your needs. has made the effort to categorize the apps and picked only those they believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you. (+) denotes Universal apps, which can run on both iPhones and iPads.

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Apple - Support - iPad - AirPrint Assistant

iPad with on display keyboard

Image via Wikipedia

Do you need to print a document from your iPad? Are you unable to locate your printer? This troubleshooting assistant will help you setup your printer and resolve the most common printing issues.
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July 31, 2011

WalkingOffice: Mobile Solutions for Legal Professionals

The iPad has officially found its way into the offices of Proskauer, a New York law firm.

Malcolm Collingwood, Senior Technology Strategist at Proskauer, said attorneys will be required to use GoodReader ($4.99) to annotate documents and DocsToGo Premium($16.99) to edit documents. Cloud apps are not used by the firm's attorneys, and it is too early to decide whether the firm will use Apple iCloud when it is released later this year.

Read entire Walking Office interview here.

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August 7, 2011

Tom Mighell: iPad 4 Lawyers - PDF Reader Review - GoodReader vs. PDF Expert

iPad Stand

Image via Wikipedia

If you're using the iPad in your law practice, you have probably already used it to store, read, and otherwise work on PDF files.  Those PDF files might be caselaw, briefs or memos, or some other legal document - but they are the most ubiquitous document format, so having an app that can handle them appropriately is absolutely essential.  In this post, Tom Mighell features a face-off between two of his favorite apps - GoodReader and PDF Expert.  He  covers the basics, and then weighs in with his vote on the best PDF reader of the two.

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iPad in One Hour for Lawyers

About iPad in One Hour for Lawyers

Whether you are a new or a more advanced iPad user, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers takes a great deal of the mystery and confusion out of using your iPad. Ideal for lawyers who want to get up to speed swiftly, this book presents the essentials so you don't get bogged down in technical jargon and extraneous features and apps. In just six, short lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Quickly Navigate and Use the iPad User Interface

  • Set Up Mail, Calendar, and Contacts

  • Create and Use Folders to Multitask and Manage Apps

  • Add Files to Your iPad, and Sync Them

  • View and Manage Pleadings, Case Law, Contracts, and other Legal Documents

  • Use Your iPad to Take Notes and Create Documents

  • Use Legal-Specific Apps at Trial or in Doing Research
Also included: a listing of the best apps for lawyers, as well as dozens of keyboard and browser tips and shortcuts, and much more!

iPad in One Hour for Lawyers
Product Code:5110719
Author:Tom Mighell
Expected Publication Date:April 5, 2011
Page Count:106
Trim Size:7 x 8.5
Sponsoring Entities:Law Practice Management Section
Topics:Law Practice ManagementLegal Research & WritingLegal TechnologyManagement / Organizational Skills
Format:Book - 5110719
Pricing:$34.95 (Regular)

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Skype for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Bring your Skype contacts closer with full screen video at your fingertips. 
Beautiful and simple, this is Skype built especially for the iPad. Call, video call, or instant message anyone on Skype. 

Simple to use:
• Join Skype on their website or just sign straight in to your account.
• If you already have a Skype account, your Skype contacts will automatically be there on your iPad.
• They've made adding new Skype contacts really easy. Once they're in your Contact list, call, video or instant message them in one touch.
• Flick through recent calls and instant messages in your Skype for iPad history.
• Skype for iPad works over Wi-Fi or 3G (operator data charges may apply). Call Skype contacts on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC, Mac and even Skype enabled TVs.

Access free Skype features: 
• Talk face-to-face or show what you're seeing with front and back-facing cameras.
• Use Skype for iPad to call anyone else on Skype - and enjoy near CD quality (SILK) sound.
• Instant message and add emoticons to personalize your messages.

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August 13, 2011

5 Free iPhone Apps to Send a Photo

5 Free iPhone Apps to Send a Photo Postcard Don't be forced to choose from cheesy printed postcards at your vacation destination -- use your own iPhone photos with one of these fabulous, free apps that create electronic postcards you can email.

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August 18, 2011

Review: PowerSkin -- iPhone battery and case - iPhone J.D.

The iPhone 4 usually does a great job of lasting all day before the battery runs out, but on those days when you are out of the office and using your iPhone the most, you may find your battery running low in the afternoon, which means it is time to use a battery to recharge the iPhone.  I've long been a fan of the RichardSolo batteries because they are tiny enough to carry around, but the downside is that they hang off the iPhone when attached -- not a problem if you are at a desk, but awkward if you are on the go.  The solution is to use an iPhone case that doubles as a battery.  XPAL Power recently sent me a free review unit of its $70 PowerSkin case and battery for the iPhone.  It works very well.

It is very quick and easy to insert an iPhone 4 into a PowerSkin.  Just slide the iPhone into the connector at the bottom of the unit and then fit the silicone rubber around the iPhone.  If you look at a picture of the book of the PowerSkin, there is a line near the top that makes it appear as if there are two parts, but this is a one-piece design so you don't have to worry about it coming apart. 

Read entire iPhone J.D. review here.

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September 5, 2011

Goode's View on Death & Taxes: Tips for iPad

Best Tip of many useful Suggestions on this interesting new blog:

To use Westlaw on an iPad, I do the following: 1) go into the settings on Westlaw, and turn off link viewer, 2) Download iCab mobile (a web browser) from the App Store and set it to desktop Safari.  Use ICab to view Westlaw.  For some reason the normal mobile safari doesn't work well.  Remember to use two finger scrolling sometimes if the single finger doesn't work.  When you want to email an article to yourself, be sure to select rtf (rich text format) as the .doc version used by Westlaw doesn't seem to work well with the iPad.  These tips can save you from having to spend a lot of money on WestlawNext.

As stated above, sometimes you must use two fingers to scroll so that the entire page doesn't move.

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September 6, 2011

3 Geeks and a Law Blog: CALI - Download Federal Rules eBooks (Civil Pro, Criminal Pro & Evidence)

The great people over at CALI (Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction), have partnered with the Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell Law School to bring free* .epub files of the Federal Rules of Civil ProcedureCriminal Procedure and Evidence. The downloads will currently work on iPads, iPhones, Nooks, and other devices that can read the .epub format (like Mobipocket if you're on Windows). 

Note: These are E-Book formats, so it won't work in your PDF Reader.

Read entire post from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog here.

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September 14, 2011

Amazon to Introduce Book Lending to the Kindle | Inhabitat

Amazon, Kindle, e-readers, e-books, e-book lending service, amazon lending service, kindle library, kindle lending service, Library lending for kindle,

Amazon appears poised to once again change the face of the book publishing industry. As if the Kindle wasn't enough, Amazon's new vision for e-readers could turn your Kindle into a full-blown library, with access to thousands of book titles. According to a report released in the Wall Street Journal, Amazon aims to do to book lending what Netflix has already done to movies by allowing users to pay a flat subscriber fee, and subsequently have access a large selection of books.

Read more: Amazon to Introduce Book Lending to the Kindle | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World 

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September 21, 2011

Canon adds AirPrint to Pixma printers | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Canon logo

Image via Wikipedia

Canon today announced 3 of its all-in-one Pixma printers will now support AirPrint from Apple. The printers are the MG8220, the MG6220 and the MG5320. Canon has posted a web page with more details. Some of the printers may require a firmware update to function properly.


Third parties have offered AirPrint functionality to get around the Apple restrictions. Printopia works quite well, and works with almost any networked printer. Another Bonjour-based printing solution is available from FingerPrint,

Read entire TUAW article here.

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September 22, 2011


Image representing Scribd as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Float is a fun and easy social reading app for your iPhone. Explore your favorite web content, including news, magazines, blogs, documents and more -- all in one 
place, while connecting with friends and readers just like you. Discover content by interests or through friend recommendations on Twitter, Facebook and Scribd.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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September 27, 2011

Legal Technology: Change is Good-Nicole Black, Esq.

Nicole Black's latest SlideShare upload : Legal Technology: Change is Good from her keynote last week: 

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October 11, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo - YouTube

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October 14, 2011

iPad Apps for Lawyers | iPadEsq

Kentucky attorney and Mac legal Guru, Finis Price, has a new blog on  iPad apps for lawyers.If the first two reviews are indication, iPad ESQ. will be worth reading regularly.

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App Store -

Get a FREE 50 GB lifetime account for file storage and sharing through Dec. 2, 2011. To get your automatic upgrade, download the Box app on your iPhone or iPad and register or sign in to your account - it's that easy. Box provides simple, secure sharing from anywhere - letting you easily store files online, send big files fast, access content on-the-go, and collaborate with others. Box for iPhone and iPad lets you:

• View files directly on your iPhone and iPad
• Share files easily with a link
• Upload photos to your Box account (iPhones only) 
• Open files in other apps installed on your device, like Documents to Go and GoodReader (iPads only)
• Secure content with file-level encryption, a four-digit passcode and automatic logout when the app is closed
• Project files from Box to a TV, LCD monitor or projector via AV Out (iPads and iPhone 4S only); wirelessly stream content using AirPlay (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S only)
• Wirelessly print to AirPrint-enabled printers (iPads only)

No wonder more than 7 million users, including 77% of the FORTUNE 500, rely on Box for simple, secure content sharing. 

"With the iPad and Box, our sales teams can get to information right away - they don't even have to boot up their computer. The iPad and Box have eliminated that very scary 'is the computer going to start' moment - completely." -- Charlie Hunter-Schyff, Head of Planning at O2 Media, Telefónica


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October 16, 2011

Fillable Forms For iPad-Randy Singer (MacAttorney)

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October 23, 2011

Adobe Reader for iOS

Adobe Reader is the free global standard for reliably viewing and sharing PDF documents across platfoms and devices. Easily and efficiently access the widest range of PDF file types--including PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDF documents and Adobe LiveCycle rights-managed PDF files. Now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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November 6, 2011

WordPress App 2.9.1

Manage your WordPress blog or site from your iOS device. With WordPress for iOS, you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages, and add images or videos.  All you need is a blog or a self-hosted site running 2.9.2 or higher.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. 

For more information on this free, open source app, click here.

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PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs for iPad on the iTunes App Store

This is the only iPhone and/or iPad pdf app I can find which will read and use fillable forms created by Adobe Acrobat and opened on your iOS device.  Other apps show the completed fillable form as empty-not PDF Expert.

PDF Expert lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw with your finger and save these changes being compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, PDF Expert is the only iPad application that can fill PDF forms! 

PDF Expert does read almost all document types like: iWork, MS Office, Power Point, text files, images, even music and video files, etc.

PDF Expert can get documents from any place you may need. PDF files from desktop computers, email attachments, documents on the Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, GoogleDocs and even in other iPad applications could be accessed with PDF Expert.

Annotations made with PDF Expert are saved within the document in accordance with PDF format specification. Thus PDF Expert can edit highlights, text notes and other annotations created in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader and vise versa. At the same time this lets you share annotated files with friends and co-workers.

PDF forms made with Adobe Acrobat are supported in PDF Expert. Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and other form elements work as you expect and all information you entered is saved inside the form. Please note that Dynamic XML PDF Forms made with Adobe LifeCycle should be converted to Static PDF Forms format before using with PDF Expert.

There are separate versions for iPhone and iPad.  Each costs just $9.95.

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November 10, 2011

Adobe Recasts Flash as an App Builder and Embraces HTML5, the Flash Mobile

Logo of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Image via Wikipedia

But you can't play Flash content on an iPhone! Well, we can cross that argument off the mobile decision grid. According to a scoop last night on ZDNet, Adobe has announced that they are stopping development on Flash Player for mobile browsers. "Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations."

Adobe is, in fact, finally heeding Steve Jobs' advice. In a public letter about Flash last year, Jobs said, "Even if iPhones, iPods and iPads ran Flash, it would not solve the problem that most Flash websites need to be rewritten to support touch-based devices. ... New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind."


Read the entire Forbes article here.

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November 12, 2011

Unlocked iPhone 4S now on sale in the U.S. online Apple Store -- GIGAOM

Photograph of two 32GB Black iPhone 4s. The ph...

Image via Wikipedia

Apple is selling the iPhone 4S unlocked through its U.S. online store as of Friday. The contract-free devices were promised by Apple for November availability back when the iPhone 4S originally launched. They are available for order now, with expected ship times of 1-2 weeks.

The unlocked iPhone 4S only works with GSM carriers, so it won't be compatible with the CDMA-based networks of Verizon or Sprint in the U.S. All sizes and colors are available, with the 16 GB version priced at $649, the 32 GB for $749 and the 64 GB for $849.

Get more details from GigaOM here.

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November 15, 2011

TidBITS iPhone iPad iPod: Square Provides Easy Alternative to Cash and Checks


Square becomes compelling for anyone who needs to accept payments quickly and easily. Like cash, Square payments happen instantly (well, overnight) without having to take checks to the bank. And as with checks, buyers can always pay with "exact change" because sellers can type in any amount they want.

Square has several other attractive features, too: because the Square card reader connects to a mobile phone or other device that you're likely to have with you, it's portable and convenient. Losing or damaging your reader isn't a catastrophe either, because it's free and doesn't contain any identifiable data. And both the iOS and the Android versions of the Square app are also free.

 Dennis Wurster's Send Email to Author entire article:

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November 25, 2011

iPad or Kindle Fire: Which should you buy? -- GigaOM

Amazon's first foray into the tablet market, the Kindle Fire, is widely perceived as the first real competitor to the iPad. Whether that's true or not is discussed below, but for shoppers looking to gift a tablet for the holidays, it can be hard to which is the better gift. That's why GigaOM compares the two on four points: hardware, software, ecosystem, and price.

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December 7, 2011

Flipboard -- Now available on iPhone

Image representing Flipboard as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

The quintessential iPad app is finally available for iPhone.  For those who have suffered through several attempts at publishing or aggregating your own newspaper/magazine and been disappointed, look no more.  Flipboard is the real deal.  It provides free links to a variety of sources, including domestic and foreign newspapers, ezines, and other content providers.  Sign up for a free Flipboard account and integrate your Twitter, FaceBook, and Linkedin streams for a start.

Flipboard for iPhone has most of the features of its iPad namesake.  It doesn't do horizontal mode; but it looks great in portrait and makes efficient use of the screen space available to it.  

The demand has been very heavy.  The servers melted down after the first few hours; but they are back up now.  If you have Flipboard on your iPad, create your account there first, then download the free iPhone version from the app store.  You can then sync your accounts with two clicks, three if you want to use your photo from Twitter or FB.


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December 13, 2011

iPad tip: transcripts in trial - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:  "My favorite tool for viewing and annotating PDF files is GoodReader, the best $5 an attorney can spend on an iPad app.  The easiest way to get the transcripts to GoodReader on your iPad is to use DropBox, a free service that allows you to create a folder on your computer, and any file you put in the DropBox is synced to a private space in the cloud.  You can set GoodReader to sync with your DropBox folders.  Thus, you can create a folder called "Smith v Jones Transcripts" in your DropBox, drag your searchable, full-page PDF files into that folder, and then in seconds the file will be in your DropBox.  In the GoodReader app, you can tap the sync button to quickly download all new files from your DropBox to the iPad. .."


Read this excellent, step-by-step, "how-to" article, with graphics, in full here.

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December 14, 2011

$2.3 mil verdict/What I used in the courtroom (longish)

    Peter Zavaletta <> Dec 14 03:38AM -0600  

    Last week, I posted that I was blessed to have received a $2.3 million jury verdict in a breach of contract case in Cameron County, Texas. As a followup, on December 13, the Judge entered Final Judgment on the verdict. With pre-judgment interest, the Judgment totals north of $2.66 mil. The per diem post-judgment interest alone is $877. 
    Some asked what apps, and technology I used in the trial. 
    Here goes, in the hopes it will help others: 
    My client is a small produce company in South Texas, who sold over 37,000 20lb boxes of grape tomatoes to Defendant1 through a broker, Defendant 2 (To give some perspective, you would need 21 18 wheelers to haul that number of boxes). The suit was originally filed as a suit on sworn account for the nearly $500,000 owing on the 20 invoices. With the passage of time, however, my client's damages increased - my client lost multiple planting seasons due to lack of money, because they weren't being paid. (Literally their seed money). The jury returned a unanimous verdict finding Defendant 1 had failed to comply with the agreements to purchase the grape tomatoes, and was negligent. Jury awarded $2,332,596.44 in damages for the failure to comply, and awarded the same amount for the negligence. 
    I took about 11 depositions in the case, and did my own video using a Canon Vixia HD camcorder (mini-DV), the Canon microphone accessory, and tripod. All videotapes were loaded into iMovie. 11 in HD. All transcripts were loaded into Clarity Legal's DepoSmart
    The case was document heavy also, so all documents were scanned and Bates-numbered, and easily called up on my iPad 2 or MacBook Air. In Numbers for the Mac, I had created a "Master Database" which contained the Bates-Numbers, Description of the document, when it was served, etc. As an aside, couple of times during trial, defense counsel tried to object to a particular exhibit on the grounds that I hadn't produced it. The judge looked at me, I checked that database on the MacBook Air, told him we had produced it, gave him the date of production, and what I produced it in response to (2nd Request for production for instance). Judge overruled objection. Defense counsel quit making those types of objections. Those types of objections ended pretty quickly. 
    DepoSmart was absolutely critical to the cross-examination of Defendant 1 and its employees. I had taken their depositions, imported the transcripts into DepoSmart, created issues, and annotated the transcripts. As trial approached, I printed hard copies of Annotation reports, using the Annotation List feature. I used the Annotation reports to prepare each witness' cross-examination. I organized the cross-examination generally around the issues I had created in DepoSmart, and used Word to create an outline, inserting a Page break after each outline/issue topic. Bullet points within each outline topic incorporated the testimony from the annotation report, complete with Page/Line reference. So when the question was asked at trial, and the defendant denied saying that, I had the precise page/line reference ready to impeach them with their prior testimony. 2 employees from Defendant 1 testified live at trial, and both were impeached a total of about 10-15 times with their previous testimony. Without DepoSmart, that would have been much more difficult, and far more time-consuming to do. With DepoSmart, you can easily slice up a long transcript into manageable pieces, and impeachment of a witness with their prior testimony, especially multiple times of the same witness, probably caused the jury to disregard that witness' entire courtroom testimony. 
    As for the technology, I used a combination of old school and new school. Before trial, I put all of the Exhibits I intended to introduce at trial in a large 3 ring binder, with the numbered tabs corresponding to my Exhibit number. For instance, Tab 1 was Exhibit 1. I took that binder to FedEx Office/Kinko's and had them make 2 other binders exactly the same, one for the Judge, so he could follow along, and one for the Witness, which doubled as the official court set, which went with the jury during their deliberations.
    As for new school, I had a new 13" MacBook Air at my desk at all times. I created a folder, and moved PDF's of all of my Exhibits into that folder so that, using Spotlight (in the Mac OS), I could type in "Plaintiff Exhibit 1," and it would appear in Adobe Acrobat. I could project that exhibit onto the wall so the jury could follow along as the witness was referring to the hard copy in the witness binder. I also gave the witness a laser pointer if they were referring to the projected exhibit, so the jury could follow along. 
    Occasionally, during trial, I would use the Index feature of DepoSmart to find a word or two in a transcript that would instantly lead me to the Page/Line of testimony that I was looking for. 
    My projector was an older Epson VGA style. (Next up will be a new projector with HDMI so I can go wireless with Apple TV2 & Airplay). 
    I bought a 25' super thin VGA cable, to connect my MacBook Air, or iPad 2 to the projector. With that cable, I could control the presentation from counsel table, instead of being tethered to the projector. I had seen several folks recommend that, and I picked one up off the internet (VPI?) for about $25 shipped. Worked great. 
    I used the Air to play video depositions of witnesses, which I had previously edited down in iMovie, or to project Exhibits as previously mentioned, or to project Keynote slides of certain key information. I used Keynote slides like some lawyers use paper flip charts during trial. That allowed the jury to write down in their notepads what was on the slide. (the judge had earlier granted my pretrial motion to allow each juror to take notes, which the defense opposed). 
    I also used an iPad 2 during trial and during closing argument. Before trial, I loaded the same folder of Exhibits into the TrialPad app. During trial, I would use TrialPad to project an exhibit or a picture. I used TrialPad's impressive call-out tool a couple of times as well. 
    I ran Keynote off the iPad during closing argument to show about 4-5 slides, mainly organized around the jury questions in the Court's charge. One of the slides, for instance, entitled "For Jury Questions 2a, 2b, and 4a, 4b" would have a bullet point - See Exhibits 71, 72. It was nice to see during my close the jurors write down what was on the slide, and that probably helped in their deliberations. After a 6 day trial, they needed only three hours to return their verdict. 
    But I knew that in closing argument I wanted to be able to play parts of a witness' testimony, so I brought my 24" Apple LED Display from my office, put it on the witness stand, and connected my Air to it. I had about 6 video clips, which had earlier been played or used during the trial. And when I got to that part of my close, I would step over to the Air, double-click the QT movie of the testimony, and play it for the jury through the Display speakers, which were being picked up by the in-courtroom PA. I think it added to the presentation, because I was able to do more than just tell the jury what was said, I was able to let them see and hear what the witness had said. 
    That is what worked for me, and of course was informed by the collective wisdom of this list that I have benefitted from over the past 3-4 years. I'm happy to be able to give back a portion of what I have received. 
    Kindest regards, 
    Emailed from the MacBook Pro of: 
    Peter Zavaletta 
    603 E. St. Charles St. 
    Brownsville, Tx 78520 
    T 956.546.5567 
    F 956.541.2205
    email & iChat:

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December 23, 2011

Sari Helps Santa

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January 2, 2012

App Store - Air Dictate

Like Speech Recognition on your iPhone 4S? You'll like it even more on your Mac!
With Air Dictate, you can enter text on your Mac by talking into your iPhone 4S. It's that simple.

IMPORTANT: Requires an iPhone 4S and a Mac

• On your Mac, go to to download and install the free Air Dictate Receiver app.

On Mac:
• Launch any app that allows text input. For example: TextEdit, Mail, Pages, Microsoft Word.

On iPhone 4S:
• Launch the Air Dictate app.
• Choose your Mac from a list of nearby computers.
• Press the microphone button, speak for a while, and press the button again to stop.

Your speech will be converted into text, and will automatically appear in the text field on your Mac, just as if you had typed it on your Mac keyboard.


• Air Dictate runs only on an iPhone 4S.
• Air Dictate Receiver runs on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
• You may see scrambled letters when using Air Dictate if a keyboard macro utility is active. If you see this, please try turning off TextExpander, Typinator, TypeIt4Me, AutoPilot, QuicKeys, etc. while using Air Dictate. We're working on a fix.
• If you have enabled certain combinations of international keyboards, you may not hear a beep when you press the microphone button. If you run into this, please visit for a simple workaround. We're working on a real fix for this.

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Adobe EchoSign eSignature App Now Ready for iOS Devices « Acrobat Blog

Adobe announces the immediate availability of the free Adobe EchoSign application for iOS devices.  Now, you can get access to your EchoSign accounts and sign documents directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The Adobe EchoSign application is available for free download on the iTunes App Store.

Here are some of the things you can do with the new Adobe EchoSign application:

  • Send a document for legally-binding eSignature and get documents signed in minutes rather than days.
  • Get documents signed instantly on your iPad or iPhone when meeting a signer in person.
  • Send documents from an EchoSign library, photo album, email attachment or from other applications.
  • Track the status of agreements with real-time status updates.
  • View signed agreements stored in your EchoSign account.
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January 7, 2012

Airport Monitor Lite App

If you're up in the air quite a bit, this helpful tool will be one that might make 2012 a bit more interesting. This free version of Airport Monitor allows users view arrivals and departures from dozens of airports in the US. Visitors can monitor up to seven arrival and departure airports at one time, and the application can be customized by airline, gate, and flight number. This version is compatible with iPhones running iOS 4.2 and newer.


From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2012.

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January 14, 2012

Jack Newton of Clio Talks About Cloud Outages

I think there are three classes of outages you have to be worried about: 

1. Local internet interruption: your local ISP is having downtime, and 
you're unable to access your cloud data (or anything on the internet, for 
that matter) 

To mitigate the impact of this kind of outage, I recommend installing a 
secondary internet connection (provided by a different provider than your 
primary internet connection, of course) in your office. There are even 
routers that will automatically fail over to your secondary provider if 
your primary provider fails. 

This is a cheap $50-100/month insurance policy that virtually guarantees an 
internet outage won't impact you. 

I also recommend activating tethering on your iPhone, BB or Android device 
- this is another cheap way to make sure you have backup internet access, 
and the access it affords while you're on the road is something you'll 
never be able to give up once you get used to having it. 

2. Temporary provider outage: your cloud provider is having a temporary 
outage, and you're unable to access data from that specific cloud provider. 

You can do a few things to prevent this from happening in the first place, 
and a few things you can do to mitigate any impact such an outage might 

First, when you're selecting a cloud provider as for their last 6-12 months 
of historical uptime, as provided by an independent third-party monitoring 
service such as Pingdom. As with most things in life, the best predictor of 
future performance is past performance. Look for uptime of at least 99.9%, 
which equates to downtime of about 40 minutes per month. In my opinion 
scheduled downtime should be included in the downtime calculation as well 
(some providers exclude this from their downtime calculation). As an end 
user you don't care if downtime is scheduled or not. 

To mitigate the impact of a provider outage, do your best to have key data 
with the provider synchronized either locally or to an alternate cloud 
provider. Dropbox, for example, has a "built-in" backup thanks to the fact 
that your files are all stored both locally and in the cloud. Taking Clio 
as another example, you can synchronize key data like your calendar and 
tasks to either Microsoft Outlook or Google, which you could access in the 
event Clio is inaccessible. 

3. Permanent cloud provider outage: your cloud provider has gone bankrupt 
or has otherwise suffered from a significant business continuity issue; 
other causes could be the cloud provider has been acquired by a larger 
company who later shuts down the service (e.g. Etherpad, Aardvark - both 
acquired and later shut down by Google). 

This can be avoided to some degree by undertaking an appropriate amount of 
due diligence before selecting a cloud provider, but realistically there 
are factors at work way beyond your (and the cloud provider's) control that 
could potentially result in a cloud provider being shut down. If you're 
worried about worst-case scenarios, this is a eventuality you should 

Like in scenario 2, you can mitigate the impact of such a shutdown by both 
synchronizing and backing up key data from the cloud provider. Make sure 
your cloud provider offers you the ability to export all of your key data 
in an open, non-proprietary format such as CSV or XML. If you have to move 
away from that provider for any reason, you can use data in this format to 
migrate to another provider. 

There's also the option of "Data Escrow." This is something we developed in 
Clio's early days to address this concern - with Data Escrow we 
automatically replicate your Clio data to a completely independent 
third-party data provider. We're still proud of this innovation and a 
decent number of our users use the feature as an extra "safety net" for 
their data. You can read more about it here:

Hope that helps! 

Best regards, 

Jack Newton 
CEO and Founder 
Clio - Practice Management Simplified 
1-888-858-2546 x5 | | blog <> | 
 | facebook <

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February 10, 2012

NYSBA Mobile Ethics App

Android App 

Apple App

Blackberry App

Ethics screenshotBe among the first to try the new NYSBA Mobile Ethics App - featuring the full database of NYSBA's nearly 900 ethics opinions - ranging from 1964 to today. The app allows you to search the database of opinions by keyword, by category or by opinion number.  When the list of results appears you will see a brief digest of the opinion. When you click on the opinion you select you will see the full text of the opinion - exactly as it was issued by the Committee on Professional Ethics. Once you install the app, all of NYSBA's opinions will be available to you on your device - regardless of whether you are connected to the Internet or not. When new Ethics Opinions are issued they will be pushed out to your device as an update and you will see a notification on the app screen indicating how many new opinions are available.

The NYSBA Mobile Ethics App is free and will be available in 2012, to anyone who wants to download it. The NYSBA Mobile Ethics App is available for iPhones through the App Store, for Android devices through the Android Marketplace and for Blackberry through the Blackberry App Market.

February 16, 2012

Review: TranscriptPad -- review and manage depositions on your iPad - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:  As a litigator, I read a lot of depositions, and I love the ability to review them on my iPad.  In the past, I have typically created a searchable PDF version of the deposition transcript and then read the transcripts in the GoodReader app, using the standard PDF highlight feature to mark significant text.  I'd store all of the depositions in a folder in GoodReader so I could pull them up in the future.  However, Lit Software LLC has just introduced a new $50 iPad app called TranscriptPad, an app dedicated to the task of reviewing depositions.  This is the same company that created TrialPad, a powerful trial presentation app for the iPad.  The developer, Ian O'Flaherty, sent me a free copy of the app to review, and so far I am very impressed.  The app offers many powerful features, and I think that this will be the tool I will use going forward for reviewing depositions.

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February 29, 2012

App Store - rulebook

Access all your federal and state court rules on one app. Download only those rules and other legal authorities you actually need, which are all kept current through regular updates. (No need to check pocket parts!)

Take all the rules you have downloaded anywhere you go and quickly access them without the need for an internet connection. Download once; read and annotate anywhere.

With rulebook you can:

* Search your entire library by key words or phrases.​
* Touch any word to highlight, annotate and/or bookmark any amount of text.
* Navigate from rule to rule easily by swiping the screen or jumping to the rule using the table of contents feature.
* Keep multiple rules and authorities open at once and toggle easily back and forth between authorities with rulebook's multitask function.
* Double tap anywhere in the rule to immediately identify what rule and subsection you are viewing.
* Jump directly to cited sources through active hyperlinks.
* Easily adjust the font type and size along with other system preferences.
* Enjoy having all your content automatically kept up to date without losing any of your highlights or annotations through rulebook's proprietary update tool.

The following legal authorities are currently available in the rulebook library, with many more coming soon:

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence and the United States Constitution.

New York Uniform Court Rules

N.Y. C.P.L.R. (coming soon)

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March 12, 2012

Intuit GoPayment - iPhone credit card processing for mobile payments


Image representing Intuit as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Simple Pricing.

No monthly fee. Pay as little as 2.7% per swipe on Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Learn More

Free App & Reader.

Download the free app from iPhone or Android app stores and your free card reader will arrive in 4-7 business days.Compatible devices

Get Started in Minutes.

Sign up from this website or the App. Answer a few easy questions and in minutes you will be able to accept cards!Give it a Try

Email & Text Custom Receipts.

Add your logo and contact information so your customers can remember you and maybe even refer you to their friends.

Works with QuickBooks.

Save time by syncing your GoPayment transactions with the software you trust to manage your business*.

Manage Multiple Users.

Every GoPayment account can have up to 50 users - making it the right option for all types of small businesses.

Get Your Money Fast.

Funds deposited within 2-3 days. Sign up with your bank account information OR have your funds deposited onto an Intuit GoPayment Prepaid Visa® Card account.
Learn More

Easily Manage Transactions.

Free access to Intuit Merchant Service Center, where you can process a transaction, reverse a transaction, add users, run reports and more.

Secure, Encrypted Payments.

Feel peace of mind knowing that the card reader is encrypted and the card data cannot be compromised as it is never saved on the device.

Related articles

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March 17, 2012

Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog: The iPad for Litigators

Trial lawyers are also pretty excited about the iPad. With great apps for trial presentation and preparation and a very simple interface, lots of lawyers are successfully using iPads in the courtroom for jury trials and other types of hearings.

iPad for Litigators is the topic of the 53rd Edition of the Digital Edge podcast. Their guest is Tom Mighell. Tom blogs about the iPad in the legal community at iPad 4 Lawyers.  Tom is the author of the book iPad in One Hour for Lawyers and the author of the newly announced book iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers

Tom and Jm Calloway have done several programs about lawyers using iPads in and out of the courtroom. Co-host, Sharon Nelson and Jim chat with Tom about how trial lawyers use iPads. The show notes have links to the apps discussed as well as a link to purchase the archive of a CLE presentation Tom and Jim did through ALI-ABA with trial lawyer Jamie Moncus.

Listen to their podcast on The iPad for Litigators.

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March 18, 2012

Introducing Phone Amego

You have phones, maybe several. AND You have software on your Mac for organizing your

contacts, calendar, email, notes, and other information about the people you interact with.

Before Phone Amego, these islands didn't talk to each other. Now they can.

What's different about Phone Amego is:

* It does both dialing and caller ID.

* It embraces the iPhone and the Internet.

* It is designed to work with many popular phones.

* It includes a lightweight CRM that integrates with other tools as needed.

* It focusses on Mac-to-phone integration,

not trying to be another phone or answering machine.

Try a free 21-day trial.

Buy a single license (2 computers) for $29.99 or a Family Pack (5 computers) for $49.99.

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March 31, 2012

Orbicule | Witness

Witness turns your Mac into a home alarm system, using its iSight camera as a motion sensor. If motion is detected, Witness sends mugshots and video to your iPhone or iPad.

Some apps offer a live video stream. While that sounds cool at first, it has many disadvantages. In contrast, Witness uses advanced motion detection to notify you right away when an intruder is detected.
If nothing happens at your house, Witness remains silent. No need to interrupt you when everything is just fine.

Witness can be set to restrict motion detection to human faces. This may come in handy if you have pets running around the house.

Witness uses the location of your iOS device to automatically arm your alarm when leaving your house and to disarm it upon your return.

Watch live images from any Mac in your alarm system. There are no limitations on how many Macs you can add to a single Witness account: you could add an entire computer lab.

A single-user license is $39.00 U.S. Witness requires a Mac with a built-in iSight, running Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).  Sorry, Mac only-no Windows.

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April 2, 2012

60 Apps in 60 Minutes 2012 - iPhone J.D.

This past Saturday morning at ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago, Josh BarrettBrett Burney and Jeff Richardson presented the 2012 installment of 60 Apps in 60 Minutes.  They highlighted some of the best new apps for attorneys as well as old favorites that cannot live without, plus a few others just for fun.  

Here is a list of the apps that they discussed this year.  

Richardson put links on the names of the apps that have received a formal review on iPhone J.D.  I think that you will find that this is a good, diverse list of apps for you to explore.

April 4, 2012

Uber - New York City

Uber is your on-demand private driver.

Request a ride at any time with SMS or by using their iPhone and Android apps.

Text an address to UBR-CAB (827-222) or set your pickup location on the map of our iPhone and Android apps.

Base Fare
Start with this fare
Per Mile
Speed over 11mph
Per Minute
Speed at or below 11mph

Tip is included in your fare.

Applicable tolls and surcharges may be added to your fare.

$20 surcharge on all trips starting or ending in New Jersey.

Minimum fare is $15

Cancellation fee is $10.

Sample Fares

Your Uber fare is calculated based on both the time and distance you travel, so fares may vary. These samples are given only as an estimate.

Lower East SideGramercy$19
SoHoPenn Station$21
Penn StationUpper West Side$25
East VillageWilliamsburg$27
Wall StreetGrand Central$37
West VillagePark Slope$42
Upper East SideWall Street$43

Flat Rates

Uber has negotiated flat rates with our drivers for travel to and from the major airports in New York City

LGA Airport - $70
Between La Guardia International Airport and Manhattan or Brooklyn.

JFK Airport - $85
Between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Manhattan or Brooklyn.

EWR Airport - $105
Between Newark Liberty Interational Airport and Manhattan or Brooklyn, including $20 NJ surcharge.

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April 14, 2012

CloudOn: A Better Way to Do Microsoft Office on Your iPad, for Free | Techland |


...CloudOn is free. The company behind it says that it plans to switch to a "freemium" policy at some point, with both free and for-pay options. For now, though, it lets iPad users do something which you can't do on a Windows PC: use full-blown Office applications at no charge.

CloudOn makes for an interesting contrast with OnLive Desktop, another service which lets you use Office on an iPad (and, in OnLive's case, Android tablets -- CloudOn is working on an Android edition). OnLive has both a free version and one that costs $4.99 a month, with additional tiers of service on their way.

Read more:

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April 15, 2012

iLunascape - Overview

iLunascape Free Dowload

Provides easy-to-use interface with powerful tab browsing. Enjoy cross-device online bookmark sync, Dropbox™ and Read It Later© support, download & file management, and much more. 

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April 18, 2012

Ontario Judge Allows Family Law Litigant to be Cross-Examined via Skype | Familyllb's Blog

Read entire article here.

In an Ontario Court of Justice decision from just over a month ago, the court allowed the mother in a custody and access dispute to be cross-examined by way of Skype (a free software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet), because she had moved to another country and was financially unable to return to Canada to attend the trial.


From a legal standpoint, the court assessed the nature and features of Skype against the existing Rules of Civil Procedure relating to video conferencing, which it considered analogous. It also assessed the suggestion to use Skype against the requirements and objectives of the Family Law Rules, which included the desire to be fair to all parties, and to save time and expense.

In the end, the court had no concerns about the ability to assess credibility during a Skype session with the mother and her new husband, accepted their evidence relating to their constrained financial circumstances, and found that the overall balance of convenience - including the lack of prejudice to the father - favoured allowing the cross-examination via Skype to proceed.

For the full text of the decision, see:

Paiva v. Corpening, 2012 ONCJ 88


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April 22, 2012

Legal Apps-iPad4Legal

This page is a listing of currently available iPad apps that specifically target the legal profession. The section at the bottom of the page lists several iPhone apps that will hopefully be coming to the iPad soon.

Have a legal app for the iPad or iPhone that they missed? Send them an e-mail and let them know.

iPad4Legal is a blog about iPads as they pertain to lawyers, law firms, and the legal profession. They may occasionally stray and discuss iPhones or other Apple products since the technologies often overlap.


Michael Aginsky is an all-around geek and technology enthusiast living in New Jersey. By day, he is the Chief Technology Officer at Gibbons P.C. (@GibbonsPC on Twitter). You can find and follow Michael all over the web: LinkedInTwitter, and on Facebook

Patrick DiDomenico is a lawyer and knowledge management professional living in New York City.  In his day job, he's Director of Knowledge Management at a large law firm.  And, of course, he's an Apple enthusiast.  You can find and follow Patrick all over the web:LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and on his other blog, LawyerKM.  

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Best Bluetooth headsets - CNET Reviews

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read CNET Reviews of Best Bluetooth Headsets.

Now that more cell phones include integrated BluetoothBluetooth headsets are slowly becoming a must-have accessory. Not only do they enable hands-free chatting, they also free you from dealing with tangled wires as you would have to with a regular headset. Here's a list of the Bluetooth headsets CNET liked best. To be the first to know when the list has been updated, sign up for the Mobile Weekly newsletter. To find more cell phone accessories, plus advice and tips on how to use them, check out CNET's cell phone ringtones, accessories, and help page.
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April 25, 2012 Send to Kindle for Mac

Send to Kindle for Mac (Looking for the PC version?)

Reading your personal documents on a Kindle has never been easier

  • Send personal documents to your Kindle from your Mac.
  • Drag and drop one or more documents on to the Send to Kindle icon in your Dock or launch the application and drag and drop one or more documents on to it.
  • From any Mac application that can print, select the print menu and choose Send to Kindle.
  • From Finder, simply control-click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle.
  • Choose to archive documents in your Kindle library, where you can re-download them conveniently at any time.

When you download and install, Send to Kindle will appear on your Dock. Send to Kindle will also appear when you control-click on a file from Finder or in the print dialog of any Mac application.

You can download archived personal documents from your Kindle Library on Kindle Keyboard, Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle for Android, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for iPhone and Kindle for iPod touch. Whispersync of notes, highlights, bookmarks along with last page read is available on your archived personal documents that have been converted into Kindle format. Learn more about Kindle Personal Document Service here.

System Requirements

  • A Mac with a 500 MHz Intel processor or faster
  • At least 512MB of RAM
  • 100MB of available disk space
  • Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) or Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion)

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May 4, 2012

iPad4Lawyers - War of the PDF Apps: Who's the Winner?

Tom Mighell:

Last week my friend and fellow iPhone/iPad addict Jeff Richardson gave a great review of PDF Expert.  He liked it, but not as much as his current favorite PDF annotation tool, PDF Pen.  I thought I would put both of these apps through their paces, along with iAnnotate PDF and Adobe Reader, which has long been the standard for PDF review and annotation on your desktop or laptop.

I decided to use the same document in each case - I chose a simple W-9 form, because it would also give the opportunity to test and show the form-filling and signature features of each app. I'll fill out the form to send to my client for him to sign.  I initially placed the form in the Downloads folder in my Dropbox account on my desktop.  How did the form fare in each app?  Here we go....

Click here for comparison, with very helpful graphics and "hands on comparison".

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May 11, 2012

Sui Generis--a New York law blog: iPad resources for lawyers grow plentiful

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase


First, the American Bar Association recently published 2 books ideal for lawyers seeking to learn how to put their iPads to use: "iPad in One Hour for Lawyers" and "iPad Apps in One Hour for Lawyers." Both books were written by Tom Mighell and are available for purchase at the American Bar Association's website.

There are also a number of blogs devoted to lawyers and their iPads, including: 1) Tablet Legal, a blog written by attorney Josh Barrett (no longer being updated but provides a wealth of information in its archives), 2) iPad Notebook, a blog written by Justin Kahn, an attorney and Adjunct Professor at the Charleston School of Law, 3) iPad 4 Lawyers, a blog written by Tom Mighell, author of the two books listed above, and 4) Legal iPad, which is one of my blogs.

Two other blogs are worth mentioning as well, since even though not devoted solely to iPads, they provide a wealth of information about iPads for lawyers: 1) iPhone JD, written by attorney Jeff Richardson and 2) Trial Technology, a blog written by trial consultant Ted Brooks.

Another great resource which should not be overlooked is the Macs in Law Offices (MILO) online Google group.. Although this online forum originally started as a place for lawyers to discuss the use of Macintosh computers in their law practices, over time it has morphed into a forum dedicated to the discussion of topics of interest to lawyers who use any type of Apple product in their law offices, including iPads.

At MILO you'll find a very engaged, knowledgeable, and friendly group of lawyers and technology consultants who provide a wealth of useful information. And, if you enjoy participating in MILO, then you'll love MILOfest, an offshoot project of the message board which is a conference devoted to lawyers who use Apple products.


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May 19, 2012

iTunes - Books - Paperless by David Sparks


Paperless by David Sparks

This is the first book in the MacSparky Field Guide Series. This book is a large file (850 MB) and includes over 1.5 hours of video and screencasts. This books runs on all versions of the iPad.

  • $4.99  Requirements:This book can only be viewed using iBooks 2 on an iPad. iOS 5 is required.
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June 17, 2012

Verizon's new Share Everything Plans: The devil's in the details - Computerworld

Verizon High Speed Internet

Verizon High Speed Internet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a lot of details in Verizon's new Share Everything data, voice and text sharing plans, some of which are mentioned in footnotes on Verizon's Web site (pdf format).

Here, Computerworld attempts to explain it for you.

What's new? In simple terms, Verizon will launch on June 28 Share Everything Plans that share unlimited voice and texting across all the devices on a customer's account. Data will also be shared for up to 10 of those devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Verizon will charge a monthly line access charge per device, ranging from $10 for a tablet to $40 for a smartphone. Basic cell phones will be $30 a month, while Wi-Fi access devices, netbooks and notebooks will be $20 a month.

On top of that, data service will be charged at a rate starting at $50 for 1 GB per month, which can be shared across 10 devices. The rates go up as follows: 2GB for $60; 4 GB for $70; 6 GB for $80; 8 GB for $90 and 10 GB for $100. There is an overage charge of $15 for each 1 GB of data service.


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June 18, 2012

"The Story & The Algorithm: 2012 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference" will livestream here June 18-19, 2012.

July 14, 2012

Sparrow for Mac - CNET

Sparrow is a minimalist mail application for Mac. It was designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here, just your mail and nothing else. Quickly flick through threaded conversations on your mac like never before. See your mails the way you want. Quickly glance at the preview. Read it in a new window or open the right pane to enjoy Sparrow's full potential. Growl is integrated for notifications addicts. Seamlessly switch between your mail accounts.

What's new in this version:

  • Retina support
  • Memory and CPU improvements

Read more: Sparrow for Mac - CNET

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July 15, 2012

Lifehacker Pack for iPad: Their List of the Best iPad Apps

There are over 225,000 apps designed just for the iPad, which makes finding the most essential apps for the tablet a bit of a hunt. Let us save you some time with this collection of the best iPad apps to help you get things done, stay connected, enhance your lifestyle, and more.

The Lifehacker Pack is a yearly snapshot of our favorite, must-have applications for each of our favorite platforms. This is the first (but not last) time iPad apps are featured, although many of the apps below have also been highlighted in this year'sLifehacker Pack for iPhone and iPhone App Directory. This list focuses specifically on apps that really shine on the iPad (e.g., no iPhone apps that have to be blown up 2x on the iPad).

Looking for an app in a specific category? Use the links below to jump around.

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August 2, 2012

Meet Projectbook, An All-Inclusive Notebook App For iPad -- AppAdvice has announced the arrival of their first app, Projectbook. The iPad application, which launches at a special introductory price of $1.99, offers users an all-in-one solution to become better organized.

Projectbook is capable of holding notes, to-do lists, Word documents, PDFs, Web clips, sketches, and photos. In doing so, users can manage to-dos and projects, and automatically link related information so notes and documents can be found even without tags, folders, keywords, or an Internet connection.

Read Bryan M. Wolfe's complete review here.

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August 20, 2012


 Scan or Import Documents to Sign for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Need to sign a document when you are on the go? The HelloSign app saves you from the laborious process of printing, signing and scanning.. All you need to do is:

1) Import any PDF from your email or take a picture of the document you need to have signed.
2) Create a realistic signature with your finger. Looks just like an ink signature.
3) Via email, send the signed document to the desired recipient(s).

Use HelloSign to sign and complete important and timely documents such as consulting agreements, NDA's, sales real estate contracts, financing agreements and more...

Key Features:
• Fingertip document signing 
• Edit any PDF or photo to add text, checkmark or signature
• Upload a document with camera
• Sign unlimited documents
• Open PDF files directly from your inbox
• Signed document are imported back into your email to make sending easy
• Always free and easy to use

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November 25, 2012

Pocket-Sized Virtual Keyboard Projects Onto Any Surface [VIDEO]

Forgive the commercials.  They are the price of seeing a neat device.

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January 11, 2013

Scanning Straight to Your Mobile Device with the iX500 - YouTube

Write text here...

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January 13, 2013

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Desktop Scanner for PC and Mac

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Desktop Scanner for PC and Mac. (Video)

Equipped with a dual-core CPU-mounted "GI" processor, the iX500 is the next generation of desktop scanning. It performs intelligent image functions dramatically faster for blazing new scanning speed. And with a Wi-Fi connection, you can scan directly to an iOS or Android mobile device, without even turning on the computer.

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January 27, 2013

How to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac to borrow ebooks from the library -- Tech News and Analysis

You don't have to pay for ebooks on your mobile device or your Mac: your local library will lend you ebooks, digital magazine and audiobooks. Here's a quick guide from  to getting set up.

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February 5, 2013

How to Make Free Calls Using Gmail -Pinni Bohm

Transitioning to Gmail and Google Voice for Free Calling

Making free high-caliber calls may sound too good to be true, but Google has been offering this feature from within their Gmail interface's Chat section since August of 2010. Calls from the U.S. and Canada to the U.S. and Canada are free, as Google hopes you will use the service to make international calls. (Compare to Microsoft's Skype, which also offers excellent quality calls, although at a price, and is more established as a stand-alone VOIP service.)

You must sign up for a Gmail account to take advantage of this service. Once activated, below the "folders" on the left, e.g., Inbox, Starred, etc., you will notice a picture of a telephone inside the chat box. Click it, accept Gmail's terms, and download and install their software. Now you are technically ready to make calls: just type in the number you wish to dial and hit "Call."

If you had set up a Google Voice account like I recommended previously on the General Practice Section blog, your Google Voice assigned number will be your outgoing number; otherwise, it will display a random string of numbers on the recipient's caller ID. You can also opt to have incoming Google Voice calls routed through the Gmail interface for you to screen, reject, or accept.

Lastly, you will require a headset (or a microphone and headphones) in order to actually hear and talk to the other party. The call quality will depend upon the speed of your internet connection and the merit of the headset you decide to utilize, but I always attain call quality on a par with landlines.

For some pictures to help guide you, you may review this Wikihow post; be aware, though, that Google recently updated the chat box to display the phone icon only.

Once you adapt to the Gmail interface, you will wonder how you ever wasted money on traditional calls!

(On a mobile device? Vonage offers free calling to all U.S. and Canadian phone numbers on Android, and iOS, up to 3000 minutes per month.)

Pinni Bohm, J.D., LL.M. (Tax), is a tax and estate planning attorney. He can be contacted by email.
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February 7, 2013

FineReader Touch - iTunes App Store

FineReader Touch for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular on the iTunes App Store.

FineReader Touch is a client app for FineReader Online web-service. The app allows you to create digital copies of paper documents in different formats (DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PDF etc), preserving the original's structure and style.

Documents are processed in the FineReader Online cloud-based service that provides OCR results. Additionally, the online text recognition takes any significant processing load off the device. 

FineReader Touch app price (US $4.99) includes start package of 100 pages for processing through FineReader Online, you can always purchase additional pages right from within the app.

It's very easy to digitize and convert documents into editable and searchable formats with FineReader Touch: just take a photo, if needed rotate and crop it, select OCR languages & output format - and get it in your iPhone! 
Do not worry about structure of document - FineReader Touch will digitize the entire multipage document with its complex structure,original formatting and styles (including headings, images, bulleted and numbered lists, columns and tables).

February 14, 2013

EZ Practice Management Resource Center: Mi Apple Practice

Michigan Bar Apple Practice Center

Now here's a great Idea:

A dedicated corner for all things "trending" with iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

February's Featured Resource
Using the iPad in Meetings--Tom Mighell suggests the iPad can actually add value to the services you provide to your clients. He's also pointed to some useful apps and iPad accessories.
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February 16, 2013

JuryPad Jury Selection App for iPad | The Mac Lawyer

Posted in iPadProduct ReviewsSoftware

This review takes a look at JuryPad, an app for the iPad from Bench & Bar, LLC that is designed to assist litigators in conducting voir dire and quickly and easily selecting their jury.  If you are a trial lawyer who regularly works with juries, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this easy to learn and easy to use app.


JuryPad was developed by Bench & Bar, LLC, a company that was founded by trial lawyer and legal technologist, Stephan Futeral, Esq., who is based in Charleston, SC. It is currently priced as $19.99 on the App Store, and you can get more information here or by visiting Bench & Bar's website.

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February 17, 2013

Why Skype is the Most Used Software in Our Law Firm - Divorce Discourse

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Lee Rosen:

Skype is my most used software package. I use it, literally, all day long. It's pretty amazing when you really put it to use.

I use Skype, primarily, as my instant messenger client. Everyone in my firm, in all three offices, runs Skype all day and we communicate with instant messages constantly. I use it when I want someone to call me. I send a quick message that says "call me now" or "call me when you get a chance."

We use it when someone arrives at the office for a meeting to let the attorney or paralegal know their visitor has arrived. We use it to arrange for front desk coverage when the receptionist needs to go to the bathroom. We alert attorneys that a caller is holding when the attorney is on another call. Skype works well between offices and within a single office. It's also terrific when someone is working from home. Of course, you can send messages while already on a call so you don't need to deal with a noisy intercom or putting a caller on hold.

That's just the beginning of what Skype can do.


Read the rest of Rosen's paen to Skype.


Lee Rosen has practiced family law for more than twenty years. With four offices, Rosen Law Firm serves Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rosen served as the Law Practice Management Editor of the ABA Family Advocate for more than a decade and received the ABA James Keane Award for excellence in eLawyering. He served as Chair of the Law Practice Management Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, is a frequent speaker and is often sought out by the media as a source of family law insight and commentary. Read more about You can also follow Lee on Twitter

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February 27, 2013

Here's What Law Enforcement Can Recover From A Seized iPhone - Forbes

iPhone Seizure Report by

Read entire Forbes article here.

On Tuesday the American Civil Liberties Union published a report it obtained from a drug investigation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, documenting the seizure and search of a suspect's iPhone from her bedroom. While it's no surprise that a phone carries plenty of secrets, the document presents in stark detail a list of that personal information, including call logs, photos, videos, text messages, Web history, eight different passwords for various services, and perhaps most importantly, 659 previous locations of the phone invisibly gathered from Wifi networks and cell towers.

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March 16, 2013

How to Make a Conference Call with Your iPhone - For Dummies

On an iPhone, you can make conference calls in which you and the people you're speaking to can all hear and be heard. Setting up a conference call might seem like a daunting task, but the iPhone makes it easy.

Even "Dummies" can do it if you follow these instructions.

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March 22, 2013

The basics of the Lawyer's iPad-By Jim Calloway

The iPad has proven very popular with the legal profession. Some lawyers are quite proficient at using their iPads with numerous apps installed and a proclivity to show off their latest app to anyone who will stand still and watch. Others mainly use the iPad for entertainment, browsing the Internet or responding to email. Here is a "beginner's" article on how lawyers can use their iPad. 

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March 29, 2013

Thuraya SatSleeve | Thuraya

The device is available now for $499 in either a 30-pin dock connector version for the iPhone 4 and 4s, or a Lightning connector version. Satellite time is billed at $0.75 per minute.

The SatSleeve is currently limited to voice.  Data is expected in August.  It fits iPhone 4 and 4S.  An iPhone 5 version is expected.

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April 12, 2013

Wisconsin Lawyer: Technology: Top 16 Security Tips for Smartphones:


The age of the pocket computer is upon us. Smartphones are no more than small computers that happen to make phone calls. According to a Nielsen report, more than 50 percent of mobile phone subscribers in the United States now own a smartphone. Lawyers are at the forefront of this technology wave, with 89 percent of them owning smartphones. Smartphones are extremely powerful devices, capable of storing contacts, calendar entries, email communications, electronic files, voice messages, and a host of additional confidential client information. As an attorney, you have an ethical obligation to protect the client data that is stored on your smartphone. Here are some security tips for protecting the data and some easy measures to take to avoid compromising data.

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April 27, 2013

UPAD - YouTube

Note-taking app for iPad:

June 15, 2013

50 iOS 7 Features You'll Actually Care About-GottaBe Mobile

Josh Smith:

Apple announced a major iOS 7 redesign, with countless iOS 7 features that are rolling out in the iOS 7 beta today.

There are hundreds of new iOS 7 features, but you won't care about every single thing that's new in iOS 7. You can check out a dozen new iOS 7 features on Apple, but there are many more iOS 7 features that Apple tucked inside descriptions, quickly flashed on slides or glossed over during the iOS 7 announcement.

These "hidden" iOS 7 features join the major items announced on stage to make up the 50 iOS 7 features you will actually use and care about.

Read all 50 here.

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July 10, 2013

Apple guilty of conspiring to raise ebook prices, federal judge rules | Technology |

Read entire Guardian report here.

Tech company to face trial for damages over attempt to thwart Amazon's dominance after book publishers settle with U

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July 16, 2013

Wireless Emergency Alerts on the iPhone--iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson explains everything you need to know about:

The WARN Act and WEA

Title VI of PL 109-347 (Oct. 13, 2006) is titled the Warning Alert and Response Network Act, sometimes called the WARN Act.  The WARN Act, in 47 U.S.C. § 1201, gives the FCC the authority to adopt standards for cell phone companies to transmit emergency alerts.  Participation by cell phone companies is voluntary -- they don't have to participate -- but if they do, the law states that cell phone companies may not impose an additional charge for such alerts.  47 U.S.C. § 1201(b)(2)(C).

Pursuant to the WARN Act, the FCC worked with FEMA to create a program called Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).  The system was based on the existing Emergency Alert System (EAS), which are the warnings that you get on a television and radio when there is a weather or other emergency. 

Alerts are sent to cell towers providing wireless service to a target geographical area, and then all WEA-capable phones using those cell towers receive the alert.  Thus, you will receive an alert if you are in a targeted area even if you are just visiting that area.

(Sorry-only 4s and newer)

Read the entire article here.

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July 23, 2013

The iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson is back to discuss another topic related to alerts on the iPhone -- the Do Not Disturb feature of iOS 6.  There is some confusion about how this feature works, and it is important for iPhone users to understand when alerts can occur.  After all, you don't want to be this guy who brought a performance of the New York Philharmonic to a halt, nor do you want a similar thing to happen to you in court.

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August 23, 2013

The Voice-Off - Android vs. Siri -

David Pogue compares Android versus Siri for voice recognition and can't avoid religious controversy.


Put down your swords, fanboys. Both systems are exceedingly useful, once you spend the time to learn them. (Here's a site with a good list of Android voice commands: And here's one for Siri:

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August 25, 2013

Circa News for iPhone 3GS,-4,-4S,-5, iPod touch (3rd, 4th, 5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Stay informed, save time. Circa is another way to read and follow news on your iPhone and iPod Touch. 

News articles and small screens just don't play well together. Circa solves that problem by condensing the news and making it much easier to read while on-the-go. 

Their editors strive to make the news easier and faster to read, covering the day's Top Stories, US, World, Politics, and Technology News! 

See why Circa has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times - get it now for free! 

App Features: 

• Catch up quick - Don't worry about intimidatingly long articles. Circa's editorial staff boils down stories to just the facts, keeping you informed and saving you time! 
• Follow the news - Rather than constantly re-reading articles on the same subject, Circa allows you to follow stories that you'd like to stay up with. They'll send you push notifications each time a story you follow has been updated. 
• Share stories & points that you find interesting via Email, Messaging, or Facebook & Twitter. 
• Circa's news coverage is produced by their own editorial staff from the their sources, which they provide alongside each point if you're curious. 
• Offline reading - Riding the subway? Don't have an internet connection? You can still read all of the news within Circa while offline. 


I know it shows my age; but Circa reminds me of the Readers' Digest...updated and tarted up for the 21st Century.


Get Circa here.

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August 27, 2013

Apple's iPhone Trade-in Program Is Already Being Piloted, Here's How It Works | TechCrunch

Apple is about to introduce an iPhone trade-in program that will allow users to walk into a Retail store and trade up from an old model to a new one. We've heard some interesting details about the way that the program will work, and indeed, is working right now in some pilot Apple Stores.

The program, has gotten a bit of press today, with Macrumors' Eric Slivka reporting that the training for the program is underway and Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac quoting a start datesometime in September.

TechCrunch has the info on this pilot program here.

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September 3, 2013

How to Speed Up a Slow, Aging iPhone or iPad-LifeHacker

Apple's rumored to announce a new iPhone next week, and some of you may be tempted to shell out for the newest one--especially if your old beater is acting slow, crashing, and generally misbehaving. Here are a few ways from Whitson Gordon to speed it up so you can save a few bucks.

Sure, you may not get the newest features of iOS, and running through these steps won't make your device feel totally new; it'll just keep it running for a little while longer. But if you're trying to save some money or just keep your apps from crashing, these tips can be a godsend.


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September 11, 2013

Why lawyers will love the iPhone 5s - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:  Yesterday, Apple introduced two new iPhones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c.  The iPhone 5s is the flagship model.  It will be available starting September 20, 2013, and it costs the same as the iPhone 5 that it replaces:  $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 32 GB and $399 for 64 GB.  The iPhone 5s includes some great new features, and the more I read about this device, the more I am sure that lawyers are going to love it.

The iPhone 5s only adds a few more things to the iPhone 5, but they look like features that most any lawyer would appreciate.  The security and ease-of-use improvements of the Touch ID would be enough of a reason for me to upgrade, and when you add the faster A7 processor, the better camera and all of the other improvements, there is no doubt that I will be getting one -- and that would be true even if I didn't publish this website.  If you currently use an iPhone 5, the upgrade to an iPhone 5s is certainly not essential, but it will make your constant companion even more useful.  (If you are not eligible for to pay the subsidized price because you bought an iPhone 5 within the past year, you might be able to use a subsidized upgrade available to someone else on your wireless plan such as a spouse; that's what I did last year.)  If you currently use an iPhone 4S or older model of the iPhone, then you get all of the improvements noted above plus the improvements of the iPhone 5 such as the larger screen and the thin, light design -- so you are in for a treat.  And if the iPhone 5s will be your first iPhone, then welcome to iPhone J.D., and I hope that you stick around.

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September 15, 2013

Minimal Mac | Worth A Thousand Words

Patrick Rhone:

The real story, in my opinion, is the one worth a thousand words on each of those aforementioned tech blogs but not getting near that sort of coverage -- the new camera in the iPhone 5S. The camera? Yes, the camera.

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September 17, 2013

Sprint Offering iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C For $100 Less To Customers Who Switch Carriers | Ubergizmo

All four major U.S. carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, will launch the new iPhones on the same day, September 20th. Sprint is making an aggressive play to attract more iPhone customers. The carrier will shave off an extra $100 from the prices of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for customers who port their number to Sprint from any of its rivals. This deal is actually available with all of the smartphones in Sprint's arsenal, what's surprising is that it has decided to offer it with the newly announced iPhones as well.: 

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October 11, 2013

iPad: E-filing & Uploading Docs | MacLitigator


After researching the issue, not a lot of options exist for uploading documents from the iPad. The built in Safari web browser doesn't support uploading to a website. PDF Expert, GoodReader and iAnnotate also lack the ability to log into an e-filing portal and upload. However, a $1.99 iPad browser called iCab does allow uploading for e-filing pleadings.


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October 19, 2013

A Clio Webinar--Mobile Practice Management

Clio is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern.  Joshua Lenon of Clio and Jeff Richardson of iPhone JD will talk about mobile device security, apps, and making the best use of an iPhone and iPad in the practice of law.  

By coincidence this session will be right after (or at the end of) the big iPad announcement on Tuesday, so I'm sure they will have something to say about that as well. 

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October 21, 2013

Increasing the text size in iOS 7 - iPhone J.D.

For those of us who are having trouble reading iOS7's new font, Jeff Richardson has a changing Settings to allow for dynamically-sized type face and bold, if needed.

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December 7, 2013

How it works | Everpurse

Everpurse has a special charging pocket into which you place your smartphone. Our patent-pending docking system guides your phone smoothly onto a dock connector at the bottom--so you don't have to fish for a cord!

To charge Everpurse itself, you can simply place Everpurse on its charging mat. It uses inductive charging to send energy wirelessly from the mat to the purse, so you never have to plug the purse in! You can leave a charging mat plugged in wherever it's convenient for you--at work, at home, wherever--and drop Everpurse onto it when it needs charging. We suggest leaving Everpurse on its charging mat overnight, and it will have a full charge the next morning.

$189.00--$329.00, depending upon how well-developed your fashion sense is.

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January 3, 2014

No Bible available? NY swears in politician with iPad Bible app | 9to5Mac

NewsDay reports Republican Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was sworn in for his second term today using an iPad and Bible app when officials were unable to locate a physical copy of the Bible,

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January 19, 2014

Writing a Brief for the iPad Judge ◊ Columbia Business Law Review

 Daniel Sockwell:

"...A brief written to be read on an iPad should differ from one written for text in three main ways: it should use fewer footnotes, should use a different font, and should avoid confusing hierarchical organization...".

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February 6, 2014

Missed call from Antigua, Jamaica, Grenada: The one-ring scam gets money by tricking people into calling internationally.

If you get an unexpected missed call from a Caribbean number, don't call back. It could be a hoax. An oldie but goodie called the "one-ring scam" is gaining momentum again and leaving people with fraudulent charges.

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February 9, 2014

10 Siri Tricks To Help You Be Your Most Productive Self | OPEN Forum

Leander Kahney--Editor & Publisher, Cult of the

"...Apple's sassy assistant Siri can be the biggest productivity booster ever. Dial up your patience for a few days, and try these easy tips. Once you do, you may never go back to life without Siri...."

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February 17, 2014

Spying by N.S.A. Ally Entangled U.S. Law Firm -


Most attorney-client conversations do not get special protections under American law from N.S.A. eavesdropping. Amid growing concerns about surveillance and hacking, the American Bar Association in 2012 revised its ethics rules to explicitly require lawyers to "make reasonable efforts" to protect confidential information from unauthorized disclosure to outsiders.

Last year, the Supreme Court, in a 5-to-4 decision, rebuffed a legal challengeto a 2008 law allowing warrantless wiretapping that was brought in part by lawyers with foreign clients they believed were likely targets of N.S.A. monitoring. The lawyers contended that the law raised risks that required them to take costly measures, like traveling overseas to meet clients, to protect sensitive communications. But the Supreme Court dismissed their fears as "speculative."



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February 20, 2014

Adopting Mobile Technology-Jim Calloway


According to a 2013 Nielsen report, 94 percent of consumers in the U.S. have a mobile phone, and the majority of those phones are smartphones. Tablets have not reached that level of market saturation, but one market research firm estimates that tablet shipments will grow from 121 million units in 2012 to 416 million units by 2017. (Those statistics come courtesy of Robert Ambrogi's article "As the World Goes Mobile Is Your Marketing up to Speed?" in Law Practice Magazine. It is recommended reading as a companion piece.)


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February 24, 2014

Apple fixes security flaw in iOS, perhaps thanks to Snowden? - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:  "...But over the weekend, there were two posts about this update by John Gruber of Daring Fireball (Post 1, Post 2) that I thought were pretty interesting.  According to PRISM documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA gained the ability to intercept encrypted iPhone traffic in October of 2012, and that's apparently right after the bug fixed by iOS 7.0.6 was introduced.  As Gruber notes, this could mean all sorts of things.  It could mean that someone at Apple intentionally added a backdoor for the NSA.  Or it could mean that someone at Apple made a simple coding mistake but the NSA found out about it and exploited it. 

Or it could just be a big coincidence, but there is at least a chance that Apple has now found and fixed a security bug that had been exploited by the NSA..."

Read Jeff's entire take on the recent Apple security updates here.

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February 28, 2014

10 iPhone Tips for Lawyers

Advances in technology have forced lawyers to take extra precautions to protect attorney-client privilege. Phone passwords and other added steps can make our phones feel like a maze to negotiate instead of a helpful tool to better serve clients.

Gina Rubel has compiled tips to help attorneys make better use of time and cut the clutter.

Cited from: 10 iPhone Tips for Lawyers

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March 1, 2014

Did You Ever Wonder Why We Are Poking Around on our Phones all Day?-Culture Design Lab--Humin

By Joe Brewer and B. Lazlo Karafiath

Lots of jokes target the way we use our phones nowadays.  How we ignore our date to answer a text,  or keep sharing and liking and scrolling endlessly.  It's true that most people play with their smart phones more and more and share content rather than to "talk on the phone."  What the jokesters miss is that this is a feature not a bug!

When people are looking at their phone in public, sharing stuff, liking stuff, tweeting stuff (and looking at others' shares, likes, and tweets) they are expressing their tribal nature.  They have found an outlet for the fundamental human drive to be in a tribe, to maintain a tribal presence, whether a factual or a fictional tribe, does not matter. Unlucky for us, we have such an imperfect piece of technology for doing this -- Facebook!


We were recently introduced to a service that could fit this mold.  It's called Humin and it is ramping up now.  (Thanks to CMO Lane Wood for introducing us.)  Humin could be much more then a new way to access our address book: Humin could be our tribal phone.

Read this thought-provoking post here.

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March 2, 2014

5 things you had no idea your iPad could do-USA Today

Jennifer Jolly:  It doesn't matter how long you've owned your iPad, this über-capable tablet can do so much -- it likely has a few tricks up its sleeve to surprise you. Whether it's a new typing technique or a more secure way to browse the web, Apple's tablet can do more than you probably imagined.

Read entire article.  Click link below:

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March 3, 2014

Apple Announces CarPlay Infotainment System-Mashable

Apple has announced CarPlay, an in-car infotainment system that lets you connect your iOS device with your car.

The new system -- actually a rebranding of Apple's "iOS in the Car" -- will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, held from Mar. 6 to 16, 2014.

CarPlay will let iPhone users make calls, access messages, listen to music or use Maps in their cars using Siri-based voice control, touch controls, or standard knobs, dials and buttons in the car. Third party apps such as Spotify, Beats Radio, Stitcher and iHeartRadio are also supported.

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March 23, 2014

How an Under-Appreciated iOS 7 Feature Will Change the World | Cult of Mac

A curious download hit Apple's app store this week: a messaging app called FireChat.

It's a new kind of app because it uses an iOS feature unavailable until version 7: the Multipeer Connectivity Framework. The app was developed by the crowdsourced connectivity provider Open Garden and this is their first iOS app.

The Multipeer Connectivity Framework enables users to flexibly use WiFi and Bluetooth peer-to-peer connections to chat and share photos even without an Internet connection. Big deal, right?

But here's the really big deal -- it can enable two users to chat not only without an Internet connection, but also when they are far beyond WiFi and Bluetooth range from each other -- connected with a chain of peer-to-peer users between one user and a far-away Internet connection.

It's called wireless mesh networking. And Apple has mainstreamed it in iOS 7. It's going to change everything. Here's why. 


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March 30, 2014

Possible To Use Office For iPad Without Office 365 Subscription | Ubergizmo

Earlier this week Microsoft finally launched Office for iPad. The popular productivity suite, made up of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, has landed on Apple's tablet absolutely free, but there is a caveat. Office for iPad apps can be used for reading, viewing and presentation only. If users want the full editing and composing power, they need an Office 365 subscription. However, a loophole left open by Microsoft makes it possible to use Office for iPad without Office 365 subscription.


PLEASE NOTE WELL:  Technically this does violate limits defined by Microsoft in its EULA or end user rights agreement. While Microsoft doesn't strictly enforce the tablet installations limit, it trusts that "users respect and understand device limits outlined in the EULA."

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April 4, 2014

How To Recover a Lot of Space on Your iPhone Fast-David Pogue

iOS 7 makes it very easy to see what's eating up your space -- and to delete the fattest culprits to make the most room with the least effort. Here's where you start: Open Settings, then tapGeneral, then Usage, then wait a minute or two for the list of apps to appear.

For clear, concise instructions with illustrations, read the rest of David Pogue's "How-to" piece.  

(I'll bet you were wondering what happened to David?)

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April 28, 2014

Review: Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip -- compact power strip with four outlets - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:  I often have trouble finding enough outlets when I travel.  Hotel rooms will frustratingly only provide a single wall outlet near a desk, with one of the two outlets already occupied by the desk lamp.  It is starting to become easier to find power outlets in airports, but you can still often find only a single outlet available for your use.  One solution is to use a power strip, but those are typically too large to take with you with you travel.  The Outlets To Go Power Strip from Monster seeks to provide a solution for travelers, and after seeing Tampa attorney Katie Floyd call it her favorite travel accessory, I purchased one from Amazon before I headed to Chicago for ABA TECHSHOW last month.  I have since used it on several business trips.  It has worked well for me and I can recommend it.

The device features two outlets on each side that are spaced far enough apart that you should not have a problem with even larger power adapters.  If you are plugging in three of four devices at once it can be a little awkward to have things plugged in on both sides, but it works, and designing the power strip this way keeps it as small as possible.


Read Jeff's entire review of this useful accessory, with photos.


Click here to get Outlets To Go Power Strip from Amazon ($9.49).

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May 5, 2014

Text-to-911: What you need to know (FAQ) - CNET

Beginning May 15, wireless carriers in the US will uniformly and voluntarily support Text-to-911, a program that lets you send text messages to emergency services as an alternative to placing a phone call.

While carriers will climb on board, this just means they're making the service available -- the ability to text the police in an emergency situation won't work everywhere in the country the second May 15 rolls around. On the flipside, some counties have already embraced the program, usually working with a single carrier. Here are some important things to know about texting 911.

What is Text-to-911 and how does it work?
Text-to-911 is a free program for sending a text message addressed to "911" instead of placing a phone call. To use it, you address the message to 911 and enter the emergency in the body of the text, making sure that you also add your exact location -- or else emergency services won't be able to dispatch help your way.

Since it's all SMS-based, you will hear a response for more follow-up questions, or when help is on the way.

Read entire CNET FAQ's.

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May 19, 2014

Emu on the App Store on iTunes

Emu is texting with a built-in assistant. Schedule lunches, share your location, and set reminders -- as easily as sending a photo.

* Send live location: Don't just tell people where you are, show them! You can send your location right in a message, with live updates for thirty minutes.
* Snooze messages for later. Choose when and where you want your reminder -- when you get home, when you get to work, when you leave here, or first thing tomorrow.
* Finding a time to meet up? Emu checks the calendar for you.
* Restaurant reviews and reservations: Emu recognizes restaurant names in your messages and shows you reviews and availability. Book a table right from a text.
* Movie showtimes: Emu recognizes movies and theaters, and shows you everything you need to make that plan -- from trailers and ratings to showtimes near you.
* Push to talk: Hands full? Just press and hold anywhere, speak your message, and it sends!

Note: Emu uses your phone's GPS for its "Marco Polo" location sharing (30 minutes). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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June 6, 2014

iPhone Photos Backup: Effective & Simple Options | Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo:  A few years back we noted that the iPhone 4 was Flickr's most popular camera, but as we're writing this article the iPhone 5 has since claimed that crown, and the 5S is on track to claim top spot. With the popularity of the iPhone as portable camera, it's important that you know how to backup your photos from your iPhone.

This guide is written based on iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.9.3 (Mavericks), and Windows 7, but it will work for older versions of OS X, along with Windows XP and Windows 8.

It's important to understand where you're planning to store your photo backups, but you'll generally backup to at least one of the locations below:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Cloud service (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, Google+, OneDrive etc)

There are pros and cons to each method, so do read on and hopefully by the time you've finished reading this guide, you'll be able to decide which method is the most suitable one for you to backup your photos with.

Read entire "how-to" article, with screen shots, here.

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June 13, 2014

How to create, view, update, and cancel Calendar events using Siri | iMore

Allyson Kazmucha:  Since Siri is meant to be your personal assistant, it only makes sense to have it schedule and manage your meetings and events on your iPhone or iPad. Asking Siri to create a Calendar event only takes a few seconds and is much faster than creating them manually and entering all the data yourself. Whether you need Siri to schedule a meeting, tell you what's on the agenda for the day, or move an existing meeting to another time to make room for a conference call or a power nap, Siri will help make sure your schedule is set.

June 15, 2014

50 Best iPhone Apps | TIME

From mainstay essentials to notable newcomers, here's the 2014 edition of TIME Magazine's 50 Best iPhone Apps list.

June 22, 2014

'Older Versions' Of Skype For Desktop Being Retired-Ubergizmo

By on 06/22/2014


In a post on its official blog, it has been confirmed that all older versions of Skype for desktop are going to be retired over the next few months. This includes both Skype for Windows and Skype for Mac. Version 6.13 and below will be retired for the former and 6.14 and below for the latter. This is being done as the Skype team focuses its efforts on "bringing the latest and greatest to the most recent versions of Skype."

Those who are using older versions of the service need not worry. Its free to update to the latest version of Skype today. The latest version can be obtained from Skype's website for both Windows and Mac.


Read entire article here.

June 25, 2014

Every Legal App For Android-Lawyerist

Lawyerist:  "There are plenty of Android apps for lawyers including apps for case management, billing, trial preparation, and legal research. This list includes every legal app for Android that we could find in the Google Play store...".

June 30, 2014

Home Screen: Ian O'Flaherty -- MacSparky

 Ian O'Flaherty (Twitter) (Website) is the developer of Trial Pad (App Store) and Transcript Pad (App Store).

Besides the obvious bias towards my own apps, TrialPad and TranscriptPadKeynote is a favorite. It can assist anyone to create great looking presentations. I use Keynote not only for presentations, but also to create fully functional mock-ups of new app ideas, or to see how a new user interface element might look within one of my existing apps. I thinkGoodNotes is one of the better note taking apps, and is ideal for my needs. Besides note taking, I use it to bring in screen shots of apps to draw on and sketch various user interface changes or ideas, especially with its shape recognition mode. My RSS reader of choice is Mr. Reader as I like the way you can organize and skim through your feeds, and I've recently started usingPocket to save interesting articles to read later when I have more time. I have tried various podcast apps but keep coming back to Apple's own Podcasts to listen to great podcasts, such as Mac Power Users ;)

August 11, 2014

Why surveillance companies hate the iPhone - The Washington Post

By Craig Timberg

The secrets of one of the world's most prominent surveillance companies, Gamma Group, spilled onto the Internet last week, courtesy of ananonymous leaker who appears to have gained access to sensitive corporate documents. And while they provide illuminating details about the capabilities of Gamma's many spy tools, perhaps the most surprising revelation is about something the company is unable to do: It can't hack into your typical iPhone.

Android phones, some Blackberries and phones running older Microsoft operating systems all are vulnerable to Gamma's spyware, called FinSpy, which can turn your smart phone into a potent surveillance device. Users of the spyware are capable of listening to calls on targeted devices, stealing contacts, activating the microphone, tracking your location and more. But for FinSpy to hack into an iPhone, its owner must have already stripped away much of its built-in security through a process called "jailbreaking." No jailbreak, no FinSpy on your iPhone, at least according to a leakedGamma document dated April 2014.

Read entire article.

August 24, 2014

Today's Tech: A Federal Judge And His iPad (Part 1) « Above the Law:

By Nicole Black


And it's not just practicing lawyers who use tablets. Believe it or not, judges do, too. In fact, not only do some of them use tablets -- some of them rely on their tablets to get their jobs done. Judge Richard Wesley of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is one of those judges. In this two-part series, I'm going to share with you how he uses his iPad to increase his efficiency on the bench and what he thinks about the effects of technology on the legal profession.

For Judge Wesley, the iPad is an indispensable tool that he uses on a daily basis. "The iPad was a game changer for me," he explains. "With it, I can work from anywhere as long as I have wifi access. Once I realized that I could log into the federal court's virtual private network and work securely from any location, the rest was history."


Judge Wesley uses his iPad in a number ways, all of which provide him with increased flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. "I use it to prepare for an upcoming sitting. My secretary downloads all briefs and records. I review the files, add bookmarks, highlight sections, and add comments on them and highlight aspects of them. I also add comment boxes in which I list questions I want to ask about a particular section. Then I synchronize the changes with my hard drive in my chambers so the document no longer resides on my iPad," he explains. "Also, my clerks produce bench memos for me, which I mark up, and they also include hyperlinks to the cases referred to so that clicking on the link takes me right into Westlaw."


Read entire article here.

September 6, 2014

Today's Tech: A Federal Judge And His iPad (Part 2) « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site

In my last column, I shared how Judge Richard Wesley of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is using his iPad while on the bench. I explained how he got started using technology--by using PDFs instead of paper documents--and eventually transitioned to using his iPad for many of his judicial duties. And we learned that not only does he use an iPad, he has managed to convince some of his Second Circuit colleagues to do the same, thus reducing the amount of paper used by the judges.

It was clear from my last column that Judge Wesley is sold on the benefits of using technology. But he's also well aware of the drawbacks--a topic I promised to cover in today's column. So let's get started.

Read More

September 19, 2014

How-to: Shave some GBs off of your iOS device so you can update to iOS 8 | 9to5Mac


We should note 1st of all that you can update your iOS device through a Mac with iTunes without having much extra space. That might be the quickest/easiest way to go 

Today iOS 8 came out. There was a massive rush to try to install and download it. The one thing that we were not prepared for or made aware of was the need to have up to 4.7-6.9 GB of space available in order to download and install iOS 8. The reason you needed 4.7-6.9 available is that the 1.1-1.3 GB download of iOS 8 also needs to move a lot of files around during installation.

If you are like us, you might not have that much space needed on your iOS device. We've spent the last year downloading music, videos and apps to the point where our iPads tell us to stop. So now we need to delete some of our stuff.

Once you free up your space on your device, and back up your device, then you will be officially ready to download iOS 8. In this how-to I will discuss the two different methods to free up storage space off the device, either from the device itself, or managing the device while being connected to the computer through iTunes...

Read more:

October 12, 2014


How often do you go to a conference (or a party, or a PTA meeting), meet ten interesting people, and then forget all of their names the next day? With Humin that might never happen again. The app recalls all the everyday contact info we've come to expect from our address books, but it organizes them by the way we actually think, so that you can search by "met last week" or "works at Cirque du Soleil." Humin is currently only available for iOS 7.0+, however, interested users can sign up for the forthcoming Android Beta Release. 

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2014.

October 13, 2014

Apple Pay setup detailed & retailers begin training as service launches at Apple HQ | 9to5Mac

The launch of Apple Pay, Apple's NFC and Touch ID-based mobile payment solution, is upon us. Apple has begun preparing for the launch by kicking off Apple Pay training programs for its own group of retail store employees and by working with retailers to prepare for the debut later this month. The training materials, shared by a reliable source, for the Apple Pay launch at Apple retail stores have also detailed some new specifics regarding the Apple Pay setup and transaction processes both on customer iPhones and in Apple retail stores...

October 20, 2014

6 Ways to Use iPads in Your Law Firm | Clio

Posted by Derek Bolen on October 17, 2014

Apple's iPad, the tablet device that has become so ubiquitious that it's now a proprietary eponym for tablets themselves (much to the chagrin of Microsoft), continues to make gains in law firm adoption. Of the 49% of respondents in ABA's annual Legal Technology Survey who use a tablet for law-related tasks away from the office, 81% use iOS devices; and, as our 'Apple in Law Offices' survey showed last year, in-firm iPad usage rose 10% over the previous year to 67%.

Why the continued growth in iPad usage? Part of the charm of the venerable devices lies with their versatility and ease of use, coupled with a growing desire on the part of law firms to go paperless. We've covered some of the multitude of use cases for law firm iPad use below to get you started.

Read more 

December 14, 2014

Google iOS: Material Design comes to the official Google iPhone app | BGR

Over the past few weeks, Google has been updating its apps with the highly anticipated Material Design interface that Android fans have been waiting for. Interestingly, iOS users are receiving the updates as well, which is the case again this week after the latest update for the official Google app on iPhone and iPad.

January 9, 2015

The value of the iPhone 6 Plus for lawyers-Kevin O'Keefe

 in Mobile, Publishing


We're all in the media today. You as a lawyer or legal marketing professional and me as the CEO of a company. We report and comment directly to our audience or we'll not be heard. The days where reporters contacted us, though not completely over, are on the steep decline. The impact of public relations professionals getting us media coverage is also on the decline.

In addition to the change in who is a media producer, how the media moves has changed. An awful lot of media is distributed socially, from person to person, via blogs and social networks. Brand name media companies do not have near the distribution power. In fact they rely on everyday people like you and I to move their stories via social media.

If I can produce media and share media, I'm part of the media. If I do that on a niche, like good lawyers do, I get known, build relationships and build word of mouth. I'll even get better at what I do by learning via my social network.

How does Plus help with this?



March 23, 2015

New iOS 8.3 Features: Speaker Calls With Siri, No Password Required to Download Free Apps - Mac Rumors

With the iOS 8.3 beta 3 installed, users can now ask Siri to make phone calls using the iPhone's speaker. If you ask Siri to "Call [name] on speaker," the call will be made via speakerphone, enhancing Siri's hands-free capabilities. If you make the same request in iOS 8.2, Siri ignores the "on speaker" part and places the call as normal. 

March 29, 2015

Periscope turns any iPhone user into a live broadcaster--Gizmag


March 26, 2015


Twitter acquired Periscope in February, apparently looking to bring the nature of its frenzied, real-time text updates to life on screen. Available for iOS with Android on the way, the app allows users to stream vision from their smartphone camera to anybody and everybody using Twitter's distribution network.


or click first link below:

March 30, 2015

AMICI - N.Y. State Courts

The "Amici" podcast series was created to share information and insight from New York's judges and the Unified Court System with constituents, stakeholders and anyone else who might have an interest in these topics. 

In these brief programs you'll find:

  • Interviews with judges and other participants in the justice system
  • Commentary on current issues of interest to the bench, bar and public

Just click on a title and your computer's audio player should automatically begin the program. Additionally, using your mouse, you can 'right click' on podcast titles, save them to your desktop or other file and import them to your MP3 player.

If you have a suggestion for a topic on Amici, call John Caher at 518-453-8669 or 
send him a note at


Enjoy the first Amici Podcast:

  • Indigent Legal Services: A Discussion with William Leahy

April 12, 2015

The iPhone Extension Trick -- MacSparky

David Sparks:

Have you got any contacts that have extensions in their phone numbers? If you do, you'll know that adding extension information to your contacts can give your iPhone fits when placing calls. There is, however a trick.

Or connect at the first link below:

May 13, 2015

Worker fired for disabling GPS app that tracked her 24 hours a day [Updated] | Ars Technica

by   -  May 11, 2015 

A Central California woman claims she was fired after uninstalling an app that her employer required her to run constantly on her company issued iPhone--an app that tracked her every move 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Plaintiff Myrna Arias, a former Bakersfield sales executive for money transfer service Intermex, claims in a state court lawsuit that her boss, John Stubits, fired her shortly after she uninstalled the job-management Xora app that she and her colleagues were required to use. According to her suit (PDF) in Kern County Superior Court:

Read more here.

July 12, 2015

How to download the iOS 9 public beta | iMore


iOS 9 marks the first time Apple has ever released a new version of the iPhone and iPad operating system as a public beta. That means more people than ever before will be able to test it out, try the new and enhanced features, and provide feedback before it goes into wide release this fall. But it also means people will have to go through the public beta download and install process. While it's not complicated, is is new and different. So, we're going to walk you through it and give you a place to ask questions if you need extra help. 

Warning: Beta means beta. This isn't an early access program. It's pre-release software. That means put it on a secondary device if you have one and, if you don't, think really hard before installing it on your primary device. If you rely on your iPhone or iPad for critical communications or to run your life or business, you may want to stay clear until the official release this fall.


Click here to read entire "how to" article.

July 24, 2015

A New Appellate Court Opinion on "Pocket Dialing" - Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog

Yes, I know we all call it something else other than "pocket dialing," but congratulations to the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals for using a more polite term.

August 8, 2015

Verizon to drop phone contracts, end discounted phones |


NEW YORK -- Verizon, the nation's largest wireless provider, will stop offering phones at discounted prices when customers sign two-year service contracts.

The move was made in the name of simplification, but it could result in some customers paying more.

All wireless carriers have been trying to wean customers off subsidies, in which a $649 iPhone 6 goes for $200 with a two-year contract. Instead, carriers have been encouraging people to buy phones outright by paying the full retail price in monthly installments. A few carriers, namely Sprint, also offer leasing options for a lower monthly fee, but the customer doesn't get to keep and resell the phone without additional payments. Verizon is the second national carrier, after T-Mobile, to end subsidies entirely for new customers.

Existing customers will be able to keep current plans. Verizon says there will be restrictions, but it didn't elaborate. For instance, it wasn't immediately clear whether customers keeping the current plan will still qualify for subsidized phones.


For much more information about new plan costs, read entire article here.

August 17, 2015

Legal Technology Survey-ABA

The ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center has surveyed practicing attorneys about their technology choices for more than a decade.

The Center's annual Legal Technology Survey Report is recognized as the source for information regarding the use of technology by attorneys in private practice.

In 2015, the findings of the survey will be presented in six volumes: Technology Basics & Security, Law Office Technology, Litigation & Courtroom Technology, Web & Communication Technology, Online Research, and Mobile Lawyers.

All volumes of the 2015 Legal Technology Survey Report are now available:

September 9, 2015

Apple's fall lineup | The Download Blog - CNET

Apple has fresh versions of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, plus iOS 9, TvOS, and WatchOS.

In San Francisco this morning, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 6s, updates to the Apple Watch, a new Apple TV, and a wide-body tablet named the iPad Pro. With the new electronics comes new software, including iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 (both due September 16), El Capitan (possibly coming September 30), and TvOS and an app store for Apple TV (October). Apple's fall line highlights the path the company hopes to take into the living room and the enterprise.

Read entire article here.

September 14, 2015

Thinking about buying a new iPhone? Read this first. - The Washington Post

Apple's begun taking preorders for the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and by all accounts, it looks like another record launch. A lot has happened in the wireless industry since the last time Apple released a new iPhone: All four national cellular carriers -- AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint -- have moved away from the traditional two-year contract, that familiar arrangement that tied you to your carrier but let you buy a basic iPhone at a subsidized price of $199.

This shift away from device subsidies means millions of Americans for the first time will be expected to cover the full price of their phones -- $649 or more, in the case of the iPhone. But the range of choices is more likely to confuse than to clarify. You can buy. You can lease. Some offer promotional pricing; others don't. You can pay for the phone in installments. But how many? Twelve? Eighteen? Twenty-four? Thirty?

Into this mix comes Apple, which just announced a new plan of its own that lets you pay for an iPhone over 24 months and upgrade every 12 months.

For reasons we'll get into below, we think Apple's new iPhone upgrade plan will be right for many people, and it could even reshape the face of the cellular industry. But it's not for everyone. In fact, even though it's aimed at simplifying everything, the addition of a new choice from Apple threatens to add complexity to an already confusing jumble of payment plans.

Choice give you flexibility. But it also adds complexity, which is why we've tried to narrow down the options based on four common consumer archetypes. iPhone shoppers should ask themselves what they value most: Is it price? Is it the ability to upgrade the device whenever you want? Do you want to own the device? Or do you just like the way things were?

Check out the detailed analysis by the Washington Post of your choices for buying a new iPhone.

September 16, 2015

iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 3

Gizmag compares the features and specs of Apple's new iPad Pro (left) and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Image Gallery (27 images)

Is the new iPad Pro an innovative rebooting of the iPad lineup, or just an acknowledgement that the Microsoft Surface was the right idea all along (or maybe a bit of both)? Though it isn't completely fair to line up a late 2015 product next to a mid 2014 one, let's see how the iPad Pro compares to the Surface Pro 3.

Click and keep scrolling for this visual comparison.

September 17, 2015

What's new in iOS 9 - iPhone J.D.

Jeff Richardson:

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad.  It is a solid, free upgrade that adds some great new features.  The new Notes app is particularly nice, with support for inserting pictures, creating checklists (great for a packing list), etc.  The split view will help me to be even more productive on my iPad. 

But I'm just as excited about all of the tiny improvements, each of which makes your day-to-day usage of the iPhone and iPad so much better.  For example:

  • The keys on the keyboard change to uppercase or lowercase letters depending upon the mode.  Thus, you no longer have to stare at the shift key and try to guess whether it is on or off.  Amen.
  • When you hold down the home button on the iPhone to activate Siri, you no longer get an audible beep and instead just get a discreet vibration.
  • You can swipe from left to right on your first home screen to perform a search, but that page also gives you helpful shortcuts that Siri thinks that you might want to use, such as recent contacts, apps you are likely to want to launch, etc.  It is a little thing that makes the iPhone faster and easier to use.  I really like it.
  • Third parties can now add themselves to that Siri search screen.  For example, I use 1Password to store my passwords.  I can now swipe to the search screen and type "Apple ID" to see an entry for my Apple ID password in the 1Password app.  When I tap it, the 1Password app launches directly to that entry so that I can quickly see my long and complicated password.  Other apps can also add themselves to the search screen.
  • The system font on the iPhone used to be Helvetica Neue, but in iOS 9 it changes to an Apple-designed font called San Francisco, the font used on the Apple Watch.  It is a subtle change, but I find it easier to read.

For more information on everything that is new, I have two sets of recommended articles.

October 7, 2015

Samsung may be ruining your iPhone 6s' battery life | Cult of Mac

BY  • 


There's no way to tell if you're buying a Samsung A9 processor or a TSMC A9 processor when you purchase your new device online or in stores. However, if you want to know which chip your iPhone 6s is packing, you download the free app Lirum Device Info Lite to discover which processor you're packing.


October 9, 2015

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on Your iPhone (AT&T) - The Mac Observer

Jeff Gamet

Now that AT&T says it can flip the switch and give iPhone owners Wi-Fi calling, we need to turn it on in our phones. That's easy to do, and assuming AT&T has enabled Wi-Fi calling in your area, lets you use broadband Wi-Fi connections whenever you have a weak cell signal. Read on to see how to turn it on.

First you need to have a compatible iPhone. That includes the iPhone 5ciPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

To enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone, click here for step-by-step instructions:

October 17, 2015

Apple Updates iWork Suite for iOS 9 With Multitasking Support, 3D Touch, Versions, and More - MacStories

Apple updated its iWork suite for iPhone and iPad today, bringing iOS 9 integration with new iPad multitasking features and keyboard additions, support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s, the ability to view and restore versions of files, and a new way to share documents on the web and view them on iOS and Android browsers.

November 6, 2015

iPad Pro - Improving Our Paperless World

Paul Unger:

This month, the iPad Pro will hit the market. It sports some pretty hefty features, not the least of which is a screaming fast A9X chip, which is almost twice as fast as the processor in the last iPad generation. It has a 12.9 inch screen, which makes it larger than the 12.0 inch Surface Pro 3. The keyboard is fantastic and doubles as a case, though is a bit expensive at $169. Perhaps one of my favorite features is the Apple Pencil for $99. 


December 11, 2015

How to Use an iPad for your Law Practice--FREE Webinar with attorney Jeff Richardson.

Are you only using your iPad to satisfy your Netflix addiction? It can do so much more! Learn how the iPad can be a serious productivity tool for your practice. These tips, tricks, apps and accessories for lawyers will help you turn your iPad into the ultimate briefcase.

Register for a FREE 60-minute webinar on Tuesday December 15th at 11am PT/2pm ET to learn:
  • Which iPad to use
  • Writing with an iPad
  • Working with documents
  • Security
  • Helpful apps and accessories

January 17, 2016

iOS 9.3 Preview - Apple-iPhone JD

iPhone J.D. is the oldest and largest website for lawyers using iPhones and iPads. iPhone J.D. is published by Jeff Richardson, an attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Jeff Richardson:

This week, Apple posted a page to their website describing new features in the next incremental update to iOS called iOS 9.3.  One of the new features is Night Shift, which changes the color on your iPhone when it is close to bedtime to reduce the blue light from the screen.  If you use your iPhone late at night, studies have shown that the blue light can make it harder for your body to go to sleep.  Apple also added the ability to add a lock to a Note, which you can unlock using your fingerprint, handy if you use a note to store confidential information and someone else is using your iPhone.  Apple is also letting schools put multiple user accounts on an iPad, so that a student can pick up any iPad and see only that student's files.  Apple hasn't announced when iOS 9.3 will be available, but my guess is March. 

Click on the link below and just keep scrolling down for iOS 9.3 forthcoming features:

Review: Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro | iLounge

iLounge's PHIL DZIKIY @PHILDZIKIY sums up his review of the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro:

When looking at Apple's Smart Keyboard as a total package, it hits the mark in a number of ways: fit, stand/cover versatility, materials, and design are all top-rate. But if you don't actually enjoy the experience of typing, these attributes seem decidedly minor. Not to mention that $169 is no small sum for such an accessory. When choosing between the only two Smart Connector keyboard options right now, Logitech's Create is bulkier and less elegant, but it also offers a better typing experience -- with bouncy, backlit keys -- at a slightly lower price. One of our editors compared his brief experience with Smart Keyboard to the keys found in Apple's 12" MacBook -- if you don't mind those MacBook keys, you'll probably be OK with Smart Keyboard.


January 24, 2016

Apple releases iOS 9.2.1 | iLounge News

iLounge News

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1, a minor update that contains security updates and bug fixes. Also included is a "fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server." The update is available now through Settings > General > Software Update. Apple just released the iOS 9.3public beta last week.

January 31, 2016

25 hidden iPhone features that are really, truly hidden | Fox News



Each of the tips that follow below, however, are completely hidden. There is no indication that these functions exist in iOS, and we guarantee that most users don't know about them. In fact, we also guarantee that even the savviest iPhone owners among you will find at least one or two things you didn't already know. In fact, ran this list past a friend who works at Apple and there were a few things that even he didn't know.


February 6, 2016

Apple Will Now Let You Trade In Your Broken iPhone | TIME

It previously only accepted devices with an intact screen and working buttons

(NEW YORK) -- Apple for the first time is accepting banged up iPhones as a trade-in from those wanting to upgrade.

Until now, Apple offered credit to iPhone owners only if the device had an intact screen and working buttons. Apple hopes that with more leeway, applicable only to iPhone 5 and later models, more people will upgrade to new iPhones.

Read the entire article for details.

May 12, 2016

iPhone Callers Block: How To Keep Unknown Callers Out | Ubergizmo

We've all been there before. Whether it's an annoying telemarketer or a friend that you've decided to give the silent treatment to, there are times when you want to block someone from contacting you. The good news is that Apple has added the ability to block callers in iOS 7.


To clarify, there are four different scenarios where you will want to block a person:

  1. The person's contact details are saved on your phone.
  2. An unknown person calls your phone.
  3. An unknown person texts your phone.
  4. An unknown person who sent you a FaceTime request.

This guide is going to teach you how to block and unblock a person or phone number from contacting you when the scenarios above do occur. For non-iPhone number blocking, we have a different article.

Read entire article...

June 2, 2016

General Order 26 | Northern District of New York | United States District Court

Attention Northern District of New York Federal Bar:   

General Order #26  has been amended effective May 23, 2016.

In the Matter of Courthouse Security and Limitations on the use of Electronic Devices within United States Courthouses in the Northern District of New York 

The main change to the General Order is below. The intent is to help expedite the screening of members of the bar. While it does not exempt attorneys from the security screening at the front entrance to the courthouse, attorneys who are entering the building for a court proceeding who present their NYS Unified Court System ID to the Court Security Officer will no longer need to surrender their electronic devices at the security station. 

Screening and Search. All persons entering a federal courthouse in this district and all items carried by them are subject to appropriate screening and search by a United States Marshal, Court Security Officer, or any law enforcement officer. Persons may be requested to provide identification and to state the nature of their business in the courthouse. Anyone refusing to cooperate with these security measures may be denied entrance to the courthouse. Members of the Northern District Bar that present a valid New York State Court System Identification appearing for a proceeding before the Court will be allowed to retain their cell phones and computers following screening.

This General Order is posted on our web-site at: 

Thank you,

Lawrence K. Baerman, Clerk of Court

June 5, 2016

7 settings new iPad owners should change right now - CNET

New iPad? It's a pretty easy device to use, but certain aspects can be confusing. For example, if you also have an iPhone, don't be surprised if your new tablet suddenly starts ringing the next time you get a phone call.

That's a feature, not a flaw, but you may prefer to keep your calls away from your iPad. So consider changing that setting, along with these 6 others:

July 30, 2016

Cloak VPN - Cloak - Super-simple VPN

Cloak is an app for Macs, iPhones, and iPads that helps keep you safe online.

Specifically, Cloak is designed to protect you from security threats when you're using untrusted and public networks, like at coffee shops, airports, hotels, and conferences.

Cloak turns on automatically the moment you connect to an untrusted network. Use a single Cloak account to log in to all of our apps across any number of iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, or Macs you own.

Secure up to 5 GB of data each month; for casual Internet browsing.$2.99 per month....Get unlimited data for a full year for $99.99 per year.

August 26, 2016

IPhone Users Urged to Update Software After Security Flaws Are Found - The New York Times


Investigators discovered that a company called the NSO Group, an Israeli outfit that sells software that invisibly tracks a target's mobile phone, was responsible for the intrusions. The NSO Group's software can read text messages and emails and track calls and contacts. It can even record sounds, collect passwords and trace the whereabouts of the phone user.

In response, Apple on Thursday released a patched version of its mobile software, iOS 9.3.5. Users can get the patch through a normal software update.


Read entire report here...

Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool | Motherboard


This is the first time that anyone has uncovered such an attack in the wild. Until this month, no one had seen an attempted spyware infection leveraging three unknown bugs, or zero-days, in the iPhone. The tools and technology needed for such an attack, which is essentially a remote jailbreak of the iPhone, can be worth as much as one million dollars. After the researchers alerted Apple, the company worked quickly to fix them in an update released on Thursday.

The question is, who was behind the attack and what did they use to pull it off?

It appears that the company that provided the spyware and the zero-day exploits to the hackers targeting Mansoor is a little-known Israeli surveillance vendor called NSO Group, which Lookout's vice president of research Mike Murray labeled as "basically a cyber arms dealer."

Read more: Meet NSO Group, The New Big Player In The Government Spyware Business


Read entire, detailed Motherboard report here...

September 2, 2016

Sent From My iPhone: how a humblebrag became a key piece of net etiquette | Technology | The Guardian

Is there a more divisive valediction than the default "Sent From My iPhone" sign-off? When the iPhone first appeared, users were roundly condemned for their thinly veiled humblebrag among the mounting popularity of Apple products.


...the phrase has become an important part of online decorum. Including the sign off contains an innate apology for the brevity of the message. It begs forgiveness for any spelling or grammatical errors. It allows a little wiggle rooms for errant emojis. It is a nod of acknowledgement that you are on the hoof and doing as well as can be expected.

September 14, 2016

iOS 10: The MacStories Review - MacStories

Here is the most complete review and "how-to" guide to the new iOS 10.  This is a very long article.  It is even available as an e-book for $5.00.  The free version is amply illustrated and very detailed about the changes to Apple's  mobile operating system.

September 17, 2016

How to use voicemail transcripts in iOS 10 on iPhone | iMore



In iOS 10, Apple has added voice mail transcriptions. The feature is still in early beta stages, meaning that not everything will transcribe as clearly as you may want. But, it works good enough to get the gist of a message without having to hear the audio of it first.


September 28, 2016

On Phone Numbers and Identity - Stories From Coinbase - Medium

Would you recognize someone trying to take over your phone and your identity? Would you know what to do?  How can you protect against it?

October 21, 2016

A dozen iOS 10 feature gems that Apple forgot to mention--David Pogue

Last month, when Apple (AAPL) released iOS 10, the latest system software for the iPhone/iPad, it made a big deal out of the major features, like a redesigned Music app and contextual predictions in Autocorrect.

But Apple's engineer elves worked for a year to overhaul iOS 10, and they've planted lots of hidden gems. In today's video, all in one 12-minute lesson, I'm happy to present a dozen of the best iOS 10 features that Apple forgot to mention.

(In this crash course, I didn't say anything about the new Messages app. That one gets a whole lesson unto itself!)


EDITOR'S NOTE:  One tip on using the "Home" button is worth the read:

Eliminate the click

You can get an extra efficiency when it comes to waking up your phone by eliminating the requirement to click the Home button.

Instead, you can just touch your finger to it. That wakes the phone and unlocks it in a single motion.

To find this feature, open Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Home Button. Turn on "Rest finger to open."


November 5, 2016