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5 tips for new lawyers who want to go solo--ABA Journal

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Ten years of practicing law is an appropriate time to contemplate the past and reflect on what worked and what didn't. If you're a young lawyer or law student reading this, I hope my experiences as a solo practitioner and the following lessons can help you as you begin to make your way in the legal world.


Closing a Business | Internal Revenue Service

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Redesigned page helps people closing a business

The IRS has launched a redesigned webpage to help business owners navigate federal tax steps when closing a business.

"The IRS realizes small businesses and self-employed individuals are facing challenges in their personal and business lives during these uncertain times," said Eric Hylton, Commissioner, Small Business/Self-Employed Division. "Closing a business is a difficult decision and we want to help ease the burden for people making this tough choice. We redesigned the closing a business page on to help businesses comply with final tax responsibilities."

The information includes what forms to file and how to report revenue received in the final year of business and expenses incurred before closure.


Steps to Take to Close Your Business

On this page:

  1. File a Final Return and Related Forms
  2. Take Care of Your Employees
  3. Pay the Tax You Owe
  4. Report Payments to Contract Workers
  5. Cancel Your EIN and Close Your IRS Business Account
  6. Keep Your Records


From Zoom University to the Zoom Party - The New York Times

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Teenagers have jokingly referred to themselves as "Zoomers" online for years; now the name is literal. Overnight, Zoom has become a primary social platform for millions of people, a lot of them high school and college students, as those institutions move to online learning.

Zoom Video Communications is a videoconferencing company in San Jose, Calif., that has been thrust into the spotlight over the past week. On Monday morning, its iOS app became the top free download in Apple's App Store.


Zoom operates a "freemium" business model: Groups of up to 100 people can use it for 40 minutes at a time at no charge, but must pay $14.99 per month or more for extra features, like bigger groups and administrative controls.



No Country For Old Lawyers: Rural U.S. Faces A Legal Desert - Law360

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By Jack Karp


Although about 20 percent of Americans live in rural areas, only 2 percent of lawyers practice there, according to research by Lisa Pruitt, the Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law at University of California, Davis School of Law.

"Basically, the rural profession is in most places aging really quickly, and young lawyers are, by and large, not interested in going to replace them," Pruitt says.

Faced with that trend, bar associations, law schools and others have begun experimenting with programs aimed at luring young attorneys to the heartland and making it more financially feasible for them, including through loan forgiveness, to set up shop in communities where residents' options for filing a lawsuit or even drawing up a will might otherwise be painfully slim.


ATL Clio Solo and Small Firm Compensation Report 2018

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Reliable, detailed compensation information for solo practitioners and small-firm attorneys is scarce. Above the Law in partnership with Clio created Solo and Small Law Firm Compensation Report for the benefit of law students looking to join a small firm as well as practicing attorneys looking to benchmark their own compensation.

The Legal Profession in Transition--NYSBA Journal--Sept., 2017

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By Stephen P. Gallagher :

In September 2004, Leonard E. Sienko, Jr. and I teamed up to write our first article for the NYSBA Journal. The title of that article was Yesterday's Strategies Rarely Answer Tomorrow's Problems. In October 2015, we got together again to write a follow-up article, For Sole Practitioners, The Future Is Not What It Used to Be. We thought this might be a good time to once again share our thoughts regarding today's challenges. I generally focus on the trends, while Lenny tempers my theories with practical, real-world tales. He has been in the trenches as a solo practitioner in Hancock, N.Y., for 39 years. 

Read our latest article...

Seth Godin on the Trends Shaping the Future of Law--Lawyerist

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Sam Glover:

Seth Godin on Building NewLaw

If you haven't heard this podcast yet, make sure you give it a listen. Seth Godin's insights into the trends shaping the future of law practice are provocative and worth 50 minutes of your time.

I'm just going to leave it to that. I can't force you to listen any more than I can force you to take any other good advice, but you'll be missing out if you don't.

Jim Calloway:

I read a lot of online content related to law office management and technology. Some I save for later use and some I share. I follow some really great experts on Twitter who recommend great content and I retweet a lot of it. (Of course you should be following me on Twitter.)

At least once a month, I discard an idea that
was suggested to me by something I read that could have inspired a good blog post or article. I just don't have unlimited time.

So it occurred to me that I could easily share some of the most interesting things I have read with others. So that is the point of the OBA MAP Reading Room. Every month, I'll provide links without commentary to several articles I found of interest the previous month. That doesn't mean they were published that month. it just signifies when I found them.

So here is the MAP Reading Room for August 2015. This is still a concept in progress, but hopefully it will be useful to  you.

The main index for the Reading Room is here, available for you to bookmark if you wish. We have links for each of the prior months this year. (And, yes, I am working on September now.) We hope this type of curated content makes sense for you. The collection will be a bit random and may include some of my own content.

Read entire Calloway article.

For Sole Practitioners, the Future's Not What It Used to Be

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by Stephen P. Gallagher and Leonard E. Sienko, Jr. 
(NYSBA Journal, Oct. 2015)

The nitty-gritty - and the joys - of a solo practice in the new (and changing) world order.

New! Announcing the GP Section Community

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New! Announcing the GP Section Community
NYSBA Communities
Dear General Practice Section members:
I am pleased to announce the launch of a new private online General Practice Section Community.
We believe this Community will be a great asset in promoting communication among Section members and in building an ongoing knowledge repository to capture the excellent and important work of this Section.
The new Community offers a wealth of valuable tools:
  • Online discussion forum (replaces the Section's current email listserve)
  • Resource Library (repository of information)
  • Searchable directory of GP Section members
  • Individual profiles (linkable to LinkedIn)
  • Personalized privacy settings
  • Customized options for receiving communications (in format and frequency)
  • Free downloadable mobile app
Members of the General Practice Section will automatically receive a daily digest email with member discussions from that day. Please feel free to join in the conversation -- comment, post, share useful documents; and fill out your member profile to help fellow members get to know a little more about you! Keep in mind that this Community is visible only to NYSBA General Practice Section members.
To learn how to update your settings, watch this brief tutorial video
(To view video in full screen, scroll down to the bottom of the video player and click on the four arrows at the bottom right)
Or, if you prefer, there are written instructions on How to Change Your Email Settings and How to Reply to an Email from the Community or Post a New Discussion. Also check out NYSBA's Community FAQs.
As with the current listserve, certain basic rules of (n)etiquette should be observed. See a description of the NYSBA Communities Rules & Etiquette.
Please note that the new Community will replace the existing listserve. The listserve will be closed to new messages after 4pm on September 22, but the archive will remain available for 30 days via a link on the Community.
Visit the GP Section Community now! 
(Member log-in required for online access, or you can participate via email)
FranchinaI look forward to seeing you all in our new General Practice Section Community! 
Best regards, 
Emily F. Franchina, Esq. 
Have any questions about using the GP Section Community? Contact Brandon Vogel, NYSBA's Social Media & Web Content Manager, at
For more information about the General Practice Section, visit

4 tricks for Messages in iOS 8 | Macworld

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The standard iOS Messages app--you know, the app you use daily for trading all those text messages, photos, and videos--can do much more than you might think. Not only can you forward any text messages you receive, you can also find out when a given message was sent or received, shush an annoying group thread, and sync Messages between your iOS device and your Mac.

Read entire article by clicking link below:

Vol. 39 No. 2


Stephen P. Gallagher, master of science in organizational development, is president of, an executive coaching company headquartered in Narberth, Pa. Stephen concentrates his practice on transition/succession planning for lawyers. This article was prepared with cooperation and support from Leonard E. Sienko Jr., a lifelong friend and a sole practitioner at The Sienko Law Office in Hancock, N.Y. In Gallagher's own transition from full-time practice, he spends time teaching several marketing classes at St. Joseph's University, and he commits more of his time to his three grandchildren. He can be reached via e-mail and welcomes your comments and questions.

Read the article here.

Offer Unbundled Legal Services to Compete in Today's Legal Market

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by  on 

Startups and entrepreneurs in need of legal assistance are seeking alternatives to the traditional law firm model for convenience and affordability. Law firms are responding by providing unbundled legal services through different models, and doing so without sacrificing revenue.

Read entire article.


Ruby on the App Store on iTunes

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For clients of Ruby Receptionists: Update your whereabouts, view messages, and see all of your company's call activity in one place. With Ruby Receptionists for iPhone, you have access to your daily call activity on the go. Let the receptionists know when you're available to take calls with a flick of the wheel.

To take advantage of Ruby Receptionists for iPhone, you must be a current user of Ruby Receptionists live virtual receptionist service and have a Member Services username and password. To learn more about Ruby, please visit us at If you are a current Ruby client and need assistance logging in, please contact 866-611-7829 or

- view your company's account information to access forwarding phone numbers
- update your whereabouts to temporarily change the instructions that receptionists will follow
- view your company's detailed messages, call activity, and "assist" activity
- save contact info from calls and messages directly to your address book
- one touch to access invoice history and update your credit card information
- one touch to call or email Ruby
- receive push notifications for new messages

Lawyers Won't Lose Clients to DIY Legal Services=Lawyerist

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Sam Glover:

Currently, consumers can pick from a range of options for do-it-yourself legal services. You can get a divorce at OfficeMax, a will from Amazon, and dissolve a partnership with LegalZoom. Those are just a few examples, of course. There are hundreds of DIY legal documents available online and offline.

People who want to do their own legal work are, naturally, not likely to hire a lawyer in the first place. And people who hire lawyers do not want to do their own legal work.

Read Sam's entire piece and find out why he thinks " is not the time to panic...".

The Art of Being Solo -- Sarah Poriss

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Make sure to view them all before they expire on 7/7/14.

This list should make it easier for you to navigate the topics, speakers and where to find the links to each interview: 

(topic / speaker / day of original release)

The E-Myth Attorney  Robert Armstrong (day 10) 
Mindfulness in your law practice  Jeena Cho (day 7) 
*Decrypting LinkedIn  Amy Cole (day 3)
Cultivating referral sources  Stephen Fairley (day 6)
*Strategic networking  Nancy Fox  (day 2)
Ethics and going $olo  Marc Garfinkle  (day 6)
Blogging magic  Cindy Greenway  (day 2) 
Lawyering and acting techniques  Katherine James (day 7)
Finding the right law job  Marc Luber  (day 9)
*Apps for lawyers  Tom Mighell (day 8) 
Solo practice and novel writing  Jonathan Miller (day 3)
Online marketing  Nicole Munoz (day 8)
Client loyalty   Alexis Neely (day 1) 
Rainmaking techniques  Mike O'Horo (day 5)
Intake call skills  Ryan Pitz (day 9)
Tips to grow your business  RJon Robins (day 5) 

Authentic web sites for lawyers  Lee Rosen (day 4)
Podcasting and social media  Jacob Saphochnick (day 10)
*Alternative fee options  Allison Shields (day 4) 
*Going paperless  Ernest Svenson (day 1)

*These speakers offered a bonus gift to registrants of The Art of Being Solo


Sarah Poriss

Host, The Art of Being Solo

PS- Registration is still open so please feel free to forward this to friends, classmates, co-workers, other fellow solo and small firm lawyers or any small business owner who would also be interested in the topics covered and would like the free gifts. Their link to register is:  

The Art of Being Solo -- Sarah Poriss--Day 1

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Welcome to Day 1 of The Art of Being Solo!  You have joined a HUGE group of lawyers, students and business owners on six continents who are ready to hear the secrets to creating a fantastic business.

You will receive an email each day with information about each speaker and links and the password to two interviews for that day.  Many speakers are also offering a free gift to registrants of The Art of Being Solo so keep an eye out for that link below the link to the interview. You can listen to the interviews at your leisure- they will all be available throughout the conference.  There is gold in these interviews!

Here are today's speakers and the links:

In all my years of practice I am not sure I have thought about being LOVED by my clients.  And then I spoke to Alexis Neely on how to attract and keep clients, but more importantly, what value we give them.  Alexishas cracked the code to providing vital legal services in a way that satisfies both client needs and the lawyer's needs- that is, to earn a great living while providing valuable services and become a lawyer that others love and respect.  Will your clients remember your name a year from now, how about a month from now? If you're not sure, check out Alexis' strategies for becoming a member of the family. 

Here's the link to the interview with Alexis:

password: soloday1

Remember The Paper Chase?  A generation on, we now have Ernie Svenson's Paperless Chase- moving you into this century with advice on how to go paperless (don't worry, some paper is fine!), become more efficient, impress your clients, work from anywhere and even survive natural disasters. Are you in love with paper and sweating how to take the first step?   Ernie will take your hand and lead you into this decade and you will never look back. Here's the link to the interview with Ernie:

password: soloday1

**Bonus!  Ernie has a free 1 page PDF on the 5 Keys to Starting a Paperless Law Practice, which you can get by clicking on this link: 

Enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow.

Sarah Poriss

Host, The Art of Being Solo

PS-- Please forward this email to friends, co-workers and family so they can benefit from the information in this series also.  Here's their link to register

Lee Rosen:  

Lawyers opening their own practices learn things they never expected. Mostly, we learn them the hard way. Wouldn't it be nice if someone would fill us in before we make the decision to strike out on our own? Today, I'll give it a shot: 

Lesson #1: Hiring People Doesn't Make You More Money

FREE Webinar: Solo and Small Firms in Uncertain Times - MyCase Blog

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Register for the MyCase free 60 minute webinar, "Solo and Small Firms in Uncertain Times," on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 11 AM PT and 2 PM ET,  featuring Mitch Kowalski, author of ABA best-seller, "Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century."
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What You Need to Know In Order to Sell a Law Practice-Lawyerist

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Roy Ginsburg:  

For years, selling a law practice was prohibited because ethics regulators believed clients, files, and a firm's good will were not something that could be sold. This prohibition did not really affect larger law firms, which would just buy out partners, i.e. the partnership would return the percentage of the equity owned by the retiring partner. Smaller law firms were able to "sell" themselves by merging with other firms.

Solos had to be more creative. Selling the firm's physical fixtures and furnishings for more than their reasonable market value was a common way to get around the prohibition. Another way was to create a sham partnership, in which the departing lawyer received retirement benefits from the new partner. Solos who were unwilling or unable to take advantage of one of those options, would simply give away their clients -- or just close up shop.


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