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DOH Awards Nursing Home Grants to Reduce Bedsores

From the DOH website:

The New York State Department of Health has awarded $800,000 to 16 nursing homes to support implementation of an evidence-based best practice shown to significantly reduce pressure ulcers.

Read the full press release, including a list of recipient facilities, here.

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Here is some information on the risks of bedsores that might be useful. More at http://nursetom.com

In making the assessment, your admitting nurse must determine whether anyone or more of the following risk factors exist:

age over 60
spinal cord paralysis
nervous system disease
poor circulation
confined to bed
altered level of consciousness
bladder incontinence
bowel incontinence
reduced mobility (traction or body cast)

The usual procedure is to assign a value of 1 to each risk factor and add up those that exist. The totals then translate to one of the three levels of risk as follows: 0 to 6 indicates low risk, 7 to 13 indicates moderate risk, 14 to 18 indicates high risk. The parts of the body that are susceptible to pressure ulcers are the heels, ankles, knees, buttocks, tailbone, lower spine, shoulder blades, ears, and back of the head.

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