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Improper use of guns: a major public health problem and the DC /Heller SCT case

Jumping one step ahead today of the next biotech post on Supra, the amicus brief for
American Public Health Association et al (1) in support of Petitioners in the DC/Heller Supreme Court 2nd Amendment case (2) advocates that public health research may be relevant to assessing the constitutionality of the statutes at issue.
In the "Introduction and Summary of Argument" of the brief, they note that the scientific core of public health (epidemiology) identifies risk factors, trends and causes to health problems. Gun violence is a major public health problem which needs to be addressed through a variety of actions, including legislation and regulation. They submit that the DC laws banning most handguns and requiring safe storage of all firearms are consistent with public health research and data demonstrating the risks associated with handguns.

numbers of non-fatal shootings are troubling
however their amicus brief for this case focuses on the most extreme consequences of improper firearm use, the taking of a human life.

(1) http://www.gurapossessky.com/news/parker/documents/07-290acAmericanPublicHealthAssociation.pdfAmici for Petitioner

(2) http://dcguncase.com/blog/case-filings/ For an exceptional list of amicus brief filings on individual rights and gun control see below.
For example, one significant interest of the case as described in the ABA brief focuses on furthering the rule of law by promoting stare decisis and ensuring that the public respects judicial decisions and recognizes the importance of adherence to established constitutional principles in our governmental system of checks and balances.

Case Filings
Supreme CourtMerits Stage
• Petitioners’ Brief
• Respondent’s Brief
Amici for Respondent
• Texas, for Thirty One (31) States of the Union
• Vice President Cheney, 55 Senators, 250 Members of Congress
• Goldwater Institute (Responding to the Solicitor General)
• Edwin Meese, et al. (Former Dept. of Justice Officials)
• Claremont Institute/Criminologists
• Int’l Law Enforcement Trainers & Educators, et al. [Law Enforcement & Prosecutors on Self-Defense]
• National Rifle Association
• Cato Institute/Joyce Lee Malcolm [The Right Inherited from England]
• Retired Military Officers
• Second Amendment Foundation [Prof. Lund Brief]
• Academics for the Second Amendment [Ratification and Original Public Meaning]
• Academics [Addressing DC Crime]
• Foreign Academics [International/Comparative Law]
• Institute for Justice [14th Amendment]

• Citizens Committee [Debunking the other side’s myths and errors]
• Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, et al. [Prosecutors]
• Center for Individual Freedom [Debunking Collectivist Precedent]
• Joseph Scaranti, President Pro Tem Pa. Senate [Pennsylvania History]
• Southeastern Legal Foundation [Utility of Handguns]
• National Shooting Sports Foundation
• Heartland Institute, Prof. Volokh
• Buckeye Firearms Foundation, et al. [911 Brief]
• American Legislative Exchange Counsel [State Constitutional RKBA]
• State Firearms Associations
• American Association of Physicians and Surgeons
• Pink Pistols
• Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
• Women State Legislators and Academics
• GeorgiaCarry.org [Racist Roots of Gun Control]
• Congress of Racial Equality [Racist Roots of Gun Control]
• Disabled Veterans for Self-Defense, et al.
• Alaska Outdoor Council, et al.
• Libertarian National Committee
• Paragon Foundation
• American Center for Law & Justice
• Grass Roots South Carolina
• Liberty Legal Institute
• Eagle Forum
• Gun Owners of America
• American Civil Rights Union
• Rutherford Institute [Resistance to Tyranny]
• Jeanette Moll/Bill of Rts Foundation
• Mountain States Legal Foundation
• Foundation for Free Expression
• Virginia 1774
• Foundation for Moral Law
Amici for Petitioner
• Janet Reno, et al.
• National Network to End Domestic Violence
• American Jewish Committee, et al.
• States of NY, HI, MA, MD, NJ and PR
• American Bar Ass’n
• Brady Center
• U.S. Department of Justice
• 18 Members of Congress
• NAACP Legal Defense Fund
• Criminal Justice Professors
• DA’s for SF, NY
• American Academy of Pediatrics
• City of Chicago
• Winkler, Chemerinsky
• American Public Health Ass’n
• Appleseed Center, et al.
• Violence Policy Center
• Cities
• History Professors
• Linguistics Professors
Petition Stage
• Petitioners’ Application to Extend Time for Filing Petition for Certiorari
• Respondents’ Opposition to Application to Extend Time for Filing Petition for Certiorari
• Petition for Certiorari; Petitioners’ Appendix
• Response to Petition for Certiorari
• Reply to Response to Petition for Certiorari
• Cross-Petition for Certiorari
• Opposition to Cross-Petition for Certiorari
• Reply to Opposition to Cross-Petition for Certiorari
• Petitioner’s Merits Brief
• Joint Appendix
Amici Curiae
• American Academy of Pediatrics, et al., for Petitioners
• New York, Hawaii, Illinois, & Maryland for Petitioners
• American Civil Rights Union for Respondents
• American Civil Rights Union for Cross-Petitioners
• Nordyke, et al. for Cross-Petitioners
D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals
Merits Pleadings by the Parties in the D.C. Circuit:
• Appellees’ Letter, Oct. 24
• Appellants’ Response, Oct. 31
• Appellees’ Letter, Nov. 7
• Appellants’ Reply, Nov. 8
• Appellants’ Letter, Nov. 28
• Appellants’ Letter, Dec. 9
• Appellants’ Letter, Jan. 11
• Appellees’ Letter, Jan. 25
• Motion to Lift Stay of Mandate
• Opposition to Motion to Lift Stay of Mandate
• Order Denying Motion to Lift Stay of Mandate
Amicus Briefs for the Plaintiffs/Appellants:
• States’ Pro-Individual Rights Brief
• Second Amendment Foundation, et al., “Brandeis” Brief on Criminology
• Congress of Racial Equality Brief on racist roots of gun control
• American Civil Rights Union Brief
• NRA Brief
Amicus Briefs for the Defendants/Appellees:
• States and Cities Anti-Rights Brief
• Idaho, Withdrawing From Anti-Rights Brief
• Brady, et al. Anti-Rights Brief
Motions Practice to Secure the Right to Appeal:
• Court Order Granting Appellants’ Motion, Denying Appellees’ Motions, Scheduling the Case for Appeal
• Plaintiff’s First Motion To Have Case Heard
• Defendants’ Opposition To Motion To Have Case Heard, and First Motion for Summary Affirmance
• Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Motion for Summary Affirmance and Reply To Opposition To Hear Case
• Defendants’ Reply To Plaintiffs’ Opposition To Motion For Summary Affirmance
• Plaintiffs’ Second Motion To Have Case Heard
• Exhibit A to Plaintiffs’ Second Motion
• Exhibit B to Plaintiffs’ Second Motion
• Exhibit C to Plaintiffs’ Second Motion
• Defendants’ Opposition to Plaintiffs’ Second Motion To Have Case Heard
• Plaintiffs’ Reply To Defendants’ Opposition To Second Motion to Have Case Heard
• Exhibit D to Second Motion
• Exhibit E to Second Motion
• Exhibit F to Second Motion
Defendants’ Motion to Stay the Case
• Defendants’ Motion to Stay
• Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Motion to Stay
• Defendants’ Reply to Motion to Stay
• Order Granting Motion to Stay
District Court
• District Court Opinion
• District Court Order
• District Court Judgment
Merits Pleadings
• Complaint
Motion to Dismiss:
• Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Brief
• Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Motion to Dismiss
• Defendants’ Supplemental Brief
• Plaintiffs’ Proposed Order Denying Motion to Dismiss
Motion for Summary Judgment:
• Plaintiffs’ Summary Judgment Motion
• Plaintiffs’ Summary Judgment Brief
• Summary Judgment Separate Statement of Facts
• Shelly Parker Declaration
• Tom Palmer Declaration
• Dick Heller Declaration
• Tracey Ambeau Declaration
• Gillian St.Lawrence Declaration
• George Lyon Declaration
• Summary Judgment Exhibit A
• Summary Judgment Request for Judicial Notice
• Plaintiffs’ Proposed Judgment
• Plaintiffs’ Summary Judgement Reply
• Defendants’ Opposition to Summary Judgement
• Defendants’ Separate Statement
• Defendants’ Exhibit A and B
• Defendants’ Exhibit C
Standing Pleadings:
• Plaintiffs’ Standing Brief
• Defendants’ Standing Brief
• Plaintiffs’ Standing Reply
Amicus Briefs and Response:
• Plaintiffs’ Response to Amici
• American Civil Rights Union, Amicus in Support of Individual Rights
• Brady Anti-Rights Amicus Brief
• Heartland Institute, Amicus in Support of Individual Rights
• VPC Anti-Rights Amicus Brief
• VPC Exhibit
Consolidation / Recusal / Disqualification Dispute
First Motion to Consolidate:
• First Order Denying Consolidation
Second Motion to Consolidate:
• Second Order Denying Consolidation
• NRA Consolidation Motion
• Plaintiffs’ Motion for Recusal of Counsel
• Brief Opposing Consolidation and Supporting Recusal of Counsel
• NRA Reply and Opposition Brief
• Plaintiffs’ Reply to NRA
• NRA surreply
Delays and Excuses
Defendants’ Failure to Meet Deadlines:
• Defensdants’ Motion to Extend
• Plaintiffs’ Oppositon to Extension
Amici Intervention:
• Brady Motion to File
• VPC Motion
• Opposition to Amici

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