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NYSTEM RFA:development of stem cell science undergrad curriculum, includes related law

The New York State Department of Health/NYSTEM is requesting applications
for the development of curriculum in stem cell science and related issues.
This Request for Applications (RFA) and application forms can be found on
the internet at: http://www.nyhealth.gov/funding/rfa/0809080957/.
The NYSTEM RFA Issued is entitled: Development and Implementation of College and University Curricula Concerning Stem Cell Science and Related Ethical, Legal and Societal Implications. The RFA indicates that the Project Work is to develop a curriculum for undergraduate science and non science majors alike.
The subject of the 'law' as related to stem cell science and society is listed as one of many educational disciplines which could form a part of the curriculum courses or modules of a course. The Applicant must be a NYS not-for-profit post secondary edu. institution or not-for-profit org. with strong ties to one or more post secondary edu. institutions and the PI must be employed by it.(A detailed description of who may apply as well as the other RFA info is set forth in the document).

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