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New York's innovation ecosystem; also UIDP's TurboNegotiator

12/14/09 Gov. Paterson accepted the final report from the Task Force on Diversifying the New York State Economy through Industry-Higher Education Partnerships (1). Key recommendations to create an "innovation ecosystem" focus on University practices that raise awareness of entrepreneurship and Industry-collaboration opportunities on and off campus and Industry practices that leverage open innovation principles and university expertise to stay on the cutting edge. Another Key Recommendation focuses on Critical Mass in Strategic Areas that invests in fields where New York can be a world-leader-health care and life sciences, energy, nanotechnology, and agriculture and the food industry among others.
Among many different kinds of initiatives delving into the nature of collaboration and competition in university and industry research and development is one convened by the National Academies-- the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) (2). UIDP's mission is to enhance the value of collaborative partnerships between universities and industry in the U.S. Its core member organizations consist of companies and universities, including ones from New York .

The UIDP members work in concert to accomplish the organization’s strategies for enhancing the value of university-industry partnerships in the U.S....UIDP provides a forum for representatives from universities and industries to come together to discuss intellectual property and other issues over which disagreements are likely to arise. These conversations might otherwise never take place, and they help each side come to the table with a better understanding of their counterpart’s culture and interests. While the UIDP does develop and test tools that streamline university-industry license agreements, it does not perform any licensing for organizations.
One tooled they developed is the "TurboNegotiator".
What is TurboNegotiator?
UIDP has concluded that, as opposed to a universal model agreement, a process in which negotiators could quickly craft a unique agreement that fits the characteristics of the project at hand while satisfying the mission-critical needs of both partners would be more effective. If the process were embodied in a software tool, the improved approach could be easily replicated and disseminated. This concept has been nicknamed “TurboNegotiator.”
The TurboNegotiator software will use interview questions to define the unique situation of the user and automatically deliver candidate clauses in response to a series of defining questions. The software will be refined based on concrete experiences to address such variables as the type and size of the university and company involved; the level of confidentiality needed; national security concerns; if student thesis work may result; or even the amount of funding anticipated.

(1)http://www.state.ny.us/governor/press/press_12140901.html The Governor created the Task Force last May to examine how the State can better utilize its university-based research and development resources to drive economic growth. The Report is available on line.

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