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Americans Skeptical of Electronic Health Record Privacy

In an article at Forbes magazine, Andy Greenberg looks for the next big issue in health reform:

In a study released Monday by the privacy-focused Ponemon Institute, Americans registered a deep distrust of anyone in either the federal government or private industry who might store digital health records like those that the Obama administration has encouraged hospitals to create.

The article provides some interesting statistics on public perception around electronic health records and how government agencies, health care providers, and private businesses should use or have access to such information.

To get to the good stuff, however, you have to navigate past both an annoying ad page and Greenberg's equally annoying (not to mention non-sequitur) lede:

As President Obama has learned over the last year, Americans tend to get angry when you try to fix the country’s dysfunctional health care system.

You could have fun thinking up the many different responses to that kind of statement, if the subject matter itself wasn't so darn serious. For my own part, I tend to get angry when someone tries to sell me something that isn't what they say it is. If, for example, I took my car to the shop because the brakes were working poorly, I would get angry if they proposed to "fix" the brakes by installing a large and expensive sail on the roof of the car to create extra drag, thereby slowing down the car and "solving" the braking problem. Perhaps Americans are likewise angry that the current reform proposals address symptoms instead of problems, are expensive, and don't "fix" much of anything.

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