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NACHGR open session meeting (5/11); EuroGentest

Progress in the complex area of human genetics research and innovation engenders a lot of popular discussion. Learn more about some of the people involved and what they are doing via the recent meeting of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research, an open session videocast ( archived at videocast.nih.gov). (1) NHGRI Director Eric Green M.D. Ph.D. reports on an array of genetics topics, reports, NEJM's recent articles on genomic medicine, the recent conference at Cold Spring Harbor NY (a place where great science is being done). He also calls attention to the larger context of genomic scientific research as described in May 2011 Report entitled Economic Impact of the Human Genome Project; the Report describes how a $3.8 billion investment drove $796 billion in economic impact, created 310, 000 jobs and launched the genomic revolution.
Also of interest is the EuroGentest website (2 ) which provides various EU perspectives on aspects of genetic testing. In brief, for example, read about points to consider regarding clinical indications for genetic testing or a list of the diseases for which they show clinical utility gene cards info. A summary table provides a quick look at some of the big issues involved in genetic testing and an overview of certain laws/regulations, or lack thereof. Lists of entities(w/website info) around the world that focus on the genetics subject area around are also provided.
A European Commission Green Paper (2/11) entitled From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation funding describes their common strategic framework in research and innovation funding. It is indicated that under the current programming period (2007-2013) FP7's budget of 53.3 billion euros supports research, technological development and demonstration activities across the EU along with additional budgets in related areas of competitiveness and the like. (3)
(2) http://www.eurogentest.org/web/index.xhtml; see also, Nature's European jounal of Genetics
http://www.nature.com/ejhg/archive/categ_genecard_012010.html for a list of 2010 clinical utility gene cards
(3)http://europa.eu/documentation/official-docs/index_en.htm find it under the English 'Gateway to Europa' heading, European Commission, Official documents from EU institutions, agencies and other bodies.

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