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Why Medical School Should Be Free - NYTimes.com

In Sunday's Op-Ed section of the New York Times, two physician-scholars argue that medical school should be free:

We need a better way of paying for medical training, to address the looming shortage of primary care doctors and to better match the costs of specialty training to the income it delivers. Taking the counterintuitive step of making medical education free, while charging those doctors who want to gain specialty training, is a straightforward way of achieving both goals.

Read the full op-ed here.

I tried very hard to be open-minded about this while reading the piece but I have to say that at the end of the day the logic of the proposal escapes me.

The primary care shortage is not a problem in and of itself so much as it is symptomatic of a deeper problem --- that the healthcare delivery market in its current state is inhibited from developing the innovations and undertaking the necessary restructuring that would deliver affordable primary care to patients.

The task of legislators and public policy leaders should be finding and removing the obstacles to innovation and restructuring, not of thinking up new ways to force a result that the market would not otherwise support. We have been laboring far too long on that path in the health care industry, and it has literally brought us to the point of collapse.

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