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ACO Medicare Shared Savings Program Rule Released

If you breezed through the 653 pages of the Medicaid Managed Care regulations CMS released 10 days ago, there's another hefty portion of rules for you to take a run at. Yesterday, CMS released the pre-publication version of the Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO regulations, weighing in at a scrapping but nonetheless impressive 592 pages. Here's the summary from the final rule:

This final rule addresses changes to the Medicare Shared Savings Program including provisions relating to the payment of Accountable Care Organizations participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Under the Medicare Shared Savings Program, providers of services and suppliers that participate in an Accountable Care Organizations continue to receive traditional Medicare fee-for-service payments under Parts A and B, but the Accountable Care Organizations may be eligible to receive a shared savings payment if it meets specified quality and savings requirements.

Read the rules here. They are scheduled to appear in the June 9 Federal Register, with most of the rule taking effect August 3, 2015. Certain provisions are delayed to November 1, 2015 and January 1, 2016.


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