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"Letter From The Editor"

Dear Readers:

These are the times that try law students' souls. Final exams are in full swing, just in time for the nicest weather of the year. Chances are, you've taken at least a couple of exams by now on days where you'd rather be doing anything but sitting in a testing room for three or four hours. Yet good news is in sight: the end of another semester is almost here.

And when your semesters end, you can immediately go to the newest edition of The Law Student Connection to check out our latest offering of articles. Even after a steady diet of law during the semester, you'll want to read these pieces. Well-researched, interesting, and often controversial, this will provide you with the perfect reading material for a warm post-exams spring evening.

Everyone seems to have strong feelings about the United Nations, and Anne Jelliff is no exception. Check out her piece on how the UN has been spending its money lately, ending with a call for greater transparency. Amelia Wong has equally strong feelings about the scourge of counterfeiting. Be certain to read her article about how a unique type of counterfeiting is plaguing the fashion industry, complete with suggestions about legal responses.

We feature two in-depth articles about arbitration in this issue: Marcin Tustin's examination of expert determination in relation to the New York Convention and Emily Belfer's look at judicial review of religious arbitration. We bring you a look at guardianship law in New York State, focusing on the challenging balance between autonomy and protection. And any Canadian readers interested in attending an American law school must read Reema Mahbubani's extremely helpful guide to navigating this process.

So what are you waiting for? Finals are over. Now you can sit back, relax . . . and enjoy the thrill of reading something without worrying about being tested on it.


Benjamin Pomerance

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