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August 21, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

And we are off!

Like sprinters in a 5K race we are in a dash to join the student groups, link up with like-minded friends and collect every study supplement under the sun. The excitement, the energy and the nerves bubble over during our class's orientation week.

Law school students are an ambitious, driven lot and our IL class is no exception to the stereotype. We all want to make it to the end and no one wants to fall behind the pack. After only a week of orientation our "to do" lists are piling up and students are already complaining of exhaustion. But the question is, how many of us will learn to pace ourselves, and how many of us will just burn out? Our frenzied dash through orientation week will not sustain us in the long run of what should really be more classified as a marathon than a race--three years of law school and a lifetime of years in the legal profession.

We have all just begun a journey and taken a life-altering path. I venture to guess that in three years' time---we probably will not be able to recognize ourselves in comparison with who we are today. Hopefully we will indeed learn to pace ourselves, and our unrecognizable self in the future will be from the result of three years of successful skills and character development.

Joanna Lehmann
New York Law School 2014

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